• textField.rotation don't work in Animate Air IOS

    Hello, I hope someone can help me.     textField.rotation don't work ! in Animate Air IOS . Also on Ipad there isn't  Comic Sans lettertyp in TextField. On other places there's no problem.   &...
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  • Can Adobe AIR AS3 handle the new Logitech 4k Pro Webcam?

    I've built applications with the Logitech C920 with 1920x1080 resolution and on slower machines the video lagged by more than a second. Now with the higher 4k resolution it could be even worse. But maybe they've encod...
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  • Is it feasible to develop FLASH applications now?

    Flash Player at the end of 2020 then Is it feasible to develop FLASH applications now?
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  • Geolocation error from website on stagewebview actionscript 3.0

    Im running a standard stagewebview to display webpages in my application.   One of the webpages has a map and a geolocation feature. If I access that webpage from standard browser it works fine. But when I try t...
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  • Mostra tastiera con AS3 e AIR - Show keyboard

    Buongiorno... in ufficio ho 2 totem touch con sistema WINDOWS 10 e sto sviluppando una presentazione di un evento tramite un programma ADOBE ANIMATE CC (codice ACTIONSCRIPT 3 e AIR), sta andando tutto alla grande ma ...
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  • Second Display for ios air application

    I need to be able to access the second display for an ios application in actionscript. the second display is either the airplay display or the cabled lightning to hdmi display from an Ipad. I don't want the output t...
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  • Jump to a bookmarked line in actionscript 3

    I have a lot of lines of actionscript 3 code in Adobe Flash Professional CC. I would like to be able to bookmark particular lines so that I can jump to a bookmark. I note that when I am in the Actionscript page I can ...
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  • load from xml inside zip - and place icons after X Y coordinates

    Hi I hope someone can help me.   I need a flash page to open a Zip folder read an xml file in the folder From here it can find the backgrounds to be used paths to the icons needed and coordinates for the ico...
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  • How can I make this eye animation in Flash loop continuously after removing Event Listener?

    favorite     I have made a movieclip of an eye, which is set to play a blinking animation at random intervals. I have multiple instances on the stage, and when I play it, there's maybe 1-2 seconds of blinki...
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  • Randomly playing multiple instances of movieclip AS3

    I have made a movieclip of an eye, which is set to play a blinking animation at random intervals. I want to place many instances of that movieclip on the stage, where they're all being played at different times. But i...
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  • How can i prevent this keyboard event to stop the playback

    Hi, i have this very simple as3 code :   stop()       stage.addEventListener(KeyboardEvent.KEY_DOWN, myKeyDown); function myKeyDown(e:KeyboardEvent) :void{   gotoAndStop(currentFrame +1); } &#...
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  • iOS app Sound don't come back after home_btn iPad.

    Hello, I hope somebody can help me. I have a problem with my  IOS app. My app works great except when the user press on the home_btn iPad and Siri comes to the foreground,it maybe will happen because the app ...
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  • Setting Targets for Puzzle Pieces in Animate CC

    Hello, I have created a puzzle (ActionScript 3.0) with drag and drop pieces, assigned targets, and everything is working except for one thing which I can't figure out. If I move one puzzle piece, all of the pieces a...
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  • How to install correctly the latest Adobe Air (beta) version into Animate CC.

    How to install correctly the latest Adobe Air (beta) version into Animate CC. For Mac making Air IOs app. Or where can I find  a link how to do that. I hope somebody can help me? thanks in advance.
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  • Multi-Conditional Visibility Question (Video Example)

    Video URL: Multi-Conditioned Visability Question Video Example - YouTube   Hi, the above video deals with the nature of my question.   Here is the code I'm using for the green element (markerUtp) over the ...
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  • ActionScript 3.0 Mouse Over and Mouse Out scripting error

    Trying to figure out a way to reverse a movie clip when I Mouse out.   here's my code right now:   Image_zoom.stop();   Image_zoom.addEventListener(MouseEvent.MOUSE_OVER, fl_MouseOverHandler_3); ...
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  • Is convert string to executable code possible?

    Hi All,   Is it possible to convert string as executable code? like the below one.   For ex:   var fun1 = 'function myFun(arg){      trace(arg); }'   execute(fun1);  ...
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  • How create Draggable Progress Bar in Flash in flash actionscript 3.0

    hi, I have create one movie clip and inside movie clip create animation up to 1000 frames. Now i need one Draggable Progress Bar control the movie clip. "Like video Progress Bar". drag the Progress Bar animation w...
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  • New to Adobe Animate CC

    Hello,   I am relatively new to Adobe Animate CC. We have traditionally published our web banners in flash format and would like to publish them now using HTML5.   I recreated the web banner in HMTL5 Can...
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  • How do i load an external mp4 file inside my audio file to stage using code?

    35_JunTing_asm01.zip - Google Drive  This is my current file, Is my code correct? from line 106 onwards in "Learn More" frame 1 actions code and is the loader to load the mp4 file correct? It doesn't seem to load...
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