• The Common Extensibility Platform (CEP) suite couldn't be loaded.

    Does anyone know how to resolve this? I uninstalled and reinstalled and getting the same error. After Effects can’t continue: The Common Extensibility Platform (CEP) suite couldn't be loaded. You may need to rei...
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  • 8k 32bit render fails, More GPU Vram?

    Hi  there, I am working on a project in 8718x3840, 60fps. I have a couple of gradients, glows, my Project, bit depth is 32 bit. I need to render out as 4 separate, rotated  4k clips for a 4 screen wall (t...
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  • drop down menus and RIGHT-CLICKING not working

    Mac OS High Sierra 10.13 latest version of After Effects 15.0.0   I can't drop down the inner drop down menus on the timeline.  For example, changing a matte from ADD to SUBTRACT.  They won't work....
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  • After Effect ne se lance pas !

    Bonjour,   J'ai aujourd'hui installé After Effect CC 2018 (version d'essais) et celui-ci ne se lance pas, il reste indéfiniment sur la fenêtre de lancement et ne s'ouvre jamais, sans aucun me...
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  • Adobe After Effect rendering crash

    Hey com,   my AE keep crashes at the same timeline.   Downloaded AE yesterday so everything is updated.   The only thing i did was installing some plugins and trapcode shine.   I cant see whi...
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  • "After Effects Warning: Unspecified Drawing Error"

    Hello I have been using After effects 2015.3. When I was rigging my character the warning come up I tried to click ok untill it gone. After that I moved the puppet tool the program crashes and shut my computer down. I...
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  • Dynamic Link Not Updating on AE 2017.2

    We have had many issues in our post production group since the latest release with our AE comps not updating in Premiere after we make changes in AE. There are also significant performance issues where our Premiere an...
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  • change image placeholder

    Hi there,   I want to replace this bonsai vase image with another image. Does someone please can tell me how I can do it?   Thanks in advance,   Nico  
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  • Apply falling effect movement on masks

    Hi there,   I have to replace three leafs masks images with three boxes and a fall down effect. Could someone please suggest me how to apply that "fall down" effect?   Thank you in advance,   nico &#...
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  • Attempt to get a value from a time stream with no key values ( 29 :: 36 )

    Hi everyone,   I'm having a funky issue where I opened up a rather old project and after After Effects opens the project to update it and make it current I can't save it nor can I see many of the compositions a...
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  • I can't open a comp in AE 2018!!!

    Hello This is a very annoying issue since I've updated AE to 2018 , when I double click a comp in the project window it doesn't open... As far as I am concerned there is no other way of p=opening a comp so I'm pretty ...
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  • Immersive video render times in AE

    Hello all,   I have had an exceptionally long render time, for something that seemingly should not.  I have taken a 4k equitriangular video, and added some 2.5D layers over the course of a 3.5 minute video....
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  • Error message: Could not parse mask shape on clipboard

    can anyone tell me why when I open a new composition, i get an error message that says, "After Effects error: could not parse mask shape on clipboard" then i click ok...brings me to a new composition, then i try to im...
    Christopher Joos
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  • How can I create this zoom effect?

    Hello, I know this is probably a basic tool, but i just can't find a way to create an effect like this one ( 36 seconds ) of zoom out to a lot of miniatures and zooming in to focus on one. I tried creating this u...
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  • CC 2018 Not importing psd layers

    I'm trying to import a psd into after effects to animate individual layers, like I've always done, but I'm just getting a single, flat psd layer. Even if I choose to import as comp and select retain layer sizes. Help?
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  • Twitter video - blurred moving titles

    I have made a short vid in After Effects, but I am getting blur on moving titles when I upload to Twitter.   The project is created using full-page PDFs and titles created in AE, with three compositions generate...
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  • After Effects CC 2018 crashes every time on opening

    I'm on an iMac i7 with 32GB of RAM and more than enough hard drive space on my SSD. I'm on Mac OS Sierra (10.12.6). And ever since I updated this morning, AE CC 2018 crashes as soon as I open any new file. I did a cle...
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  • Very Large DNxHD Outputs from After Effects 2018

    Hello, I'm getting really large file outputs with DNxHD from After Effects 2018.   I have a 2 and a half minute project I'm outputting.   The 1080p HQ 10 bit gives me an output that is around 12 gigs. ...
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  • After effects to windows movie maker?

    im working on a MacBook, I made an animation which I want to use as an overlay video for a YouTube intro.. however my client is using windows movie maker how do I get the transparent overlay for her?
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