• Convert to Postscript on headless system

    I'm trying to use Adobe Reader to convert generated PDF files to PostScript for printing. This would be done in batch on a Unix system with no real display. cat sample.pdf | /usr/local/Acrobat7/bin/acroread -toPost...
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  • Negative/Inverse/Reverse color

    I always think of a nice feature all reader programs should have: an option to reverse the output onscreen. Normally our documents are black text over white background, mimicing the way we are used to in paper docu...
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  • Remove my account please

    I have tried everything. I have waited in online chat support, sent a dozens of emails to adobe support and I have spoken in phone with Adobe in  3+ countries. Isn't it even possible to have my account removed at...
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  • Error 49.4c02 with Reader 8.2.1

    Hi, We have: HP Laserjet 2430 FW 08.112.3 (latest) with HP JetDirect J7949E FW V.33.14 (latest) HP Laserjet 4350 FW 08.008.6 (older) with HP JetDirect J7949E FW V.28.47 (older) When printing a document with ...
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  • PDF File Edit Issue

    How I can edit any pdf file? Please give me solution.
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  • Can I make the Select Tool the default rather than the Hand Tool?

    I would like to have the Select Tool the default rather than the Hand Tool. Whenever I click in the Reader window to put focus in the window, it zooms in, which is really annoying. I have to be careful to click in a n...
    Ken Dyall
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  • not supported printer

    Sir, i have a printer Name "EPSON 360", When i want to Print any doc then why my printer option is not show its show only "One note Send"
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  • Which PDF reader does Adobe recommend for  Linux?

    Since Adobe has given up Linux support I use qpdfview (qpdfview in Launchpad)   acroread 9.5.5 (ftp://ftp.adobe.com/pub/adobe/reader/unix/9.x/9.5.5/) is still necessary to open some PDF files or to print "Curr...
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  • High Sierra vs Photoshop Elements 12

    I have just installed High Sierra 10.13.1 on my Mac and now I can't use all the facilities I had before in Photoshop.   HELP has anybody else found this problem and if so how did you resolve it?   Thank yo...
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  • PKCS11 opensc module in linux

    Hi,   I am using Adobe Reader 9.5.5 on Debian and I'd like to sign a document with my ePass2003 Crypto token on linux.   I have a working PKCS11 module in my system that I use for SSH based login with my c...
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  • filling out a form

    i am filling out a form in adobe reader dc and i cant see the full text in entered in the form. i see a black box in the right side of the cell with + sign. i am trying to click the sign but no success. i need help on...
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  • italic letters in adobe reader touch

    Hello to everyone in the community, I would like to know why my adobe reader touch always shows the italic letters I write in the word document and then convert to PDF in a total different type of letters / print typ...
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  • Viewing multiple attachments to a form

    I have a form that allows attachments when you press a button.  I have two attachments I have attached but only the second attachment opens.  Is it a problem with the form?   I have even added a third ...
    created by Arizona_1951
  • acroread linux command “let printer determine colors”

    I know Adobe reader when print will open a dialog, and click advance can check 「let printer determine colors」 But I want when I type 「acroread -toPostScript」 command can have same effect how to setting?? where and h...
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  • Is there a payment/ charge for using Adobe/Acrobat?

    Is there a charge for using Ado9be and Acrobat?
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  • adobe reader

    hi I cant open my file( documents) pdf in my adobe reader  
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  • メモリが足りないため、オブジェクトのアピアランスを処理できません

    イラレでファイルを複数開くと、 「メモリが足りないため、オブジェクトのアピアランスを処理できません」と表示され、 その後、 「不明なエラーが発生しました」で保存できず。 または、 「メモリが足りません ID = -108」の表示され、 先に進めません。   HDディスクの容量は既に足りておりましたが、不要なファイルを削除しクリーンにしたため、 メモリは足りているはずです。 イラレをアンインストールし、再...
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  • Do I need to remove Acrobat Reader after installation of Adobe CC 2015?

    Any conflict about these two softwares
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  • Making Privacy Settings "stick" in adobe reader mac

    Making Privacy Settings "stick" in adobe reader mac     I go to <https://accounts.@@@.com/security/privacy#> [where @@@ = Adobe"]   I deselect both items. The instant I leave the page the settin...
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  • Does any bug fixed in Windows version 11.0.10 affect Linux version 9.5.5?

    Please post CVE-IDs of bugs fixed in Adobe Reader XI which might affect Linux version 9.5.5.
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