• Track in Mocha AE doesn't work

    Hello, I am using  AE version and I can't seem to get "Track in Mocha AE" to work. I am trying to track a MP4 file and this dialog box comes up:     When I try to manually select the file i...
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  • Maintaining a consistent speed with 'Typewriter' FX

    My question:   Is there a way to set the default speed of the 'Typewriter' FX so that no matter what length of the paragraph of text it always 'types' at the same average speed (as if a real human being were act...
    created by CalUKGR
  • Rotating an narrow oval-shaped graphic so it stays upright, narrow oval thoughout the animation

    I have a project with an oval shaped graphic (taller than it is wide). Actually the outside parts of it are supposed to be rotating while the inside remains stationary - I've masked off the outside parts and duplicate...
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  • Exercise/Lesson files for Title Sequence lesson AE CS5

    I went to the /go/classroom-ae link but there's nothing there for this lesson: Classroom: After Effects video tutorial series for beginners | Creative Cloud blog by Adobe Thank you   [Here is the list of all Ad...
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  • Warp stabilizer & slow-motion footage

    Hi everyone,   I have a serious load of ultra slow-motion footage to stabilize, mostly follow pans. Given it's slomo stuff, warp stab happens to be way out of limits I would need. I understand stab is highly re...
    David Coiffier
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  • After Effects isn't Rendering Certain Frames when I do Time Remapping

    I'm working on a project which things such as involves use of "toggle hold key frames" on a time remap layer for manual lip sync, manual blinks, etc.   When I preview a scene in which a character is talking, bli...
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  • about a plugin trying to change a locked project

    I have this older project that I created using a C4D file to create an Abstract OBJ file that I use in AE, then I apply to a solid layer Trapcode FORM and use the OBJ file to drive FORM and I used also Trapcode Shine ...
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  • About "Replace with after effects composition". How to save the footage for later use in premiere

    Hi guys!   Im currently trying to expand my Premiere vocabulary by importing footage from Premiere to After Effects by the above mentioned method. My problem is that once I am done making the transition the foo...
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  • Help me! Just trying to get lyrics running along the bottom with a song along dot!

    im editing a video in premiere pro and need to create a sing along type moving dot lyric animation. I’m not super familiar with after effects so please make suggestions and I’d like to be able to chat with...
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  • Files not Importing

    Have any of you seen this before? How can I change my settings to allow adobe bridge .ffx files come into my after effects files?
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  • Attempt to get a value from a time stream with no key values ( 29 :: 36 )

    I reset my windows 10 a couple of days ago after making sure I had all of my files backed up on my Google Drive. After doing so and resyncing all of my files I opened the project that I am currently working on.  ...
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  • Time rules (Displaying time seconds instead of frames)

    i want to display seconds in my timeline window but i am getting still frames.Before i wrote here also i googled to fix this problem and followed the steps below : Ctrl-click (Windows) the current-time display. The c...
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  • Why does Ae CC 2018 crash with more than 20 seconds of AVCHD/XAVC-S footage?

    Hi there!   The built in camera tracker is giving me grey hairs! I've found out due testing that Ae CC 2018 does not crash in general with footage from my Sony A6000 but after a certain length. I have set my A60...
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  • load wrong / Missing Comp.

    Hi Guy,   i hope that anyone know the answer for my issue. thank a million for you help.   Short Story: Someone did a AE-Project and i have to fix that.   The Issue:   I have a AE-Project in ...
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  • 無法開啟AE試用版

    載好之後卻出現這樣的文字   請問這樣要怎麼解?  
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  • Illustrator layer getting cut off when rotated in After Effects

    I've just posted this in the Illustrator forum as well.  Not sure if double posting is frowned upon--but this is potentially a double app issue...   This started happening to me a couple of weeks ago, when ...
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  • How can I change an image in After Effect Design using a Node.js expression?

    How can I change an image in After Effect Design using a Node.js expression?
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  • After Effects uses all my RAM then crashes.

    Since I updated to AE CC 2018, I'm no longer able to render or prerender small files. After Effects will start out with the render process and overtime my RAM usage will go up until it hits 90% (Starts at 14%). At 90%...
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  • AE CC 2018: Windows Crashing on Launch [solution]

    Just updated my After Effects to version 15.0.0 (build 180) because the previous version has been causing my Windows 8.1 (64-bit) (running on Intel i7-4500U  equipped with NVIDIA GeForce 840M) to crash on launch ...
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  • After effect slideshow malfunctioning after adding text

    Hi, I made a slideshow using images with 3D checked on.   It was working fine and lay in the right order on top of each other, same order as my layers.   Then I added a text layer and suddenly the pictur...
    katrine idao3291489
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