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Over in ExtendScript for Premiere Pro (along with After Effects, Illustrator, and InDesign) the function JSX function app.getCCXUserJSONData() returns a variety of properties, including some system… (Show more)
in Audition SDK
Hello,   I'd like to do some automated editing in the multitrack view based on the content of the tracks. For example, Audition is missing basic features like "strip silence" in the multitrack view.… (Show more)
in Audition SDK
Hi Team,   Can you please provide some information on this-   “Previously we were able to control the adobe transport controls via the klotz console, Adobe used to provide an SDK for third party… (Show more)
in Audition SDK
Hello,   I am conducting an experiment at university, which requires me to create ambiguous words that can be interpreted as being one word or another. This means I will start with two different… (Show more)
in Audition SDK
I started a separate account for Audition alone on a separate computer. With fresh install of both the Creative Cloud app signed into the new account, and Audition, I repeatedly get the following… (Show more)
in Audition SDK
Charles VW
We are looking into migrating our C++ usage on Mac to libc++ instead of the deprecated libstdc++. This is a top-down Adobe thing, but is also the right thing to do.   Unfortunately, we've found some… (Show more)
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