• Play random sound

    I have imported 4 songs into the Adobe Animate CC library, and I want to randomly play one of these songs via AS3. I have given them class-names: "music_1", "music_2", "music_3" and "music_4"   I am trying some...
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  • Stereo Microphone to publish

    Is there a way to create a stereo Microphone object and publish it live in stereo?
    Robert Mc Dowell
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  • converting bitmap back to vector and vise versa?

    0 down vote  favorite        So I found a V-CAM source, I am now using it and quite happy however, is it possible to untoggled bitmap when the objects that are bitmapped are viewed by the ...
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  • Scrollbar to stage

    Good, have one way of using to scrollbar on stage? I see using users in the text field, but never in the full stage. If I create an application, an example, what do I do to insert a scrollbar in my project? (it is n...
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  • Keyboard stay on front of content

    I create one layout basic, and add one text input. But click for add one text on label, the keyboard stay on front the content. Leaving the user without sight, with the keyboard covering half the screen. Have one wa...
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  • number not increase when button clicked

    Please help me!!!! Need your guys help. I make a website using animate cc. I want to make a number increase by one when the button is click but I don't know what is the problem here. Here is my coding:-   stop()...
    Feng Fikri
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  • Play and Stop Sound

    How can the script be used if he will run animation 1 and if the music stops he will run animation 2? Please help me
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  • Jogo De relógios com Angulos

    Boa tarde a todos, estou com dificuldade de fazer um jogo de relógio com a visualização dos ângulos. Na verdade funciona o seguinte, o relógio tem os ponteiro que quando eu aumento e di...
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  • Resize event not working properly on android

    I'm currently working on a responsive design for an android app. I wrote a resize event listener and tested it while setting the target to flash player so I could change the window size while testing. It worked proper...
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  • Creating Multiple 'Move with keyboard arrows' script on the same frame

    Hi stressed out uni student here! I am able to successfully insert the 'move with keyboard arrows' pre-written code for the symbol I made and it works when I test it out. I wanted to add another identical symbol on t...
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  • as3 camera fps issue

    Recently I have come across Logitech brio camera which supports 60fps video. Whilst Flash detects it has ability to run 60 fps - it traces "60" when I call Camera.getCamera(0).fps but I was only able to achieve 30...
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  • NetStream: Play a video from a particular moment?

    Is there any way to to do it? Play, pause, and resume methods work properly, but when I use seek(), nothing happens.
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  • urlloader and localhost in https

    Hi folks, is there any way to make actionscript to accept a self signed certificate when urlLloader requests to a local server (so on the client side)? thanks
    Robert Mc Dowell
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  • size Air Android app

    Hello, I have made an Air for iOS app for tablet Apple, dimensions 1024 by 768 (height) px. Now i want make the same app for tablet Samsung Air for Android. I don't know exactly the dimensions for that app. Can so...
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  • _IOPSGetPowerSourceDescription, _IOPSCopyPowerSourcesList, _IOPSCopyPowerSourcesInfo"

    Hello,   Guideline 2.5.1 - Performance - Software Requirements We continue to find that your app uses or references the following non-public APIs: "_IOPSGetPowerSourceDescription, _IOPSCopyPowerSourcesList, _IOP...
    created by emmau10371638
  • FPS Drop when click to stage

    I did one button that when user click to stage, the character execute one jump... But, when the button is held down, the FPS from my APP is decreased. Can someone help me?   Code:   stage.addEventListener...
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  • Use AdMob for AIR?!

    Does anyone know how to implement AdMob ads in Adobe Flash? If so, could you help me? I'm using a plugin, but Ad is not running. Thanks in advance!   Here's the file's assembly: 1- I did download the SDK Air, ...
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  • is it possible to add a hit test to object class, like a tile, if so how would approach this

    this is the way that I do a hit test inside a time line actionscript, but it takes a lot processor if there is a lot of tiles.  so then I was wondering if I could skip the loop and add it dirctly to the tiles cla...
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  • problems converting to class object movement.

    I trying to learn classes  so I decided to convert a file I had.. it didn't take long before I had trouble this is my orignal file in green it works.  I am working directly to the frame I have no main AS fi...
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  • Actionscript 3 timer unwanted acceleration

    Using this code, the timer accelerates unwantedly. What have i done wrong?   I am using the code to move a car along the stage.        var timer1:Timer = new Timer (100);   &...
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