HI, Any one can help to send any tutorial, script and how to do this POPUP Menu in interactive PDF file as INDEX tab.
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  • Drop down selection validation

    We are using a pdf as a training document to test users on a web based process. We want to confirm that users have selected the correct option in the drop down field and if not show a validation to advise them to sel...
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  • Ghost JavaScript and ghost Document Action enigma

    Hi experts.   Today I received a strange PDF document, when it is opened it automatically launch the Print command. So I tried to remove this unwanted Action with Acrobat Pro DC. But I cannot find it, it can o...
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  • Shown/Hidden field no longer calculates when triggered by a radio button

    I have a simple subtraction calculation (A-B=C) that worked fine until I designated these fields as either shown/hidden based on the response to a radio button. If radio button 1 is clicked, the fields for A, B, and C...
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  • Repair calculations from a pdf interactive form

    Hello! I have a pdf calculations form, based on a previous calculation table designed in Excel. Presently, the Excel file was changed by its author in an interactive pdf one, with formulas transposed in the Javascript...
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  • NotAllowedError: Security settings prevent access to this property or method.

    hey guys,      I'm getting this error when I click in the check box in adobe. do I have a settings issue or a syntax issue or what? can anyone help?   NotAllowedError: Security settings prev...
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  • Rename bookmarks XXX to YYY using JS

    I have a PDF with bookmarks which all start with XXX NAME. I want to rename XXX to YYY.. I believe the solution is very simple using JS, however Im a coding noob. Can anyone provide the javascript for this 'simple' task?
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  • Is there any limit in var, if var is number?

    Hallo, i've two simple inputs named "Text1" and "Text2". And javascript on unfocus from Text1.   Javascript here: var text = ""; var barcode = ""; text = getField("Text1").value; barcode = getField("Text2"); ba...
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  • Lockable Password protected button Script

    I need help with this. I have searched the web looking for this and haven't found a complete script and I don't know how to patch one together from multiple scripts. We are currently using a fillable PDF template form...
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  • How to? Hinzufügen des selben Textes mit einem Klick auf jede Seite eines mehrseitigen PDF (Adobe Acrobat Reader oder Pro)

    Guten Abend,   vielleicht können Sie mir helfen... Wie kann ich den selben Text (per Funktion Text hinzufügen) mit einem Klick auf jede Seite eines mehrseitigen PDF (Adobe Acrobat Reader oder Pro)? &#...
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  • Copy a validation java script into multiple fields

    Hi,   I have a PDF form which acts as an inspection report for a manufacturing process at my work. I am trying to digitise the report so they can use a tablet instead of hand writing and then scanning the docume...
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  • Change export value based on text field

    I want to have a drop-down's export value change depending on a text field. Is there a way to do that? Thanks -Austin
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  • RegExp to find IP Address and mask in an Adobe Form

    I have an Adobe Acrobat DC form that looks through fields and sees if the user entered an IP address.  If they did it throws an alert and tells the user where to find it.  I'm having two problems:  ...
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  • Script for Dependant Visual Status

    Hi All - really hoping someone can help me out with their JavaScript knowhow!   I‘m creating a PDF form for my team which will be used to record the results of testing. What I’d like to do is have a ...
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  • How to calculate quantity from drop downs and text fields

    Hi There!   I have a general understanding of Acrobat, but have not used the form tools very much.   In a nutshell, I am creating an order form where the customer chooses their item from a drop down and in...
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  • Adding form data into subject & body - submit form - JavaScript

    Hi All,   Bit of a noob when it comes to JavaScript so any help for dummies would be greatly appreciated.   I'm trying to configure my email submit button on a form.   Current Script I have is:  ...
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  • app.response answer determines function change var

    I am not sure if this is doable or not, thinking about this the wrong way or i am just completely missing something. I normally like to try to figure out where i went wrong but this has gotten me stuck.   I am t...
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  • Simple Calculation but Overrideable

    I have a box labeled HST and another for Subtotal. I want to perform a simple math calculation on the HST box, the result displaying in the Subtotal box. I want the user to be able to overwrite the Subtotal Box....
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  • How to use radio buttons to choose which calculations run

    I am attempting to create a form for our seedling tree order form, and am running into a little trouble with calculating the proper total, as our taxation rates vary depending upon the method of shipment being used.&#...
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  • Auto-populating a form with data in two other PDF files.

    Hello!   Is it possible with a JavaScript code/Action to auto-populate fields in a fillable PDF with data from two different PDF files?   More specifically, I am looking for a way to automate the process o...
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