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Adobe Extension Manager CS6 kann Add on "PaintMeComics_1_0_3.zxp" nicht installieren obwohl das laut Beschreibung der korrekte Manager für dieses Add on ist. Kann im AEManager den Button… (Show more)
It would be great if the .prproj could contain keywords pulled out like bin names sequences ect. so that they can be searched without having to open the project.
Buenas noches, estoy intentando perfeccionar los bordes de una selección de máscara pero no puedo lograrlo. Cuando selecciono el pincel, ya sea para perfeccionar los bordes o para agregar información… (Show more)
Having worked with Photoshop's color correction tools since 1993, I'm comfortable adjusting images with them, but after using video tools like RGB Parade, the Waveform Monitor and the Vectorscope, I… (Show more)
I use a midi controller to edit my photos in Lightroom. It's really awesome by the way. Here's one feature that would be very useful, convenient, and easy to implement in my opinion. It would be… (Show more)
I've been loving the gradient filter in Lightroom.  However, the software would really benefit from a gradient filter option that works in two directions...kind of a reverse grad option.   … (Show more)