Editor's Note: This is one of a continuing series of interviews with notables in the creative industry. This week, we get to know Victoria Pavlov – photographer extraordinaire, as well as an amazing digital artist.


#1 What is your primary job title?

Victoria Pavlov




#1 What is your primary job title?



#2 Who or what inspires you?

Art, music and Adobe  apps (mobile and desktop)


#3 What do you think about when alone in your car?

I am listening audiobooks in my car (because this is only the time when I can hear/read any book. I have no other time to do it)


#4 Share a life lesson you learned?

Learn, listen, move on (don’t look back). Never think that you know everything and you don't need to learn anymore.


#5 Favorite period of history?



#6 What projects are you working on right now?

I am trying to improve my oil painting technic in Adobe Photoshop CC and Adobe Photoshop Sketch


#7 Describe your personal style.

Depend of the mood


#8 What tech tools do you use in your work?

In my workflow I am 100% using Adobe apps (mobile and desktop) and Nikon


#9 When did you know you'd found your calling?

I was drawing from age 3 ( as I remember) but I took my first drawing class at age 5


#10 What's your super power?

Count to 10


#11 Peanut Butter: Creamy or Chunky?



#12 What makes you happy?

People, art, and puppy


#13 What do you do to relax?

Be honest I never completely relax. I always have something to do


#14 Your place of birth?



#15 Favorite artist or art movement?

Leonardo da Vinci


#16 Share a funny moment from your career?

I was looking for “Undo” and “Crop” tools in my traditional method of painting


#17 Color of the car you drive?



#18 Any new skills you'd like to learn?

Ride a bicycle and make sushi


#19 How do you get your news?

Alexa and TV


#20 Advice to other creatives?

Always learn, listen, look for an inspiration every day


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