• How do i remove the red guide lines in the video?

    The red lines were in the video when i exported it, so im wondering how i can get rid of these? Thanks
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  • Unable to replace PSD in AE

    For demonstration purposes I created a new project in AE version   1) I imported a PSD as a comp. 2) Moved the PSD folder up in the directory hierarchy, throwing the PSD layers offline. 3) Right+C...
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  • How to make a 3D text with several pictures inside?

    I want to make a word bevel up from a collage of pictures (the end of a slideshow), so that it kind of grows out of the pictures (the touched pictures shall be visible on top of the letters), when the word has made it...
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  • White fill layer does not render/export

    I have a few white fill layers in my composition, but it doesn't seem that these are being rendered out, or they're being rendered out as transparent.  Please help, thanks!   Tom After Effects CC 2018 Ado...
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  • After effects window missing.

    My after effects window/display dissapeared without any reason, here's the picture. I tried reinstalling, resetting my workspace and still nothing happened, is still invisible...
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  • I can't find "Create ground plane and origin" in AE CS6

    Please help me i have tracked my camera and now i need to Create ground plane and origin but ther is no option to do that. There is just create solid and create null. Thank you for your help it is very important for ...
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  • CUDA not working anymore after driver update

    Hi! I have an issue with AE on my laptop (Windows) and I'm looking for help. I've been using a new laptop for 3 months now, with a Nvidia GTX1050. Until a couple weeks ago, I had no problem with CUDA, it was working p...
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  • AE 2018 crashing upon closing.

    AE 2018 CC crashes as soon as I close on TWO macs. Also.. I import a photoshop layered file and it shows nowhere. Can't find it. ??? If I'm doing something wrong, please let me know. Help!
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  • Intel only? Ae keeps crashing with AMD hardware

    Hi there!   A few days ago I upgraded to the full CC suite and played a bit with Premiere Pro and After Effects. With Ae I wanted to try that floating text thingy and learned that you have to pin the text to the...
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  • Can't open the "box" inside the effects

    Hi everybody,   I'm having this issue with every effect I apply: the effect works but I cannot open the "box" (see the photos) I think this happened because I updated to osx High Sierra... any suggestions? I'm ...
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  • After Effects can’t continue: Error while accessing the preference files inside “/Users/MOL/Library/Preferences/Adobe/After Effects/13.8”, please verify the file permissions and try again.

    After Effects can’t continue: Error while accessing the preference files inside “/Users/MOL/Library/Preferences/Adobe/After Effects/13.8”, please verify the file permissions and try again.   [F...
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  • Problem importing .vpe into After Effects CC 2014

    I am having Issues importing .vpe files exported from Photoshop CC 2014 (2014.1.0 - most recent update to date) into After Effects CC 2014 ( - latest update to date) on Mac OSX Mavericks 10.9.4. After a (lengt...
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  • 3D Tracked Points Drift After Camera is Created

    Hello All, I'm having an issue where my 3D tracked points are staying affixed to objects after I scrub thru the timeline after the footage is analyzed.... SO FAR SO GOOD.... but soon as I "Create Null and Camera" th...
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  • Preview effects

    The Adobe could add a preview/tutorial for each effect. While you don´t record everyone of them you have to test each one until find what you need.
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  • Creating Null from 3D tracked point

    Hello All, I'm a novice with After Effects so your patience with my ignorance is greatly appreciated. I am trying to attach some nulls to 5 separate points on my footage. From each of these 5 points, I wish to gener...
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  • Gopro Mettle Skybox AE plugin

    hello we've some problems with gopro (reframe , reframe) and mettle plugin. We are not able to install themin AE. The system message is: "impossible run the following plugin. Reinstall" We think we will have the sam...
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  • Color hue shift after export in After Effects CS5. (Not Gamma problem) How to fix?

    Hello!   I've been struggling to fix this problem for a long time. Here is what I've been experiencing: Whenever I export my videos using After Effects, the colors of the video will always turn out to have a di...
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  • After Effects CC 2018 video and audio stops working every minute fix?

    Hi there! I've just recently been using after effects but I've had these weird crashes every 10 seconds or so, where the audio and clip wont play, and end up disappearing off of the preview for about 30 seconds. It wi...
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  • Changing text layer contents frame-by-frame

    Firstly, although I've used After Effects rather a lot, it has been for one-off projects and I only use it when I need to, therefore my technical knowledge and after effects vocabulary aren't great. I always try to wo...
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  • after effects cc 2018 start up problem:

    How do I disable it?  don't show new composition at start up,just quite open the program like 2017, because I hate it asking every time!
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