• AS3 Loading External AS2 SWF - No Sound

    I need to down and dirty get an SWF created in AS2 into AS3.   So I'm externally loading it in AS3.   var request:URLRequest = new URLRequest("mySWF.swf"); var loader:Loader = new Loader() loader.load(...
    created by jricci9
  • Controlling instances of symbol layers or advanced masking

    Hello all!   I have a little question regarding symbols, frames, or whatever method would work best.   I'm attempting to streamline the process of using masks within an animation. Right now, I have an eyel...
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  • Loading Youtube video

    I have code:   Security.allowDomain("www.youtube.com");   var player:Object;   var loader:Loader = new Loader(); loader.contentLoaderInfo.addEventListener(Event.INIT, onLoaderInit); loader.load(new...
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  • Replacing an instance on the stage with an instance from library

    I have several instances (movieclips) in the library that will be placed on the stage when the user clicks the appropriate button. My first thought was to create a container for the movieclips to load into: var mcCo...
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  • Importing images into ActionScript 3.0

    Has anyone run into problems importing .ai or image files into Animate when you're on the Actionscript 3.0 setting? I'm following along with the Animate Classroom in a Book and I can't import anything from the accompa...
    created by millerha312
  • Referencing own position inside class

    Hi,   This might be kind of hard to explain since I'm so new.   Essentially I'm creating a game where I want the player avatar to have its own class.   I've added event listeners in the main class fi...
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  • php to as3

    Hi everyone, it always worked so far Air 23 please help... php: echo "vergleich=".$blaeins."/".$blazwei."/".$bladrei;   as3: ... objRecebe8.addEventListener(Event.COMPLETE, fertiggeladenf);   va...
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  • Creating an action on a button in action script 3 adobe flash CS6

    HI,   I am a newbie to flash, I have however learnt a lot and achieved a lot, including using coding in action script within the past week. However, I have problems with getting a button to link to another scene...
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  • How can I get  previous 2 day and next 2 day on calendar.

    I know today " currDateTime.date ".  I need to 2 previous and 2 next day on calendar for use this information on another mc.   Example:            ...
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  • Determine/set what player version flash is running in browser

    In the swf I can set the flash version. Does this decide what version the player is using to run flash in Webbrowser?   And can I check that in actionscript? Currently Capabilites.version gives me the exact vers...
    leet chi
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  • best flash 3d engine?

    Hey, guys. I'm thinking about learning a flash 3d engine. I need some advice on which one to use. There's quite a few out there. Which is the best? I'm also considering whether there're a good bunch of tutorials on th...
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  • Reproducción de canción en escena de Animate CC

    Hola   Estoy haciendo una animación que contiene varias escenas y quiero ponerle una canción a una de ellas. Mi problema es que al introducir una canción y probar la escena, la canció...
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  • ScaleMode SHOW_ALL + responsive objects?

    Hello!   I'm wondering if it's possible to have certain objects on the stage responsive while the scaleMode is set to SHOW_ALL?   For example, I want some buttons to stay to the right of the stage (button1...
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  • How do I detect if a certain object is touching a certain color?

    So basically I'm attempting to make a two player game:   One player is the circle the other is a square. I want the square to be the only thing that can go through the color red, but when it covers up the red:...
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  • FLVPLayback progress bar problem

    Hello all,   I use FVLPlayback component to show video in my flash application. I try to show progress bar which shows progress of loading videos. So i did:   FLVP.addEventListener(VideoProgressEvent.PROGR...
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  • Load external textfile into animated textfield stops animation.

    Hello, I'm using the Animate CC timeline to create animated textfields. Up to now I'm able to change content of dynamic textfields on the fly by inserting keyframes on a "actions" layer and writing this to actions: ...
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  • LoadMovie within two swf files- one as a controller

    Hi all, I'm new to this forum. I need experts' help.   I'm trying to use LoadMovie function in a different way. I'm not even sure this is possible.   I have three swf files, named 01, 02 and 03. So I'm go...
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  • AIR for Android: Swipe gesture causes other touch events to not work

    I'm new to Flash and Actionscript, so please bear with me and forgive any huge mistakes. I'd very much appreciate any help I can get.   I am building a graphic design portfolio application to carry with me on an...
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  • could not find an android device to connect to. [branched -kglad]

    I get this error when I try to publish via phone  "Could not find an Android device to connect to. Please ensure that you have the phone connected, the correct drivers installed, and the phone has USB device debu...
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  • AS3 Error #1010

    I am currently getting an error in my code and I'm not sure why. Here's the error: TypeError: Error #1010: A term is undefined and has no properties. at BallGame_fla::MainTimeline/testEnemyHit() at BallGame_fla...
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