• Trim Path with sharp ends

    Hi after spending hours searching I now realize I can't use trim paths with a vector image with sharp ends, can some please give me and alternative. I just need a simple left to right reveal but really need the pointe...
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  • AE: add commas to number counting in expressions

    I've found a few threads on how to have commas for numbers in expression, but I haven't been able to crack the code to add to the expression that I already have. It is as followed:   str = thisLayer.name; if(st...
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  • can we post our work on youtube by after effects trial version

    Dear Sir, i want to know that can i install a trial version of after effects for learning purpose. and during learning can i post my work/videos on facebook or youtube. please answer the question.
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  • Export for Rendering @2x

    Is there a way to export at 2x in After Effects CC if all your layers are vector?
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  • Problem opening AE CC 2017 project in Windows 10, get rgb profiles error on relinking

    Project created by me in AE CS 6 on a Mac, given to animator who used  version 13 on a Mac.  I'm trying to open in Windows in AE CC2017, but when replacing footage I get "Internal verification error, sorry (...
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  • can't move anchor point

    Hi I have a problem. I can't move the anchor point from my composition. I scaled the composotion but the pivot point is al the way to the right. So the porportions wil get messed up. I already tried the pad behind too...
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  • After Effects CC 2017 version 14.2 keeps on crashing

    AE has started to create these mysterious spots on preview timeline where it crashes. This happens with precomposed layers that have 3D-layers inside them. So whenever I'm trying to preview the file there's a certain ...
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  • After effects Error: Buffer Manager

    I encountered this error today:   After Effects error: Out of memory: the buffer manager cannot provide any more buffers ( 83 :: 2 ). Google didn't provide any results and I upgraded to 2017.2 release today. &...
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  • AFTER EFFECTS CC 2017 -1601053463 disk full error using quicktimes

    I know there is a separate thread on this issue - but his seems to have been solved by turning off windows defender- that doesn't solve my problem   My company has just bought a new windows pc - (i9 7900x 10 cor...
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  • I can't open my After Effects

    I can't open my After Effects !
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  • Flipping text vertically in place

    Hey guys,   I'm very new to AE and am struggling to work out how to flip a letter vertically in place, over time. As an example, the word PeeP (I know there's a capital P at the end, that's how it's supposed to...
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  • Composizione

    Mi e capitato una cosa strana:Quando creo una composizione sulla griglia appare una foto come eliminarla
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  • Can't start installation

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  • Project with MP4 HD Video renders slower with Multiprocessing ON ... normal?

    I've been working on a large project that is relatively simple ... it involves shooting some products, and then apply those videos to templates I've created to showcase the product.  Basically it's one MP4 1080p ...
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  • AE CC14.2 - Still has the error of "Cached Preview needs 2 or more frames.."

    I've just updated to CC14.2. According to the update notes, this issue should've been resolved. However, I have a large project which causes this error to pop after an hour of work, and right now the error has poppe...
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  • Live Update with RubberHose Slow on 1 of 2 Identical Machines

    So this is a really unique issue. I'm using RubberHose on two work computers, one of them runs butter smooth, no issues. The other however, runs like crap. Both of them have identical specs and have been kept pretty m...
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  • AE cc15 sound won't playback in preview

    I switched back to cc15 from 17.2 because of a crash issue I was having, and found that 15 does not playback sound smoothly.  I get that monster distortion which doesn't even go away after I let the ram preview r...
    created by gomerpyle3333
  • After Effects crashes on preview every time

    Real quick, after effects closes every single time i try and preview. sometimes during preview, most of the time exactly as i hit the spacebar to stop preview. i have removed effects from the video and have the same r...
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  • How to include three individuals(me) overlapping each other and masking/moving without moving the points after every frame?

    Hello! I was wondering if there was a way to make a dance video of three of me, without using the masking tool after every frame? Is there a way adobe after effects can track the motion of myself and the shadow behind...
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  • Is it possible to create a transition in After Effects and then use it in Premiere Pro and just exchange the clips (both that I'm making the transition in between) in Premiere?

    I can't really find any tutorials online on this.   Basically - you are able to create text effects in After Effects and then change the text in Premiere Pro when you import the AE file. Is something like that p...
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