• Detecting end of mp4 in video component

    I have an HTML Canvas file setup that plays a simply animation at the beginning then a keyframe is set to stop the timeline and I have an .mp4 play in a video component object. This works well until I add code to dete...
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  • How to run two functions on timeline - Animate CC AS3

    Hello,   I have two things going on in my animation. #1 MovieClip on the main timeline, frame 1. Starts when clicking on "sound icon" button. Inside the MovieClip an audio sound file plays and other simple item...
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  • FLVPlayback and StageDisplayState.FULL_SCREEN_INTERACTIVE

    I'm trying to create a "screensaver" of sorts in my project. I have an instance of FLVPlayback in a layer named "screensaver." In the constructor of the main FLA's code-behind class, I set the stage properties appropr...
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  • Flash as3 air custom notification for music player, help?

    Hi, How can I make this system as3/air ?   I have found a lot of ANE and examples but it is not that way. i want to My sound Play/Pause Notification.   Andorid links: Playing background Audio in Android wit...
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  • createJS - move obj along with mouse

    Hi, I'm new to createJS. I tried an object to move along with mouse on stage. I have a movieclip with the instance name of "mc1" and have given the below code on the frame.   stage.addEventListener("stagemouse...
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  • Animate CC 2018 doesn't seem to play nice with examples of older ActionScript 3

    I'm using the RadioButton object from the User Interface components but they are way too small. I've found older code to at least try to format the text that I included below, but if I test with it, the code seems to ...
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  • 1061: Call to a possibly undefined method start through a reference with static type flash.media:SoundChannel

    I have a problem with function start sound(startstart). I cant compile the program before getting an error. var channel:SoundChannel = new SoundChannel();I have 3 similar functions as NRKP1 mcButikker.btnNRKP1.addEven...
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  • I've got an AS3 code that calculates the thides (highs and lows). Want to calculate the actual tide.

    I've got an app that calculate and displays tides (high and low tides).   All the math for the calculs are already done.   I would like to add one line to my code that would calculate the actual tide (no...
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  • How to make a button that only advances to next image strip when previous strip ends?

    Hey, I just started using AS for the first time and I have a small flash that I'm working on and everything has been going good. But I'm having a problem with a button.   I have imported two image strips, 100 fr...
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  • Adding a collision death for the player.

    I was wondering if anyone knows where to adjust the script and add a player being hit by the enemy causing player death and ending game. Player =AAGun Enemy= Airplane.   package { import flash.display.*; impor...
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  • Getting TypeError: Error #1009; but wrecking brains on why it is going wrong.

    I am wrecking my brains, I am creating an animation and have some simple AS3 code but I honestly cannot see what I am doing wrong. This is the error I get below:     TypeError: Error #1009: Cannot access a...
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  • About SoundMixer.computeSpectrum()

    Operating system version: ALL Flash Player version : ALL Explain your problem in step-by-step detail if possible Hi,   I'm currently trying to grab the byteArray from SoundMixer.computeSpectrum() for further...
    Robert Mc Dowell
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  • cleartimeout and read the ms left over before its stopped

    Hi, I don't think as3 has this right, I wanted to clear my timeout and see the ms left so I can set a users ping based on when he should have arrived between the server/client   var myTimeout = setTimeout(trace...
    Mango Wave
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  • Randomly change movement direction

    Hello   I am working on a program that has several objects moving over the screen. Every object is supossed to move differently from the other objects. What i can´t figure out is how to make an object ra...
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  • create mpeg 4 file at runtime

    Hello,   I am loading external images, sounds to flash using as3. and creating a tween animation. Is this possible to auto save this animation to mpeg 4 in my folder using actionscript.   I mean once the...
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  • Grid not setting up properly for bejeweled style game

    I am working on setting up a grid for a bejeweled type of game. I set everything up so that the grid will take one of the six pieces in my movie clip and set it up on a 8 by 8 grid, but it appears to only play that cl...
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  • what should I do to overwrite my embed file (AIR app)

    Hi,   I've got an AIR map that displays the tides. The tides are in an xml file that I embed to my apk or ipa like this :     I'd like to have the possibility to overwrite this file. Problem : I do...
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  • Why does URLLoader.bytesTotal return a different value if the file is online or local?

    I've got an xml file in my AIR app and I'm trying to determine his size. Here's what I did (seems complex so I don't know if it's the good way to do it) : function checking_version_of_horairesXML():void{  var ur...
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  • Adding a moving platform that character can land on

    I am adding in a moving floor for a project and the player does not move with it, the character does collide, he just hovers over the initial starting position of the floor but does not move upward with it., any tips ...
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  • swf file caching issue when passing parameters in url

    hi,   i am loading one swf file inside a main swf by using swfloader. and i am passing parameters to the loading swf file by appending to the url. My issue is this loading swf is not caching becoz each time tha...
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