• The licensing library encountered an error; you may need to reinstall

    Hi! I was trying to install a trial version of after effects cc 2018. However, it showed the below messages. I tried to uninstall and reinstall the application. But it did not work. Please help. Thanks.
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  • Why the video doesn’t appear in the composition

    I have a problem and it’s that the video doesn’t appear in the composition This a screenshot :
    shimaa taha
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  • Unexpected Drawing Error

    Hello, I am trying to take a video I have and add a simple rain effect and music to the background, but whenever I put in any video, no audio plays. I then go to the audio panel to see if the scale is moving. Since it...
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  • After Effects not seeing PostScript Fonts

    Hello all,   After applying the latest update for AE and Premiere this morning, I noticed that neither program lists PostScript Type 1 fonts in their respective font menus. AE CC 2017 still lists (sees) the Post...
    Ozzy Otter
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  • AE CC Error (86::1)

    I'm trying to relink an AE CC 2017 project with photos and footage that had been moved. I do the replace command and navigate to the missing file. When I click ok I get (86::1) which is After Effects error: Unsuppor...
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  • error: 16

    ho scaricato after effects, ma non me lo apre emi dice ''error 16''. come posso fare? I have unloaded after effect, but it doesn't open @ !@   it to me emi it says '' error 16 ''. how can I do?
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  • Playing animation in After Affects

    Hello,   Once an animation is created, it doesn’t go in play. Usually pressing the space bar would play the animation but it does not on this instance.   Can you help please?   Many thanks
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  • Ae problème d'affichage, rayé vert et violet

    Bonjour,   Depuis ce matin en ouvrant mon ae l'affichage de mes vidéos dans ma bibliothèque et sur ma fenêtre de rendu est rayé violet et vert! Une mise à jour de w10 a é...
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  • H264 Render options have vanished after upgrade today.

    AE (15.1.0) (Build 166)
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  • Сamera itself creates points | cant control

    Greetings ! During work in new version of AE i got problem with camera movement.   Imagine you creating two keyframes for "Z" position only  first is 1515, next is 1489 with that camera should move into ...
  • can i download adobe after effect in 32 bit and 2gb ram laptop

    when i try to download Ae but it is only avaliable for 64 bit and 4gb ram please help me . and please ae also realease in a lite version
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  • Trim paths using a gradient

    Is it possible to animate with Trim Paths using a line with a gradient? This doesn't seem as simple as picking a gradient from the colour of the stroke.   Many thanks
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  • Clips size dont match

    Hi ! I imported several clips to Ae and add them all to my composition. On the composition panel, the two videos look the same size. as I show here :   Yet, when I try to export the video, I can see on medi...
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  • Richtungsgriffe im Diagrammeditor werden nicht angezeigt

    Hey!   Im Diagrammeditor würde ich gerne die Richtungsgriffe für die Keyframeinterpolation anpassen. Leider kann ich diese Richtungsgriffe nicht finden, bzw. es werden mir nur welche in der Geschwindig...
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  • Adding shortcuts

    Hi - Using latest version of After Effect CC2018 and added a few shortcuts.   The ones I added at the application level work fine. Also added a couple where you need the 'focus' to be on the 'panel' - but tho...
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  • After Effect has Crashed.

    Please help. Can't solve this issue!
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  • Ellipse tool not making perfect circle

    No matter what I do, my ellipse tool will not make a perfect circle. Btw, I am using a PC and CC 2015. Shift and control won't work, shift won't work, double clicking ellipse when I have a square wont work. All it doe...
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  • Empty layer after applying Pixel Polly effect

    Hello, I am trying to apply a Pixel polly effect on a layer with a transparent background. Whenever I do it the image on layer disappears – becomes invisible. It happens with.psd files, .eps files and .ai files....
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  • I would like to add to my adobe plan, after effect including video copilot

    I would like to add to my adobe plan, after effect + video copilot.
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  • Trying to import style from Bridge to AE

    Hey... I seem to have a lot of problems as a beginner I’m trying to import style from Bridge to AE and I see this error ???
    shimaa taha
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