• Missing files during export through AME?

    Hi all,   Apologies if this is a repeat, but I have tried searching and can't find anybody with the same issue / not sure of the technical term to search. I am very new to AE and have been working on a project t...
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  • Media Encoder CC 2018 Very Slow

    I'm having the same issue since upgrading to Media Encoder CC 2018 a few days ago. Previously my 10 to 20 second videos were rendering in no time. Now the exact same videos are taking ages to render or not rendering a...
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  • Missing codecs H265 (HEVC) in Adobe Media Encoder CC 12.0 (Build 202)

    Hi. However, the H265 codec is missing in the Media Encoder program. This is very important for me. What should I do? Please help me.   The systems and programs I use are as follows:   - New MacBook Pro ...
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  • PremierePro CS 2018の書き出しのAVIファイル

    AVIファイルの書き出しについてですが、オーディオインターリーブの設定項目がありますが、この設定値の単位は何でしょうか。   整数しか数字を打つことが出来ません。   回答宜しくお願いします。
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  • Since last update, the media encoder is not responding

    Hi,   I use tle last premiere pro cc 2018 and media encoder.   I updated april 21, 2018 the media encoder and since not responding, not loading the program. I have windows 10. I uninstall and install it b...
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  • CS5 Adobe Media Encoder: Encode failed because the source duration is nil.

    I've been running Production Premium on my new Windows 7 64bit, 6GB i7 system for several weeks now and haven't had any issues exporting to the Media Encoder.   I installed the trial version of Dreamweaver witho...
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  • Adobe Media Encoderが起動時にクラッシュする

    AMEが起動時にクラッシュします。 スプラッシュが出てプラグイン等を読み込んでいますが、 特定のプラグインの読み込みで停止し、その後Crash Reporterを表示して落ちます。 「特定のプラグイン」というのはVideo Copilot Optical Flaresで、 OpticalFlares.aexをリネームして無効化すると正常に起動します。 ちなみにAfter effects上では正常に使用できます。 CC2...
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  • Media Encoder CC 2018 cannot change export format/preset

    Steps to reproduce (on Os X El Capitan) 1) Open Media Encoder CC 2018 2) Drag a video file (e.g. .mp4) 3) click on the codec or preset link of the file 4) after window opens, click on the "format" or "preset" drop...
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  • AME not recognised by Premiere Pro

    Hello everyone,   I'm having trouble with working with proxies in Premiere Pro.   I've made a project on my laptop. All files are located on an external harddrive. When I want to open the PP-project on my ...
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  • Media Encoder CC Update Incompatibility

    I installed the latest version of Media Encoder CC (12.1.1). As a result my imported presets no longer work.   Format: QuickTime Preset: ProRes 30fps   Preset error Incompatible Video Codec found in t...
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  • Media Encoder Not working after Update

    I've updated Media Encoder 2018, and Im getting an error   Adobe Media Encoder has encountered an unexpected error and cannot continue.   I've uninstalled, dumped prefs and re installed & still getting ...
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  • Adobe Media Encoder has encountered an unexpected error and cannot continue.

    I'm on Mac OS Sierra 10.12.6 running Adobe Media Encoder CC 2018. AME quits on startup every time with the error "Adobe Media Encoder has encountered an unexpected error and cannot continue." AME CC 2017 will open and...
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  • XDCAM422 1080i50 , no Quicktime wrapper ?

    Hello , it seem that the latest release of Media Encoder CC 2018 ( v 12.1 build 171) are completely missing the Quicktime XDCAM422  codecs  . Is there a reason for that or it has simply missed?   Than...
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  • Adobe Media encoder has encountered an unexpected error and cannot continue

    Hi, Everytime I try to lunch Media encoder either from inside an adobe product or by itself i get an error message that reads "Adobe Media encoder has encountered an unexpected error and cannot continue." What do I d...
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  • New update of Media Encoder won't open

    Hi CC,   I installed updates to various apps in my creative cloud this morning. Media Encoder CC refuses to open. I have uninstalled and re-installed 3 times according to instructions in the forums. Adobe Encode...
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  • AME will not publish to youtube

    A number of people have been experiencing this problem of AME not publishing after a render even if logged in (thru AME and through an opened browser.)   This is the error message. Please help.     =...
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  • Can't select hardware accelerated encoding in Create Preset menu with a 1080 Ti?

    Hardware: Ryzen Threadripper 1950X @ 4.0GHz Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 Ti @ 1757MHz 64GB 3733Mhz RAM If more specs would help with your input let me know and I can give a more thorough accounting.   To clarify,...
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  • Media Encoder uses over 300% of CPU

    When I'm encoding video files the Media Encoder app uses over 300% of the CPU according to my task window.   Therefore my Macbook becomes slow, heats up and eventually crashes.   Is there any way to limi...
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  • Problems with last update, Quicktime disappeared.

    Yesterday 17 april 2017, I updated AME. (I'm updating often). But today I've found that it deleted some presets, and I had to reinstall again QUICKTIME because that option disappeared from the FORMAT menu.
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  • Same video conversion file, GPU works on one machine but not the other

    Hi,   I a newbie and asking a question on behalf of my son.   We have an Asus PC, I7-6700,, GTX 950 2GB and when I export the file cpu and gpu are utilised (as seen in the windows task manager).   I ...
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