• Help - Can't install Adobe AIR on my new MacBook Pro

    I am new to posting here.  I recently purchased and set up a MacBook Pro running 10.13.6.  I have been trying to install Adobe Air but keep getting the following message:  “AdobeAIR.dmg” is ...
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  • Adobe Air MSI file?

    Once downloading Adobe Air .exe I am unable to extract an .msi file I can use to deploy across my school network. Please help!!
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  • Windows silent installations of air applications

    I use Adobe Air 21 installed with the following command line ".\Files\AdobeAirInstaller\AdobeAIRInstaller.exe" -silent -eulaAccepted   I install GBMLoader.air application with the following command line. "C:\P...
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  • Adobe archived 29 sdk download

    I am having issues with finding the download file from the zip download of archived links for the Adobeair sdk download to download my purchased movies from VUDu not sure how to find this file once it has downloaded o...
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  • How do I fix error message "installer file is damaged"?

    I have tried to download an application that uses Abode AIR.  I always receive the same error message "Sorry, an error has occurred. The application could not be installed because the installer file is damaged.&#...
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  • Make an AIR application downloadable clicking a link on my blog

    I developed an Adobe AIR desktop application on macOS. I want to make it available to all those who visit my blog. How can I make my Adobe AIR application downloadable and executable to all with a link on my blog?...
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  • Uninstall Adobe Air

    I'm trying to uninstall Adobe Air.   Then I need to install an older version.  I thought I had uninstalled it, because it no longer shows up under the application (I have a Mac).  When I download the o...
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  • Adobe Air for Windows Vista

    I have a friend who needs a version of Adobe Air for Windows Vista.  He has a financial bond program one his 11 year old Dell Laptop.  So far I have not been able to convince him to upgarde the Laptop and re...
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  • adobe air v30.0.0107 says invalid win32 application windows XP.

    I have adobe air v29.0.0112 installed on windows xp sp3 with patches; however, the latest version v30.0.0107 when downloaded and installed states that it isn't a valid win32 application.  Need a fix so Avast or t...
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  • The problem with Adobe Air."This application requires a version of Adobe Air that cannot be found. Download the latest runtime from the site http://www.adobe.com/go/getair_ru or contact the author of the application for an updated version." I decided to u

    Hello, the problem with Adobe Air. When I downloaded AdobeAIRInstaller and started the installation, it was written that the installation was successful and Adobe Air appeared in the list of installed programs. But th...
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  • Проблема с установкой Adobe Air на Windows7 Professional 64

    Здравствуйте, проблема с Adobe Air. Когда скачала AdobeAIRInstaller и запустила установку, то было написано, что установка прошла успешно и в списке установленных программ появился Adobe Air. Но приложение, которое тр...
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  • SCUP catalog for Adobe AIR

    Location for SCUP catalog for Adobe AIR
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  • Installazione photoshop versione prova su imac sierra

    Hi I have an iMac sierra with internal hd failure, so for the moment I'm using an external hd. That said I can not install the trial version of Photoshop, since it gives me error 22 (the installation in case-sensitive...
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  • adobe AIR error message

    Sorry, an error has occurred. An error occurred while installing Adobe AIR. Installation may not be allowed by your administrator. Please contact your administrator.   this comes up every time i try to download ...
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  • Adobe Air will not install

    Adobe Air replies with and error message:   Sorry, and error has occurred while installing Adobe Air. Installation may not be allowed by your administrator. Please contact your administrator.   I have run ...
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  • "Installation file is damaged" when installing an AIR supported app

    "Sorry an error has occurred.   The application could not be installed because the installer file is damaged. Try obtaining a new installer file from the application author."   This is the message I get ev...
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  • premiere download

    i recently downloaded the premiere pro cs6 and once the download was completed it just stated that it was up to date but i never recieved the app. can anyone help me to try to get the software on my computer. I have c...
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  • "Installation may not be allowed by your administrator"

    Hi, I tried to install Adobe Air 25.0 but it appears this message "An error occurred while installing Adobe AIR. Installation may not be allowed by your administrator. Please contact your administrator."I have window...
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  • cannot install adobe air on windows 10

    tried installing adobe air on windows 10 Get message "installation completed .. adobe air has been successfully installed" However, in checking apps installed, there is no adobe air listed I have tried i...
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  • Adobe Air - Sorry, an error has occured - Installing Problem

    I just got this update today and when I update it through Avast Software Updated it fails, and when I install it manually, it tells me installation may not be allowed by my administrator. Why is this... When I "AM" th...
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