Editor's Note: This is one of a continuing series of interviews with notables in the creative industry. This week, since none of my interviewees responded in time, I interviewed myself!


Your Name

Sally Cox


My love of tech aside, I was born in the wrong century.

Dickens Faire, San Francisco



#1 What is your primary job title?

Instructional Designer/eLearning Developer/Adobe Community Professional


#2 Who or what inspires you?

The colors and shapes of Nature, my amazing daughter, and the strong independent thinkers I have surrounded myself with, continue to inspire me.


#3 What do you think about when alone in your car?

  1. Did I close the garage door?
  2. What new adventures can I find today? I am still learning my way around beautiful Reno/Tahoe.


Washoe Lake.jpg

Looking west toward the Sierra Nevada Mountains and Lake Tahoe from Washoe Valley – Carson City to the left and Reno to the right. Just beautiful!



#4 Share a life lesson you learned?

YOU are in charge of your own destiny. Take the reins of your own life, and watch things change for the better.

Took some hard lessons and many years to learn this, but putting control of my life in someone else's hands is foolish and I won't do it.


#5 Favorite period of history?

Early 1900s until 1930s. Such an incredible time of art, development, and invention. And the clothing!



An eLearning course I created on Flappers – I love the 1920s!



#6 What projects are you working on right now?

Creating a series of eLearning modules on parking safety, some rebranding for Intel, and continuing the work I do for Adobe.

Also creating an eLearning video training course that will be released in early 2017.


#7 Describe your personal style.

Work – flat design, colorful cartoon-like imagery and clean typography

Personal – denim, vintage jewelry, dresses, and flip flops


#8 What tech tools do you use in your work?

I use anything Adobe, also Storyline, Camtasia, Snagit, Dropbox, GoogleDrive, OneDrive, PowerPoint, Keynote.


#9 When did you know you'd found your calling?

When I realized I love what I do – if you don't wake up every day excited to work, it's time to switch careers.


#10 What's your super power?

I am able to cry at the drop of a hat, and I have the ability to build rapport with (almost) anyone.


#11 Peanut Butter: Creamy or Chunky?

Chunky, but I have been known to mix the two. I am a peanut butter junkie.



My design work is colorful and flat.



#12 What makes you happy?

Kindness, spending time with my daughter, dog kisses, strong coffee, and travel


#13 What do you do to relax?

Play with my dogs, watch old movies, organize, bake, sketch and draw


#14 Your place of birth?

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA


#15 Favorite artist or art movement?

Love them all, but Gustav Klimt is king. I appreciate his mix of art and design.


#16 Share a funny moment from your career?

I worked for "Mister Rogers Neighborhood" early in my career, 1980s. Mr. Rogers was a delight to be around, as you can imagine. On my birthday one year, he called out for champagne and everyone sang while he played "Happy Birthday" to me on the piano. Will never be another moment to match that one ... what an honor to have known this kind, gentle man.

mr rogers.jpg

Me on the set of "Mister Rogers Neighborhood" with Art Director Jack Guest (middle with glasses) and the rest of the crew. Family Communications studio, Pittsburgh, 1980s



#17 Color of the car you drive?



#18 Any new skills you'd like to learn?

  1. Mastering Adobe Animate CC because there is so much I can do with it, in regards to eLearning
  2. Improving my current skill set – I never want to stop learning
  3. Hanging my clothes up at the end of the day, instead of throwing them on the chair


#19 How do you get your news?

Twitter, other online sites, CNN and all major networks, NPR, PBS, Fox news, BBC – important to hear all points of view


#20 Advice to other creatives?

  1. Take charge of your own career.
  2. Reinvent yourself, and take the steps necessary to get where you want to be.
  3. It's more important to be smart than to be pretty.
  4. Create a portfolio of your own "fake" projects until you accumulate real ones.
  5. Surround yourself with smart, forward-thinking people who inspire you.
  6. Stop waiting for motivation and luck to come your way – make your own luck!
  7. Stay positive and keep focused on your goals, and how you present yourself to the world.
  8. Don't burn bridges.
  9. Continue to put good things out into the Universe, and good will come back to you. Works for me!


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