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Sameer G
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What's the procedure for backing up e-books in ADE?

Apr 11, 2012 2:21 PM

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Well, I have checked the FAQ section about Adobe Digital Editions (ADE) and found no answer to this question. Also, there is no documentation available for ADE. (You need to add this in Adobe.) Thankfully there is this forum available.


I am using Windows Vista Home Premium at the moment. Now, say I want to upgrade to Windows 7. And I want to do a custom, or "clean" install which results in formatting the entire system disk drive. I have 10 purchased books and 5 borrowed books in my library in ADE. How do I save these? If I just copy them over to an external disk drive, can I just copy them back to the system disk after installing Windows 7 and continue to read them? Or will I get an error saying that I don't have the rights, or that they are registered to different user?...


The FAQ can be found here:


I already have an Adobe ID and I have typed it in the first time I installed ADE, so I guess my computer is considered "authorized" now. What does this mean anyway? Is there some special license file that is downloaded to my computer or what?... In that case I assume I would need to backup this file for later use when restoring e-books and installing ADE. Or is this false?

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    Apr 26, 2012 10:42 AM   in reply to Sameer G

    Hi Sameer


    .ascm files contain information ADE uses to find the ebook, plus

    information from the publisher/distributor about the ebook's digital rights

    management.  Once the ebook has been downloaded, ADE should be deleting the

    .ascm file.  If you have any 'left over', then it's possible that the ebook

    was not downloaded.  Use your computer's utility program to find the file

    and then open it with ADE and see if that's the case.  If it's already

    there, ADE will tell you.



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    Jun 1, 2012 9:08 AM   in reply to Sameer G

    Sameer, the commentary in your post tells me that your copy of ADE is not

    registered or  something is messed up with your installation.  Here's why I

    think so:


    .ascm files are deleted automatically by ADE when the transfer is

    complete.  If they exist on your computer, then I believe your copy of ADE

    is not registered with Adobe or it is not registered correctly.


    ADE will check to see whether an ebook has been downloaded previously and

    issue a warning message to you.



    Apologies, but let me go over the proper procedure and what should happen.


    First, you register with Adobe and obtain an Adobe ID and password.  That

    information will be embedded into Digital Editions when you download it,

    and kept also on Adobe's computer.  This information is checked when you

    open Digital Editions.


    Next, when you go to a website to download an ebook (whether it be a

    publisher, distributor or library), the process will interrogate your copy

    of Digital Editions to determine whether it's registered.  If it is, then

    the next steps will be for the website to create a 'tag file' ( .ascm) that

    tells Digital Editions where to find the ebook.  The website then will

    initiate Digital Editions on your computer, and give Digital Editions the

    'tag file' data: then the website will close.  Digital Editions will then

    go find the ebook, and when it has done so, it will ask you whether you

    want to OPEN or SAVE the ebook.  You reply, and Digital Editions takes it

    from there.  When it's done, Digital Editions will delete the .ascm file.


    Obviously, you're having 'problems'....



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    Jun 1, 2012 11:29 PM   in reply to Frustrated in AZ

    Hi, I live in AZ, too.


    I have downloaded many ebooks with the URLLink.acsm file and was told that I had to trash it myself, otherwise the next book with the same type of file will ask if I want to replace it.   (I used to think that meant something else, but it just replaces it with the new book file.)    So, it seems to depend on what you want to do.   BUT, ADE does not delete it for you.   (That would be too nice of them . . .) 


    I use a Mac.  From the website where I originally get the ebook, I right-click on the "download" button, and click on "save link as".   I then click on "save" when the box opens - only option.   It then goes to my desktop.  I  click "open" - there is no save - and it just goes right into ADE.  Then I delete it.  


    Until yesterday, I have always talked to someone on the phone who helped me a lot.  Between the store where I bought the books and ADE I was able to get it all right.   Barnes and Noble helped some - I have a Nook Simple Touch.


    Now I am having all kinds of problems, and don't have that nice man to help me anymore!   My nearly 300 ebooks on ADE goes "missing" often and I have to put them back on.  I was okay for a while, but yesterday, all of a sudden, I watched as "Missing" went down the list.  No matter what I do, they keep doing that.  They may be on there for a while, but then, boom! they're gone.


    What's more, I can't transfer over 60 books to my Nook.  It says it's not allowed.  I get different boxes and wording as time goes on.  I have spent days and days trying to fix this.  And I just bought two Nooks for my mom and daughter and can't put any books on them.


    Thanks for any help!


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    Jun 1, 2012 11:40 PM   in reply to Sameer G



    I agree with you.  This happens to me, too.  The website where I get most of my ebooks said that's how to do it, and they sell a lot of books.  Like I said in my last post, you can either delete it right away, or at the end (the URLLink.acsm file).  You just have to answer the question, delete it or replace it.  Whatever is easiest.   I get all those duplicates if I download from the website again, so I've learned not to do that.  I've had so many books go missing on ADE that I finally figured out that they are still on my computer, just not on ADE.


    Now that is the $64,000 question!  Where do they go, and why?


    I love AZ, but I'm a frustrated ebook user!



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    Jun 2, 2012 10:04 AM   in reply to justme088

    Sameer and Wanda, you've both provided additional information that does

    make a difference.


    Rest assured that what I said about ADE and its interaction with .ascm

    files is correct.  What is happening is probably at the source.  Sameer

    said that he's downloading files from his library.  While Wanda hasn't said

    that, I'm going to go out on a limb and 'assume' (a dangerous thing to do)

    that the source she's using does the same thing as Sameer's library.

    That's what it sounds like from reading the posts.


    Libraries and many other download sites often use the Overdrive Media suite

    of programs for their downloading.  That suite needs to be configured to

    operate with other software, and that's not required by the programs.  The

    simplest configuration does NOT look at your computer to determine whether

    you have ADE installed or not.  That means the technical support function

    at the source can just slam in the software and walk away.  In those

    instances, Overdrive just asks you where to put the download, downloads the

    .ascm file, and then closes.  Sounds to me like this is happening to both

    of you.


    Sameer, I was telling you indeed that you should have registered with Adobe

    and obtained an Adobe ID BEFORE you downloaded Digital Editions, so that

    your copy of DE would have the appropriate information embedded in it, and

    the Adobe server would have information about your copy filed on it.  And,

    because it's possible to bypass this process, ADE could be installed

    without registration.  And there are 'issues' at times if the ADE copy is

    not registered.  For example, your download site may be looking for ADE

    during the download process, but does not find a 'registered' copy, and

    thus assumes that you don't have ADE, downloads the .ascm file and closes.


    Both of you may benefit from contacting the technical support function of

    your download sites and discussing with them how their sites are supposed

    to interact with Digital Editions.  If it's a library, then their tech

    support can configure Overdrive to interact directly with ADE - IF they

    want to do that.  A source like B&N already has configurations that support

    ADE - I've downloaded many ebooks from them and it operated seamlessly, as

    I described.  So, Wanda, if you're having these issues with B&N, I'm

    thinking that it might have to do with their interface and how it works

    with a Mac.


    Wada, you mention 'disappearing' ebooks.  And you mention not being able to

    copy ebooks to your Nook.  Mac software upgrades or security settings may

    be responsible in part.  B&N also upgraded their Nook software - and the

    Nook Simple is not on the list of supported devices.  You can check THIS

    LINK <> to see

    whether any of the other ereaders you mention are on the list.  If the

    ebooks are disappearing only on the Mac, I can't help you beyond this

    point, because I'm really a PC guy.   Takes all kinds.....


    The copy problem may be something else.  Publishers, distributors,

    libraries and authors have the ability to set up 'digital rights' for their

    ebooks.  Those rights - labelled DRM for short - can prevent you from

    copying and printing their works.  ADE, just as the other ebook management

    systems, has to use these rights to manage the ebook.  If you're getting

    messages from ADE telling you 'no right to copy here' or something like

    that, then it's the digital rights that won't let you do it.  There's

    nothing wrong with ADE.  You can try going back to your source and

    discussing this with them.


    There's more that we can discuss, but this is a pretty lengthly post, so

    let's cut off here and resume if necessary.


    All that said, yes 'AZ' is the abbreviation for Arizona.



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    Jun 2, 2012 1:57 PM   in reply to Frustrated in AZ

    I appreciate your efforts.  I will call on Monday and see what the seller

    says.  I did look up my Nook Simple Touch, and even tho' it's name is

    different, it's there (Nook, Nook Touch).  Thanks again!


    Are you frustrated with AZ or something else?


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    Jun 2, 2012 2:27 PM   in reply to justme088

    I'm frustrated with ADE - especially the error messages.....  I used to

    write programs and my sensibilities are jarred every time I see a

    'meaningless' message....



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    Jun 2, 2012 3:11 PM   in reply to Frustrated in AZ

    Oh, I so understand!  Well, I hope the squeaky wheel gets the grease!  I'll

    let you know what I find out.  W.

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