• Interpret Premiere Pro speed changes as Time Warp effect in Dynamic Link

    Hello,   Is there anyway when sending a clip from PPRO to AE via dynamic linking to have AE interpret speed ramping changes from PPRO with the Time Warp effect in AE? I find this effect in AE behaves much more ...
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  • AE crashes when working on project involving Cineware proxy

    I'm using a plugin called Cineware Proxy, which is a way to pre-render Cineware files in AE for smooth playback of Cinema 4D layers.  Almost invariably, AE crashes once the proxy render is complete.  It will...
    created by gomerpyle3333
  • Export for Rendering @2x

    Is there a way to export at 2x in After Effects CC if all your layers are vector?
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  • How to draw shape outside of comp

    Hi, everyone! I hope you are doing well.   I have some problems to draw shape outside of comp.   Above example is Custom comp UI which is provided by SDK.   ............................................
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  • After Effects has troubles with MediaCore plugins

    I installed AfterEffects a few minutes ago and it has this error:   Means: "AfterEffects Warning: The following Plugs-ins could not be loaded. Please reinstall these Plug-ins: ..."   I also can't import V...
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  • After Effects CC 2017 has Crashed. please help

    My system info is : Intel Xeon
    Owen Chease
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  • Selection tool

    Good Day.   I draw the Arms and hands in the flash cc and the I'm import in After Effects cc and I notice when i Use select tools the Square for Selection guide is so much big, not like in Flash when you use S...
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  • CC Particles System II

    I had a question about the particles system. I try to lower my birth rate, Tried to lower the velocity, Tried to lower my longevity. But still I can't seem to get less particles on my screen I was to limit the particl...
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  • Trying to Make Animate Text on Ellipse in After Effects

    In the tutorials I've watched, an option for the mask should appear under "Path Options". However, there are no options in "Path Options". What am I doing wrong?
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  • How to solve this animation issue?

    I'm a beginner with After Effects. I've searched for a solution and couldn't find it elsewhere so I ended up here asking it.   Below you see a cute kawaii like creature that should be animated. The body or head ...
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  • Paragraph text anchor point does not update

    Hi,   I'm running into a problem with anchor points for paragraph text in After Effects When the text box for paragraph text is resized, the anchor point does not update, it just stays in the center o...
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  • AE | 3D Layer Crash

    First off, here is my setup via Element 3D System Info:   Build: Element x64 2.2.2 (2155.hotfix) OS: Microsoft Windows 10 Pro 64-bit 10.0.15063 CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 1800X Eight-Core Processor   ...
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  • Why can't I see anything in my composition window?

    When I have created a composition, then for some reason I cannot see anything in my composition window. It is just BLACK. When I first started following the instructions, from youtube, on how to create muzzle flashes...
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  • After Effects App Crash when doing anything.

    I just downloaded Premiere, Photoshop and After Effects on the monthly Creative Cloud on my windows computer. The other apps work fine but the After Effect crashes every time after doing 2 or three things. i keep gett...
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  • Sure Target 2 - After Effects CC 2017

    I can not use Sure Target 2 in After Effects CC 2017. What do I need to do to make it work?     Thank you.
    flávio robertos46701336
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  • Add-on Bodymovin failed to install

    I am getting an error trying to install Bodymovin. Add-on Bodymovin, could not validate license online. I am using ZXP installer.
    created by bkohls11
  • Animating Objects

    I am trying to display frames per second on a camera which shows camera quality with motion. I am looking for an application that will allow me to animate either words or an object across the screen and adjust the spe...
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  • Turn lights on and off

    Is there a way to get rid to the dark when using light? I'm using light to illuminate a screen but I need to lower it when the surrounding environment lightens up. Is there a way to do that?
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  • Is there any way to make polar coordinates follow a custom shape?

    I'm trying to follow this shockwave tutorial, and I was thinking it would be great if I could make the shockwaves expand out of a given shape, like a custom mask or something, rather than just a circle.   Bu...
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  • RAM preview audio will not play through bluetooth headphones

    I am using bluetooth headphones (Jaybird Freedom Sprint) to try and edit audio/video in after effects. However, when I go to Preferences>Audio Output Mapping and choose "Freedom Sprint" and click OK, close the pref...
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