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Hi Team,   Can you please provide some information on this-   “Previously we were able to control the adobe transport controls via the klotz console, Adobe used to provide an SDK for third party… (Show more)
in Audition SDK
Bryce Bigger
I'd like to be able to do some scripting in Adobe Audition, similarly to how you can with Illustrator, Photoshop, After Effects. My thoughts are to be able to save a CSV file with a scratch track,… (Show more)
in Audition SDK
Okay... ...Audition is a great app, so is Premiere.  Unfortunately, I've had a few machines go on the fritz for different reasons while working, and RAW writes to the disk have been lost when I… (Show more)
in Audition SDK
I may use royalty free sound effects/music bed available from adobe auditions sound library for use in a short film. I need to know whether I need to credit adobe in the ending credits (and if so,… (Show more)
in Audition SDK
Just started using Adobe Audition 1.5.  Yea, I know, late bloomer. A few little annoying glitches I'd like to find out how to get rid of. First, when I have a sound file opened and minimize program… (Show more)
in Audition SDK
I started using the SDK today with the target being to implement a UDPServer into Audition so i can send command for example setting the Fader on a Mixer Channel but apparently almost nothing is… (Show more)
in Audition SDK
Hello i have a question how do that effect     Sample the last verse in eminem bad guy or eminem my darling   Eminem - Bad Guy (Last verse) - YouTube     I mean the "dark" voice you know Hope i… (Show more)
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