• Need help with javascript to save as filename from form fields with folder level script

    hello,   I am trying to create a folder level script that will save the file as a specific filename based on the form field data of 2 form fields. I understand that it needs to be a folder level script for prope...
    created by higguns
  • How do I add field data into summary line of email for submit button

    Hi there,   I am trying to use field data to populate text in the summary line using my submit button. Can anyone help me figure this one out? I have tried searching the forums as this seems like a typical thing...
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  • How can I extract year (yyyy) from user entered date (mmddyyyy)?

    Hello; I'm working on an Acrobat DC PDF form and need to have one field be able to extract the year (format: yyyy) from another field where the user enters the entire date (format: mmddyyyy). This second field (where...
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  • sintax error with insert pages

    Hello all, I wanterd to insert pages from one file into a mainfile, and this should be after every third page of the document. I created this js:   this.insertPages({cPath:"Mainfile.pdf"}); var start = 4; va...
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  • Referenceerror Matrix4x4 is not defined

      the js file is attached to the 1.7 PDF file.
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  • Reorder bookmarks by their destination

    Hi,   I'm wondering for a PDF doc whose bookmarks are not pointing to consecutive pages like 1, 2, 3, 4, 5...,  if there is any way to reorder bookmarks by their destination page using JavaScript? Thanks a ...
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  • Combining pdf forms

    This is the first time I use javascript so I'm sorry if the question is just silly. I have three pdf forms (A,B,C) that I want to combine into one file. I would like to have three radiobuttons on the top of the form (...
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  • I need to calculate a discounted rate if 2 of 4 options are selected on a form.

    I am developing an entry form. There are four options per entry line. If two of the four options are selected, there is an entry discount. What is the best way to calculate the discount?   For example: the optio...
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  • if one checkbox checked, check all (unique name)

    Hello, I have 19 various checkboxes that have unique names. I would like it so that if I check Check.19 that checkboxes 1-18 are checked. However, if you uncheck Check.19, they all are unchecked accordingly.   T...
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  • Reset form fields and go to

    Hello,   In a PDF form I need to reset form fields via a Reset Button, and after that I need to do a go to label, because reset will clear a few fields that has been populated via a dialog display entry.  I...
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  • Using Javascript - list box, selection button, moves to another list box

    Hi there, I am new to Javascripting and could use some help. I'm not even sure what this is called, but I want to have a list box of Available Options and have buttons to move items from that list to the Selected Opti...
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  • Dynamic Stamp with multiple input from option buttons to be filled into the checkbox!

    I'm trying the below code to get a stamp with the multiple input. Based on the selection of option buttons, I require the stamp to be updated. I'm unable to find the error. Could someone help pl.
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  • Split dot (".")

    I am attempting to create a timesheet and so far have managed to calculate time based on Decimal value, however I would like to convert the decimal value to HH:MM with using simple calculations.  Reason for this ...
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  • Using Javascript, how do I deactivate the drawing tool?

    I have a control that activates the drawing tool in the "onFocus" event. I want to get to the selection tool when the user is done. Is that possible with Javascript / Events?
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  • Radio Button to Auto-Populate a Textfield

    Im new to javascript - so please bear with me   ive created a pdf with some fields to be filled in to by the reader   i want it so when they select a certain radio button (within same group) each choice po...
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  • JavaScript to auto populate text field value

    hi, i need javascript to manage my bellow issue. can u pls help me.. thanks in advance.   "aa" field is empty, "bb" field also empty "aa" field have some value then "bb" field value = "cc" field value
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  • Change Auto font size to be smaller with Javascript

    Hello!  So the need for this code stems from a long line of problems with solutions that only somewhat work.  I need a text box in a fillable PDF form that someone can type any amount of characters into and ...
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  • How to populate a text field when a radio button is chosen?

    I am not a JavaScript programmer so I have no idea what to do.  I want a text field to be populated when a radio button is chosen.  Basically, it's when clients chose a package the price would show up on the...
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  • Pdf form script to clear a text field and copying value with same button.

    I want a single button in pdf form to perform the below task:   Copy the value of the first text field to second field and  then reset the first field without changing the value of second field to which the...
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  • Company Phone Directory Import

    Im looking to create a company phone directory based from the import of a spreadsheet/delimited file. It would list the Department and each employee associated with the department as well as their extension.   S...
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