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WorkflowLab for educators: More feature requests

Oct 23, 2009 3:46 AM

I am really excited by the potential of WorkflowLab - this application could be absolutely amazing. I am an educator, and would love to use WorkflowLab as a means of writing - and distributing - mini Photoshop tutorials. However, in order for this to be worthwhile for me, there are a few improvements that need to be implemented:


  • When linking an application to a step, clicking on the application's icon ought to launch it, if the app is present on the users machine. Although there is a down-pointing arrow in the Applications & Technologies section, which links to the application's product page online, I don't expect that many people will appreciate the current functionality there.
  • The ability to add screenshots is essential.
  • When an annotation refers to a particular tool within an application, a visual representation of that tool should be able to be dropped into the text. I am thinking here of Adobe Configurator, and the ability in Configurator to drag tool icons around.
  • Like Adobe Configurator, when mentioning a tool, or menu command in an annotation, WorkflowLab should create a hyperlink that will invoke that tool or command within the chosen application (provided that the application is installed).
  • Each workflow task should be able to optionally open a flash panel (created in Adobe Configurator) within a Creative Suite application. So for example, if task 5 in my workflow involves sharpening a photograph in Photoshop, and I have created a custom sharpening Configurator panel, those people using my workflow should be able to jump to Photoshop, which would then display the custom sharpening panel for the user.
  • If a user of my workflow finds any of my annotations ambiguous, they should be able to email me a question from within WorkflowLab.
  • Finally (for now), if I store my workflows using Adobe Share, then if WorkflowLab is deployed over a network, the File > Open Workflow Shared Online... command should allow users to browse through all of the workflows that I have uploaded to my Adobe Share account. This feature would provide access to any of the workflows that I create to my students, without them having to know the exact location of a specific workflow that I have built. For those people using WorkflowLab outside of a private network, who may want to browse the workflows that I have created, it would be great if WorkflowLab allowed users to subscribe to the workflows published by particular individuals.


This application holds a lot of promise, and could be absolutely wonderful. My best wishes and congratulations for the team,

Lee Harper.

  • Currently Being Moderated
    Oct 23, 2009 12:33 PM   in reply to LeeHarper

    Hi there...


    Thanks for all of these great feature ideas -- I will review them with the team and see what we can do. Some of the ideas you mention we are already considering, but stay tuned!


    Doug Winnie

    Principal Product Manager

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