• NVidia GPU-accelerated H264-encoder plugin 1.12, ready for public testing

    !!!! Disclaimer: NVENC-export is third-party software that is not supported by either Adobe or NVidia. It comes with no warranty -- use at your own risk.   nvenc_export is a NVidia GPU-accelerated H264/HEVC expor...
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  • Adobe Media Encoder Error

    Hi,   I am trying to export comps from After Effects to Media Encoder and when I tell it to start I get this error:     [/ame11.1.2/ame/releases/2017.03/shared/adobe/MediaCore/VideoFrame/Src/VideoFrame...
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  • Encoding audio files to 320kbps mp3

    I can't seem to see an option to convert audio files to 320kbps mp3
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  • Error of "AEGP Plugin AEDynamicLink Server: Adobe Media Encoder is not installed.

    I'm running After Effects CC 2015.  When I try to send my composition over to AME I get the following screen.   I click ok and then get this...   Everything was working fine before I did a clean insta...
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  • GPU Works in Premiere, doesn't work in After Effects during export

    Hello. I made a simple test. I took a footage 1280*720, placed it in Premiere project, changed scale to 300% and rendered it 3840*2160 through Media Encoder. My GTX 1060 was loaded 30%. Video engine load 0%. Then I d...
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  • Possible to make PR use an older version of ME?

    Can you make premiere use an older version of media encoder? Using PRCC18 latest version, I'd prefer to use MECC17 to encode.   Thanks
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  • Adobe Media Encoder won't upload long videos to YouTube

    Hi everyone,   I've been having problems with uploading videos on YouTube. I followed the solution on other post AME 2018 won't stay logged in to Youtube to not use the old preset from AME 2017 but to no avail....
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  • AME is taking 20 hours to render 30 min clip from AE

    Hello.   I am new to Abode After Effects CC and its Adobe Media Encoder CC I have made a video in AE cc for youtube purpose.   I saved the file as a AE File and opened the AME cc Encoder,   I hav...
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  • Editing & Rendering 29.970 footage

    I was given a video (.mp4 file, mpeg4/AVC) that was 29.97fps (exactly). Media Info says Frame Rate 29.970 (29970/1000) FPS. 29970/1000=29.97 exactly.   I created a new composition from that video in After Effec...
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  • 12 core Mac Pro only using one core with Media Encoder 2018

    As in the thread title... Media Encoder is not using the anything like the twelve cores of the 2013 Mac Pro I have on my desk. In fact much slower than my home iMac etc.   Activity monitor shows about 118% of us...
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  • Media Encoder fails with Premiere& After Effects Footage

    Hello,   i have a new iMac (Model Retina 5K from 2017). It has a 4,2 GHz Intel Core i7 , 64GB RAM and a Radeon Pro 580 8GB GPU.   I try to render a 6:24min Greenscreen-Video. I have 4 Layers + Audio, it's ...
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  • exported .mov video doesn't play on Mac-s

    Hi,   I need to convert my short animation file .fla made in Animate CC to high quality 4k video in .mov format which needs to be playing on my clients Mac. I am using Windows10 and latest Adobe products. In Med...
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  • Tengo este problema con Adobe media Encoder

    Adobe Media Encoder has encountered an error. [/ame12.0/ame/releases/2017.08/shared/adobe/MediaCore/Backend/Src/Component/ComponentFacto ry.cpp-71]   que podrá ser alguien le ha pasado antes?
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  • No time code overlay media encoder cc 2014

    activating time code overlay in export settings/effects and the overlay is not visible.  All other settings in effects are working.  Applications manager tells me the app is up-to-date.   encoding an m...
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  • Error of "AEGP Plugin AEDynamicLink Server: Adobe Media Encoder is not installed. " (5027 :: 12)???

    Can anyone help me solve this issue of "AEGP Plugin AEDynamicLink Server: Adobe Media Encoder is not installed. (5027 :: 12) " at After Effect CC 2015, please? It just happened since After Effect CC 2014 has updated t...
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  • Imported 120fps footage will only export at 59.94

    Whether I'm creating proxies or compressing footage to replace the original files, AME will only render up to 59.94fps, halving the framerate of my 120fps footage.   I've googled this issue and some people recom...
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  • Glitchy Gif rendered from AME

    I've spent hours trying to figure the problem   Im converting the mp4 video (linked down) to a gif, but the gif shows glitches in some places.   the glitch I was mentioning is the repeated frames that happ...
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  • AME CPU usage vastly different on two different PCs

    I use AME on several different PCs and one produces extremely long render times.  That one also shows very low CPU usage when encoding via AME.   For example, a project on one machine (i9 7900x) has a rende...
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  • How can I change the default length of 5 seconds of a JPEG image imported into Media Encoder?

    I need to convert a JPEG image to a DCP for a pre-show slide in our theaters. I use Media Encoder and the Wraptor DCP setting for all our videos. But have the need for an occasional image, I can import the image into ...
    Jay FFR
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  • Adobe Média Encoder avec la configuration H264

    Quand j’exporte mes films construit à partir de fichier Sony 4K (mp4) 3840x1080 grâce à Adobe Média Encoder avec la configuration H264 et que je visionne le résultat sur moniteur...
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