I love creating raster brushes in Illustrator and I was wondering how I could do achieve the same result in Photoshop. Here's a solution!

First of all choose an image you want to be the base of your brush and refine it. In this sample I used a rose, I selected it and copied on a new document with trasparent background: this way I have only the rose that will decorate the path I will draw.


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Step 01. To place an image along a path first thing is to define it as a pattern: from main menu bar choose Edit/Define pattern. Choose a name from the Pattern name window and press OK to save it.

Once you've your pattern defined, you can use it as a sort of raster brush and place it along any path.


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Step 02. Create a new document, or use an image you want to decorate, and be sure you're on a raster layer. To draw a path choose the Pen tool, in the Option panel choose "Path" from the drop down menu and then draw a path on your document window.



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Step 03. To apply the image to the path, from main menu bar choose Edit/Fill. In the Fill window, in the Option section choose from the Custom Pattern pop up panel the pattern you just defined, then switch on the Script option and choose from the drop down menu Place Along a Path.


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Step 04. The Place along Path window will pop up: here you've a series of option to choose, it will be easy for you to set them because you have a live preview of how your path will look. Be sure that the Pattern Scale is in line with the size of your document.


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Finish. To apply the image to your path just press OK. If you're not satisfied you can choose Edit/Fill again and adjust the parameters again to improve the final result.