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Got a Feature Request, or Found a Bug - What to Do

Jul 4, 2010 11:31 AM

Have you really wanted a feature in Premiere? There is a method to request that for future versions, or updates.


Have you discovered a real Bug in Premiere, and need to report that to Adobe? The same place will be used for this.


Go to the Feature Request/Bug Report page.


Now, my first advice is to check that your desired "feature" does not exist, but you have just not found it. Posting it to the forum will likely get you direction on how to do what you want, or where to look for it.


If you've found what you think is a Bug in the software, I'd also post about it here, as it might not be a Bug (they do exist, but are way, way down the list of causes for hangs, crashes, poor behavior, etc.), and others can then confirm if it IS a Bug.


In your initial posts to the forum, please provide all details, on what you want to do, or on what is happening, with which Assets/Project, and on what equipment. Please see this ARTICLE for tips.


Now, let's say that you have a good feature request, or have found a Bug. When you contact Adobe, be sure to list the same info that you posted to the forum. They will need to have that, to evaluate your feature request, and definitely need it to go to the lab, to replicate your issues, and begin fixing the Bug. Without that info, they stand little chance in the lab.


Adobe takes both the feature requests and the Bug reports seriously. Now, there could be reasons that you do not see your feature appear in the next update, or upgrade. It could be that you are the only one asking for such, and/or the coding for that is too expensive, or might break something else. It could also be easy to add, but Adobe was too far along the development cycle to get it in the next version.


With the Bug reports, after Adobe does replicate the issue, some of the same considerations might come into play. It could be that coding will take a long time, or might also break something else. These fixes must be extensively tested, and on a lot of different equipment. Also, remember that many Adobe programs are X-platform, so a Bug fix for Windows, might cause real issues on a Mac. All of this takes time and effort.


Just some things to think about,



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    Oct 10, 2010 12:24 PM   in reply to Bill Hunt

    Hi Bill,


    "Adobe takes both the feature requests and the Bug reports seriously."


    Unfortunately, my experiences are very different.


    I wasted many hours trying to get the Premiere AIFF sync issue taken seriously. They kept suggesting I reinstall the entire suite and that it was an issue with my setup, not Premiere.


    I uploaded a clip to my site for them to check with a simple test: if it runs in sync in the Quicktime Player, but not in a Premiere project, you have a Premiere sync issue. They refused to look at it, insisting I had to *email* the clip (it was my smallest sample- 120 meg). Finally it turned out that it was a known issue, but not listed on their known issues page.


    Then the 5.02 patch 'fix' made my (and others) Permiere revert to some sort of trial basis until reinstalled and applied the patch via separate download. Which then broke Media Encoder, that I had to manually revert to 5.0.402.


    I've currently got another support request that's been since *JULY 4* where Flash CS5 vanishes during the startup screen. I've again wasted days following Adobe's "re-install, re-install" mantra, which incidentally also breaks a previous CS3 installation.


    I've sent multiple log files upon request (via email because their support pages only allows for .txt uploads, not .log or.gz!) but often (despite clear subject naming) they get allocated to the wrong case or just not looked at.


    I state my platform and issue as clearly as I can from the outset, but still often get instructions about things to do for the wrong platform or for something I've already done.


    Finally my case got escalated to "level two"; end result, after 3 months, was a response to... reinstall the entire suite. Sigh. Did it, same problem.


    If that's the way Adobe takes things seriously, I'd hate to see lackadaisical.


    The *only* reason I've been posting is to try and save others from the same level of time-wasting frustration.





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    Oct 10, 2010 8:03 PM   in reply to Bill Hunt

    Were you working with Adobe Technical Support, or did you file a Bug Report/Feature Request, as outlined, and then Adobe contacted you for more information? These are two very, very different operations.

    I think that's been my problem. I used Tech Support. I'd rather have a root canal.


    If I hit another issue, then I'll post something here, and if it appears to be something that hasn't been noted yet, then I'll use your reporting link.




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    Mar 12, 2011 7:24 PM   in reply to Bill Hunt



    I believe you are right about the forums, although I've found that they can have lots of misinformation too, and often Adobe seems slow to a) acknowledge bugs even with specific replicable situations and b) let their customers know about "known issues".


    It is great that there are Adobe folk here with expertise.


    However, as far as being better than the Official Tech Support, that's kind of like saying they're better than protozoa. No wait, protozoa wouldn't spend months losing your email details or being unable to open attachments or giving you instructions for the wrong operating system or mixing up your problem with someone else's or logging into your computer and then breaking your functioning CS3 installation while not solving the problem with CS5.


    "Bitter much, Minty?"



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