• Making the background transparent in export from cinema 4d to AE CC

    I'm using Cinema 4D to create a 3d object and then import it into AE CC.  When I import it in, the grey grid in the background is visible. I want to make the background transparent, so that all you can see is the...
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  • After Effect Composition turns black

    Hello, I have a problem with my AE composition. I've been importing new layers to my AE composition, however suddenly the composition screen turns black. All the keyframes are still there and as I slide the button acr...
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  • Color Management Profile Settings greyed out

    Hello, I'm in the latest version of AE on Windows (15.1.1). I have color management on for my project. After Effects is now incorrectly assigning rec709 profiles to every single piece of footage I import (from .psd's...
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  • When I pre-comp, the background turns black!

    Hello guys, I am slowly trying to learn after effects and there is a big question that always bugs me and I can't figure it out.   Say I have this comp, which is too cluttered, as you can see. So I want to p...
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  • Ultimate explanation for lossless workflow DNG to AE to Premiere or export

    Here's the workflow situation dealing with Magic Lantern   Shoot raw with Magic Lantern Open those raw files in MLRawViewer In, from, MLRawViewer, export DNG Import the DNGs as a sequence in After Effects Ma...
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  • Can this be done

    Hi, To make a long story short I am wanting to edit a baby held by someone else to be held by me instead. The original video was taken in my house. Since the background would be the same do I have to have a green scre...
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  • Help with changing position after tracking?

    Right so basically I need to put a fireball on my comp and I motion tracked the spine of a book because I want the fireball to appear like it is coming out of the book, so I tracked it, put it to a null object and par...
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  • After Effects crashing on applying Element 3D

    So I just downloaded After Effects CC 2014 and transferred all my plugins to it. But all except Video Copilot Element 3D V1.6.2 are working correctly. Whenever I apply the Element effect AE crashes. I tried to reinsta...
    Jyotinder Singh
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  • Ink in Water ? Liquid Smoke Effect ? Particular or ?

    Hi guys, I'm trying to make this kinda of effect here:   Using Particular doesn't seem to give me that result .   Any ideas ? I tried lots of things.   Thanks
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  • How do I loop the wiggle effect? [URGENT]

    ok so I've been searching all day and night and found something on how to loop the wiggle effect (Dan Ebberts's Expression on Looping wiggle())   He says to copy and paste this code:   freq = 1; amp = 110;...
    Charlie The Doggo
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  • After effects crush with auto save

    Hi! I'm in the middle of a project that I need to end today. I'm editing with proxies and after effects start to close it when it auto save the project. I disable the auto save option to avoid the issue, but the pro...
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  • Uninstall FxFactory

    Hello I have some trouble to remove the plugin FxFactory I use appcleaner to remove the plugin but even there is no more file or folder of FxFactory I still have in effect list FxFactory. Someone know how to rem...
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  • Adobe Media Encoder can not connect to Dynamic Link server

    I can not render my After Effects Projects with Media Encoder. The Project gets loaded into Media Encoder but when I try to render or to change the output settings I get an endless loading window where it tries to con...
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  • After Effects error: internal verification failure ( 29 :: 0 )

    Hi I'm using a Mac Pro, 10.9 mavericks, after effects CC 2014 with latest update (installed last week) and I keep getting an error that forces me to force quit after effects. The error message reads:   After Eff...
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  • Where is my null object ?

    Im completely new to After effects so excuse me ! I used a null object layer and a camera layer in order to move around the scene and zoom in and out. for some reason, I cannot see the null object square any more + ...
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  • "Keyboard Shotcuts" missing from the menu

    Hi all! I'm facing a After Effects weird behaviour. In the Edit drop menu the item "Keyboard shortcuts" is missing. Any idea about why is it happened? Thank you       After Effects 2017 14.2.1 on...
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  • Color management/RedOne for a theater projector

    Hello, I have a question about color management in After Effects cc 2017. This is what I work with: footages - RedOne 4k with these original RedOne Source Settings: These are my settings so far: The embedded p...
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  • Element3D Rotation lights not working

    Hi, I'm a relative new beginner in After effects and been using it only for the past few months. I have recently bought Element 3D, and was amazed by the capabilities of the plug-in. However, my rotation lights NEVER ...
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  • Adobe After Effects CS6

    I just recently purchased a new laptop for the purpose of CS6 applications - mainly After Effects. When I try the open AE, the icon is slashed out and the message below appears on the screen.   "You can’t ...
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  • News Ticker [MTV Slide]

    How can I make an 'News Ticker' like this MTV (Slide) at 0.26secs on this YouTube video Black Panther: The Origin Story | Black History Month | MTV News - YouTube
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