• AE Update Character Panel Still Left "Unfinished"?

    So the excuse given last update by Victoria Niece about why AE's character panel could no longer preview fonts by rolling over them (instead having to re-open the font browser every time you preview a font)  was ...
    Paul Michelle
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  • After Effects Heavy Snow

    Hello, I'm creating a transition scene with snow. It starts off with black bg and a little bit of snow, then the snow falls heavier and heavier, to finally cover the whole screen in white. I've created +- effect I wa...
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  • Can't open after effects!!!!

    I was working on it, and my preview cant load more than 2sec, so i closed the program.   After that, i cant open it again, ive already uninstalled it, installed older versions, deleted the preferences with shift...
    created by matheuss800544
  • Point Text entry in After Effects

    When typing a text string (point text) into a single After Effects text layer, how do I end one phase and start another by setting keyframes? I want to enter about 30 separate phrases at about 4 seconds apart.
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  • After Effects 15.01 loading and saving really really really slow

    After latest AE update the app takes over a minute to save a project.  Auto save interrupts work flow while waiting for file to save.   Opening files takes forever as well. Before update, saving the sa...
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  • Video and audio effects won't show up in "Effect controls"

    Hello.   I'm currently creating something in Adobe After Effects CC 2014, and when I was going to keyframe a layer, I didn't find any controls to affect position, opacity and size. I didn't have this issue befor...
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  • Reddish/Magenta color blocking removal?

    I am using a Panasonic GH5 with V-Log L profile and in my videos in the shadows and some other areas, there is reddish/magenta color blocks and I am unsure if there is a way to remove this as it occurs on a lot of my ...
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  • Download Link for AE CC 2017 Mac

    Hello, I'm searching for a Download Link for CC 2017 Mac-Version for a Project, but I can not find this in Adobe's Web! Please can everyone help?   Greetings from Germany   R. Stephan
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  • Make a mock-up of 3D box

    HI folks:   I'm a beginner in AE. I'm trying to make an educational "explainer" for a new product my organization created. I created the product packaging in PS and ID with a little bit of AI. I also used PS to ...
  • Crummy Camera Lens Blur CS6

    The Camera Lens Blur effect that came with AE CS 5.5 and CS 6 doesn't look nearly as good as the old Lens Blur effect that came with CS 5; it's pretty much unusable for my purposes. Foreground elements that should be ...
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  • Adobe after effects doesnt work.

    When i launch AE, programm show a check screen (plugins etc) but after this screen window with programm doesn t launch but AE still using CPU and 200-300 mb of memory. How to fix it. Help.   OS windows 10 Pro x64...
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  • Trim path error when exported as .gif

    Hi all,   So this had been working just fine as a .gif until I changed the transparency of the line with the added trim path. Now as you can see, once the line starts to disappear the very end still stays visibl...
    created by ilenel44491082
  • After effect - causes computer to freeze and crash

    I've been having issues with After Effect (version 15.0.1), on my newly purchased computer. When I open a project, and move around on the timeline, it causes my computer to crash within seconds, in a way I have not e...
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  • After Effects - Audio - Lags/Slowmo, help?

    Hello. Im trying to render a timer with some audio, but the song seems to be laggy in a slowmo kinda way, at certain parts of the song it gets slowmo for some reason, is there anything to fix this? I just want my song...
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  • ImacPro - Exportation lente

    Bonjour, bonjour,   J'ai une petite question concernant mon nouvel ImacPro et la suite Adobe.   Il se débrouille super bien pour des prévisualisations vidéos même en 4K.   Par...
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  • After Effects cc2018 4K screen problem with UI

    In after effects CC 2018 a lof of the text is overlapping in the UI on 4K screens. It only happens in the HiDPI version of the UI, this is on a PC with Windows 10. Any suggestions on how to fix this, or is this just a...
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  • Fade People to Logo

    Hey everybody,   I am working on a video where I want to fade four people, who will be standing like the attached logo, into the logo, as a ending scene. Essentially, it would transition from a full shot of them...
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  • After Effects error: string memory leak ( 83 :: 2 )

    Since upgrading to the latest AE, I'm getting this error every time I close out of After Effects - basically crashing on exit.  Anyone else?   This is on a Macbook Pro (Retina, 15-inch, Mid 2014) 16GB RAM, ...
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  • After Effects Script UI Panel problem - 4k screen - please help!

    hi all - have a really frustrating problem with 3rd party script ui panels in adobe after effects.   I have bought  a dell xps15 laptop last month and this is my only complaint.  I'm an animator and fr...
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  • Layer property numbers are not displaying correctly

    After the last Adobe After Effects CC update (to version 15.0.0), all of my layer property numbers are displaying incorrectly.  If you check out the attached picture, you can see that they seem to be overlapping ...
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