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Setting up Custom Brushes and ToolSets

Aug 10, 2011 10:36 AM

I created a custom panel using  configurator.  In that custom panel I created a pop-up panel button, but  the pop-up panel button doesn't trigger a pop up panel ? I want the pop  up panel to have two tabs one to save custom brushes and custom tool  settings, and those panels which save custom tool brushes and custom  tool settings, saved with the custom panel.


The results is  the custom tool panel that I created with the custom pop-up can be  loaded into photoshop as a extension with the custom tool brushes and  custom tool settings along with it, so it's not tied directly within  photoshop but rather with the extension, I hope I made myself clear.

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    Aug 11, 2011 7:17 PM   in reply to StrongBeaver

    Let's assume your "panel1" have a "popup panel" button, and your "panel2" have two tabs.


    You may exported "panel2" to photoshop panels folder, it's incorrect.


    The correct steps is like these:


    1. Save (not export) your "Panel1" to a folder like "Mydocuments/Configurator/Panel1" (not in photoshop directory).


    2. Save (not export) your "Panel2" to the subfolder which you save "panel1", like "Mydocuments/Configurator/Panel1/Panel1.assets"


    (Please pay attention, the subfolder name must be "Panel1.assets", else it will not be exported to photoshop automatically. If you use another panel name like "untitled-1", then it should be "untitiled-1.assets").

    3. In Configurator, select the "popup panel" button, select the attribute "Location", click the "folder" icon, then it will show a file browser dialog, select your "panel2.gpc".


    4. Save your panel1, and export panel1 to photoshop.


    Then you can see "panel1" in the photoshop extensions menu, and when you click he popup panel button, you will see panel2.


    You can download the configurator user guide PDF file from adobe lab site, it includes detail descprition about how to use it.


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    Aug 13, 2011 6:14 PM   in reply to StrongBeaver

    I'm not very clear about your question. I try my best to answer it.


    I known a little about custom brushes and toolsets, looks like they are saved in "presets" folder.


    But configurator panel is exported to "plug-ins/panels" folder.


    So I guess your question is about how to distrubute them to another computer.


    Configurator will generated a template with ".mxi" when you export it into photoshop, double click this file, it will call Extension Manager to generate a ".zxp" installation package, which can be distrubuted with Extension Manager.


    But this file only handled configurator generated files, you can modify it manually to include custom burshes and toolset files with the package.


    Then you can distribute the single file "ZXP" file which includes panel, brushes and toolsets.

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    Aug 23, 2011 4:41 PM   in reply to StrongBeaver



    When you export Configurator panel to photoshop, it will generate a file named "untitle-1.mxi", this is the Extension Manager package template.


    Open it with a text editor you will see this piece of XML


            <file source="content" destination="$panels/untitled-1"/>


    I think you can add something like these:


    <file source="mybrushes" destination="$brushes"/>

    <file source="mytools" destination="$tools"/>


    The full list of the predefined variables can be found in file c:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CS5\Configuration\XManConfig.xml


    This is a list:




            <Data key="EmStorePath">$SharedRibsDataFolder/Adobe/Extension Manager</Data>
            <Data key="$photoshopappfolder">$installfolder</Data>
            <Data key="$pluginsfolder">$photoshopappfolder/Plug-Ins</Data>
            <Data key="$presetsfolder">$photoshopappfolder/Presets</Data>


            <Data key="$platform">Win</Data>
            <Data key="$actions">$presetsfolder/Actions</Data>
            <Data key="$blackandwhite">$presetsfolder/Black and White</Data>
            <Data key="$brushes">$presetsfolder/Brushes</Data>
            <Data key="$channelmixer">$presetsfolder/Channel Mixer</Data>
            <Data key="$colorbooks">$presetsfolder/Color Books</Data>
            <Data key="$colorrange">$presetsfolder/Color Range</Data>
            <Data key="$colorswatches">$presetsfolder/Color Swatches</Data>
            <Data key="$contours">$presetsfolder/Contours</Data>
            <Data key="$curves">$presetsfolder/Curves</Data>
            <Data key="$customshapes">$presetsfolder/Custom Shapes</Data>
            <Data key="$duotones">$presetsfolder/Duotones</Data>
            <Data key="$exposure">$presetsfolder/Exposure</Data>
            <Data key="$gradients">$presetsfolder/Gradients</Data>
            <Data key="$huesat">$presetsfolder/Hue Sat</Data>
            <Data key="$imagestatistics">$presetsfolder/Image Statistics</Data>
            <Data key="$keyboardshortcuts">$presetsfolder/Keyboard Shortcuts</Data>
            <Data key="$layouts">$presetsfolder/Layouts</Data>
            <Data key="$lenscorrection">$presetsfolder/Lens Correction</Data>
            <Data key="$levels">$presetsfolder/Levels</Data>
            <Data key="$liquifymeshes">$presetsfolder/Liquify Meshes</Data>
            <Data key="$menucustomization">$presetsfolder/Menu Customization</Data>
            <Data key="$optimizedcolors">$presetsfolder/Optimized Colors</Data>
            <Data key="$optimizedoutputSettings">$presetsfolder/Optimized Output Settings</Data>
            <Data key="$optimizedsettings">$presetsfolder/Optimized Settings</Data>
            <Data key="$patterns">$presetsfolder/Patterns</Data>
            <Data key="$reducenoise">$presetsfolder/Reduce Noise</Data>
            <Data key="$replacecolor">$presetsfolder/Replace Color</Data>
            <Data key="$scripts">$presetsfolder/Scripts</Data>
            <Data key="$selectivecolor">$presetsfolder/Selective Color</Data>
            <Data key="$shadowhighlight">$presetsfolder/Shadow Highlight</Data>
            <Data key="$smartsharpen">$presetsfolder/Smart Sharpen</Data>
            <Data key="$styles">$presetsfolder/Styles</Data>
            <Data key="$textures">$presetsfolder/Textures</Data>
            <Data key="$tools">$presetsfolder/Tools</Data>
            <Data key="$variations">$presetsfolder/Variations</Data>
            <Data key="$webphotogallery">$presetsfolder/Web Photo Gallery</Data>
            <Data key="$workspaces">$presetsfolder/Workspaces</Data>
            <Data key="$zoomify">$presetsfolder/Zoomify</Data>
                <Data key="$hueandsaturation">$presetsfolder/Hue and Saturation</Data>
                <Data key="$lights">$presetsfolder/Lights</Data>
                <Data key="$materials">$presetsfolder/Materials</Data>
                <Data key="$meshes">$presetsfolder/Meshes</Data>
                <Data key="$rendersettings">$presetsfolder/Render Settings</Data>
                <Data key="$volumes">$presetsfolder/Volumes</Data>
                <Data key="$widgets">$presetsfolder/Widgets</Data>


            <Data key="$localesfolder">$photoshopappfolder/Locales</Data>
            <Data key="$additionalplugins">$localesfolder/$LOCALE/Additional Plug-ins</Data>
            <Data key="$additionalpresets">$localesfolder/$LOCALE/Additional Presets</Data>


            <Data key="$localeskeyboardshortcuts">$localesfolder/$LOCALE/Additional Presets/$platform/Keyboard Shortcuts</Data>
            <Data key="$localesmenucustomization">$localesfolder/$LOCALE/Additional Presets/$platform/Menu Customization</Data>
            <Data key="$localesworkspaces">$localesfolder/$LOCALE/Additional Presets/$platform/Workspaces</Data>


            <Data key="$automate">$pluginsfolder/Automate</Data>
            <Data key="$digimarc">$pluginsfolder/Digimarc</Data>
            <Data key="$displacementmaps">$pluginsfolder/Displacement Maps</Data>
            <Data key="$effects">$pluginsfolder/Effects</Data>
            <Data key="$extensions">$pluginsfolder/Extensions</Data>
            <Data key="$fileformats">$pluginsfolder/File Formats</Data>
            <Data key="$filters">$pluginsfolder/Filters</Data>
            <Data key="$imagestacks">$pluginsfolder/Image Stacks</Data>
            <Data key="$importexport">$pluginsfolder/Import-Export</Data>
            <Data key="$measurements">$pluginsfolder/Measurements</Data>
            <Data key="$panels">$pluginsfolder/Panels</Data>
            <Data key="$parser">$pluginsfolder/Parser</Data>
                <Data key="$3dengines">$pluginsfolder/3D Engines</Data>


            <Data key="$lightingstyles">$pluginsfolder/Filters/Lighting Styles</Data>
            <Data key="$matlab">$photoshopappfolder/MATLAB</Data>
            <Data key="UserExtensionFolder">$photoshopappfolder</Data>
            <Data key="$photoshop">$UserDataFolder/Adobe/Adobe Photoshop CS5/Configuration</Data>
            <Data key="DisplayName">Photoshop CS5 32</Data>
            <Data key="ProductName">Photoshop32</Data>
            <Data key="FamilyName">Photoshop</Data>
            <Data key="ProductVersion">12.0</Data>
            <Data key="IconPath">Configuration/PS_exman_24px.png</Data>
            <Data key="SupportedInSuite">CS5</Data>
            <Data key="HostNameForCSXS">PHSP</Data>
            <Data key="Bit">32</Data>

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    Aug 23, 2011 11:41 PM   in reply to StrongBeaver

    If you mean you want package something with your panel.


    Copy you staff to the folder which "untitled-1.mxi" living.


    Then the folder structure will looks like


    Adobe/Adobe Photoshop CS5/Plug-ins/Panels/Untitled-1/






    Then add these lines to the "untitled-1.mxi"


    <file source="brushes" destination="$brushes"/>

    <file source="tools" destination="$tools"/>

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    Aug 24, 2011 4:36 AM   in reply to StrongBeaver

    I don't need till now about this but glad to hear that i can custom brushes and toolsets.

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    Aug 29, 2011 7:35 AM   in reply to StrongBeaver

    We'd created a prototype extension panel, which can export custom brushes, toolsets and other preset, and import in another machine.


    But it's not created by configurator, it's created in flex builder with photoshop panel SDK.

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