• Media Encoder 2018 not linked to Premiere Pro 2018

    I recently installed both Premiere Pro CC 2018 and Encoder 2018. But when I export media and choose "queue" it does not go to encoder (it goes nowhere).  How to I get the dynamic link to work?
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  • ampersand (&) in Pathurl of DOCTYPE xmeml when sent to AME fails

    The FCP xml sent to AME has an ampersand in the filepath used in the <pathurl> tag as shown below   //localhost/DEMOSERVER/MediaStore/HighRes/test&amp;test/test.mxf   And AME couldnt accept amper...
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  • Adobe Media Encoder Support of WEBM Files?

    Hi - I need to know if the Adobe Media Encoder supports WebM files, and if it can convert a WebM file (of at least 250mb) to a standard video file, such as mp4 or Quicktime.   Thank you!
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  • Fast Start Encoding Option?

    Hi,   I've been searching online and reading through the forum articles about exporting from Premiere and AME with the 'Fast Start' encoding option for quicktime movie files in the h.264 codec.   A lot of ...
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  • Media Encoder CC 2018 Sits in queue.

    I have seen similar posts, but no resolution?   I have just done a complete Fresh install of windows 10 and installed the Adobe CC 2018 apps I use. Computer is Intel i7 4.0ghz, 24gb Ram, Geforce  GTX1080TI....
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  • Essential Graphics content not rendering in Watch Folder AME

    Greetings, We are using the Essential Graphics Panel shared library to add motion graphics to Premiere timelines. We are sometimes rendering our timelines to a render machine which is using a Watch Folder setup. The ...
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  • There is a problem with the pictures exported by AME that contain the "Basic Graphics" function, but exporting directly using PR is OK.

    Are the latest 2018CC version Before I use the "old title" function as a text carrier, but I heard that the new "basic graphics" function is very easy to use, I went to try, it is really good and more stable, unlike ...
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  • Have you seen this error before? Could not write XMP data in output file.

    Media Encoder CC log:   10/10/2016 08:32:21 PM : Queue Started - Source File: /Volumes/RAID0/Renders/TO COMPRESS/XC Race KBG 4K.mov - Output File: /Volumes/LaCie4TB/Renders/2016/XC/XC Race KBG 4K.mp4 - Prese...
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  • Media Encoder: Essential Graphics-Text background (shape) not rendered, but OK from PP

    Dear PP-Community!   I am working on a project that involves bad audio quality footage. Therefore I want to insert subtitles manually as text layers, not the standard functionality for subtitles to have more fle...
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  • Adobe Media Encoder CBR Export Problems

    I have the latest version of Adobe media encoder installed and have had the same problem for over a year now.  I do a lot of computer screen recordings that do not have a video camera feed and or just presentatio...
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  • Specifying a Dell Precision 5820 workstation

    I'm working on spec'ing a Dell Precision 5820 that will be used to encode media with Adobe Media Encoder, and editing video with Premiere. I'm thinking of maybe one SSD for the OS and apps, and another for media. Wh...
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  • Pretranscoding

    I wanna know what formats does encore accept, to avoid having it doing the transcoding when authoring a DVD.
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  • Premiere Pro 2017 CC won't see Media Encoder 2018 CC

    I have updated to Media Encoder 2018, but I'm still running Premiere Pro 2017 due to the audio sync issues with 2018.  When I go to add something to the render queue in Premiere I get an error message that Media ...
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  • Media Endcoder Freezing on Export

    It worked yesterday, today I'm trying to export 30 seconds of 3840x2160p 29.97 fps of film and the encoder stops encoding after 5 seconds. The program still works fine, like I can change the settings, pause and stop t...
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  • Converting 5.1 audio to stereo audio?

    Hello all! Is it possible to convert a Quicktime with 5.1 SMPTE (L, R, Lfe, Ls, Rs) to stereo audio in Media Encoder? I tried converting an Avid "Same as Source" QT with 5.1 SMPTE audio to a QT with stereo audio in Me...
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  • Media Encoder compression

    Hi,   Can anyone comprehensively explain the difference between handbrake and Adobe Media Converter? Example: I have a simple slideshow consitig of 15 images and 14 transitions (onle fades) at 1080p, 5 min, 25 f...
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  • Media Encoder CC 2017 (11) Very Slow

    The latest version of Media Encoder seems to be very slow to render even short videos. A 15 minute video rendering to an MPEG DVD is taking more than an hour. I've tested with multiple projects, some with advanced eff...
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  • Need to reduce file size and looking for suggestions

    Hi all,   I have a 22 minute long film that exports to 1920x1080 ProRes 422 in Quicktime wrapper at a file size of 28GB.   A festival has requested that the film be exported with these exact specificatio...
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  • GPU use seems low

    Greetings.  I've noticed that my GPU use seems rather low when converting files in Media Encoder.  On average, my GPU usage was at 1% (one!!!), while my CPU usage was maxed at 100%.  Yes, "Mercury Playb...
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  • Media Encoder Constantly Crashes when rendering H.264

    Hey all, this is my first post on the forums, since this is the first issue I've been unable to solve on my own. Before the CC 2017 update, I was able to render h.264 pretty flawlessly, but ever since that update (I h...
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