• AME crashes whilst transcoding from 4K Prores HQ to MXF OP1a

    I'm running the latest version of everything, on a Windows PC with i7 6800K, GTX 1070.   I'm trying to transcode 4K Prores HQ coming from an Atomos Shogun to low-res proxy files in MXF OP1a. AME continues to cr...
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  • Media Encoder hangs rendering a prores proxy under OSX/macOS

    System: Version: Media Encoder 2.1.1 (build 12) OS: macOS High Sierra 10.13.4 HW: MacBook Pro (Retina, 15-inch, Mid 2015) GPU:  AMD Radeon R9 M370X 2048 MB /  Intel Iris Pro 1536 MB   Settings: so...
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  • HDR maxFALL and MaxCLL rendering

    Good morning all   Can Adobe (encoder) generate this maxFALL and MaxCLL that some providers are asking me?   I am editing hdr content from different studios and when I render the final video, everything se...
    juan miguelv76739283
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  • Automatic filename change in Media Encoder (sent from AFX)

    Hi there, when I have a composition in AFX titled for example "composition15.0_test" and I send that to render to Media Encoder, the output filename automatically changes to "composition15-0" (hyphen instead of dot)....
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  • "Mobile Devices" presets not working!

    Hello everybody, It's been a while, can't tell exactly since when, that all my presets under the "Devices" section are not working anymore. All of them (from the "Android" section to the "TiVo" one), when dropped onto...
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  • AME CC 2018 re-reads entire file everytime a setting is clicked

    Why does AME need to re-read the entire video file every time I click to change an encoding setting? I imported a 2.5hr video which took a long time to begin with but when I click to change the encoding, it has to re-...
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  • Constant Crashing with Media Encoder on PC

    We recently got a new editing PC in the office which is running the latest version of the Adobe CC Suite (12.1.1 build 10). Almost any video export of any length seems to fail with this error or similar: (encoding str...
    Global Horizons
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  • Adobe media encoder not installed, but it is!

    I've been making videos and exporting them perfectly and uploading them to youtube. However, yesterday I go to export this video and I get this message. No idea what to do. Thought Premier pro and media encoder would ...
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  • Miraizon DNxHD and Prores Codecs not available in Media Encoder 2018

    Strangely, Media Encoder 2018 does not list Miraizon DNxHD and Prores Codecs under Quicktime anymore. CC 2017 did not have this issue.   Annoying that I have to export a master in 2018, and covert it to ProRes o...
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  • How do I cope with the Adobe Media Encoder running high cpu consuming

    Hi All   How do I cope with the Adobe Media Encoder running high cpu consuming. This always happens when I do a render using Adobe Media Encoder CS6. I was annoyed because I was 100% cpu. is there a solution?...
    Gepenk Pati
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  • Media Encoder CC2018 12.1.1 Build 12 Crashing on Batch Queues

    Hi guys,   The latest version of Media Encoder exporting a batch of sequences to master deliverables as well as for proxy generation continues to crash a few files into a batch encode.  I've seen it crash ...
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  • No audio on export

    I'm baffled by this problem and really need to find a solution ASAP.  I am using creative cloud, and files fed directly into media encoder are exporting silent audio tracks.  Media encoder appears to complet...
    Lockwood Media Group
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  • Painfully slow render times

    I can only assume this is due to settings that I am missing, but since AE dropped the ability to render to h264 (what I've always used) I've had to make the jump to Media Encoder. That's ok, I know ME is a way more ro...
    Frank Vitale
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  • Missing codecs H265 (HEVC) in Adobe Media Encoder CC 12.0 (Build 202)

    Hi. However, the H265 codec is missing in the Media Encoder program. This is very important for me. What should I do? Please help me.   The systems and programs I use are as follows:   - New MacBook Pro ...
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  • Using Encoder to convert a DVD to a single (MP4) file

    I currently have Adobe Media Encoder CC. I have a number of family DVDs that I would like to convert each to a single digital file for online storage. All these DVDs have menus. If possible I like the menu part to als...
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  • Adobe Media Encoder won't upload long videos to YouTube

    Hi everyone,   I've been having problems with uploading videos on YouTube. I followed the solution on other post AME 2018 won't stay logged in to Youtube to not use the old preset from AME 2017 but to no avail....
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  • Media Encoder Perpetual "Connecting to dynamic link server"

    Usually when i render my AE projects in Media encoder it works fine but since yesterday everytime i drag the composition into it, it just keeps "connecting to dynamic link server". Tried restarting pc, reinstalling Ae...
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  • Error transcoding reason 9007

    I keep getting this message I am using a windows computer and trying to ingest videos as QuickTime. This is what I get every time. Any ideas  
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  • Media Encoder CC not starting

    Windows7 64 bit Media Encoder CC (7.0.1)   AME worked a while. I exported a couple of jobs to it's queue. All good. Tried to cancel the jobs and it seemed to hang. Had to kill the application from task manager....
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  • Adobe Media Encoder Not Working Properly

    AME recently stopped working for me. It will launch when I queue a project to be exported, however, the project won't show up in AME so I can start the export process. I've searched and tried everything I can find wit...
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