• Is there a way to have a form field change background color if the field has not been filled out or is left blank?

    I am creating a bracket style form pdf. each bracket will have a form field to add a name but there will be instances the bracket needs to be left blank due to the rotation of people. is there a way to either fill a f...
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  • Javascript Calculations not working for me.

    I have set up form fields to automatically populate calculations once numbers are entered into some of the other fields on the form. Everything is working except for the last formula:   var v12 = getField("Out o...
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  • I need a java script that will do the "Save as Other" "Reduce Size PDF"?

    I use Enfocus Switch and I'd really like the advantage of saving a smaller PDF to be emailed to my clients. I can't seem to get this as a script or an action that I can utilize in Switch. Has anyone developed this?
    Marcie Beers
    created by Marcie Beers
  • Round down to 0.5

    I can't get the JavaScript to round down to 0.5. In Excel, FLOOR.MATH(A1,0.5) does what I want, but it doesn't do so in Adobe.  For example, I need 1.1 to 1.4 to round down to 1.0, and 1.6 to 1.9 to round down to...
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  • edit cell based on year

    Good morning ladies and gentlemen!   I recently created an inspection report which contains various 'Year service is due' fields. When I enter a past or present year, I'd like the cell background to turn red. I...
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  • Javascript code: , changing backround color of text field - on/off

    Hello there, Maybe you can help with some Javascript code::   I would like to add a javascript code to a check box: so that with activation of the box (first click) the color of an associated text field chan...
    created by jydsk
  • Same "Document Will Save" Action on every document?

    Hello Everyone,         Our client uses Adobe Acrobat Pro DC at their office and they have a retention policy in place for the documents they keep on their systems in the office. I've wr...
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  • Export specific PDF blocks to Excel cells

    Hello All,   I have multiple PDF's with fillable data, each form that is filled out has unique data for each person that uses it.  I would like to find a way to take portions of the form and export the data...
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  • Dropdown: get previous selection

    I try to update another field when the user changes the value of a dropdown. For this i am listening on the blur event of said dropdown. This works fine when a different value is choosen, however when the user makes t...
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  • Can I get an Acrobat Droplet to run when I drop .pdf s into a folder

    I would like to drop .pdf s into a set folder that will process them to PDF/X4 automatically. Is it possible to use JAVA  to run a folder this way?
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  • Merge multiple PDFs into one master output

    Hello,   I work for a finance company that uses an uses a designated department for larger loan approval. There are multiple documents that are generated already as form pdfs or are hand written and scanned to a...
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  • PDF Calculation Script for challenging sales tax

    Here's my dilemma: I'm making an unique invoice. Sales tax is 1% for county and 6% for state. County is capped at $50. And Total sales tax is capped at $18,000. I have no experience in JavaScript. How can I set th...
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  • Mail via JavaScript mit automatischem Betreff senden

    Hallo zusammen   Ich habe eine Frage bezüglich Java   Bei einem PDF Dokument das ich gemacht habe würde ich gerne über einen Senden Button das Dokument an eine Mail anhängen Ich will a...
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  • Javascript to remove images

    I have a PDF which contains the same image in the same location on every page.  The image looks like a stamp with a transparent background that has been flattened into the document.  It can easily be removed...
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  • Creating custom stamp

    I'm needing to create a custom stamp in Adobe X Pro that show the current date (system).  I am not familiar with how javascript works and all the codes that I've found online are for older versions of adobe and d...
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  • If Else Statement for PDF Form

    I am unfamilar with JavaScript and need to create a calculation for a PDF form. The form is used to determine profit. There is a radio button called payroll with two values, "internal" and "external". One calculation ...
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  • Acrobat DC Form- Javascript for Multiple Conditional Checkboxes Show/Hide

    I have the following code entered at Document-Level Javascript in my Acrobat Form.  "MS CHECK" is hidden my default.  If either "MS CHECK 12" or "MS CHECK 13" is checked, then "MS CHECK" should appear. ...
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  • How do I auto-generate an invoice number based on date/time with two random digits?

    I want to add a javascript that auto-generates an invoice number in the following format: yymmddhhmm-rr where the digits are year year month month day day hour hour minute minute - random digit random digit. Can anybo...
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  • button on click show/hide other fields

    Hi, I have a button created on my Acrobat Form, and I would like to use this button to show/hide some other fields. So basically, if user click once, it will display some other fields, and if clicks for the second t...
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  • Usering Adobe Reader in a web application

    I have been tasked to find a replacement for our current web based PDF document viewer, markup manager.   Our need to be able to view PDFs. Load a PDF and add a markup and save the markup. User will then be abl...
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