Editor's Note: This is one of a continuing series of interviews with notables in the creative industry. This week, we meet my friend and colleague Sid Maestre. Sid was the first person I ever saw speak on mobile, and he's still on the cutting edge. Read on to learn more about Sid.



Your Name

Sid Maestre



#1 What is your primary job title?

Lead Developer Evangelist at Xero



#2 Who or what inspires you?

Hmmmm, that really depends on what type of inspiration I'm seeking. With work, relationships, parenting, creative pursuits, personal goals, I draw inspiration for different sources. I've been focused on health & wellness and find Shawn Stevenson and his podcast "the Model Health Show" inspirational.



#3 What do you think about when alone in your car?

I find myself replaying events that have happened in the recent past and thinking about what I could have done better or how I can do better next time.  As a parent, this is a constant theme.



#4 Share a life lesson you learned?

Things go wrong in our lives, and we often elevate these events to "crisis" level and react accordingly. Take a deep breath and really think about all the worse things that could have happened to put the current situation in perspective.



#5 Favorite period of history?

I studied history at University, so it's very hard to chose.  Get me a time machine and you'll never see me again. If I only get to visit one time in history, I would say ancient Rome. I've seen the ruins, and would love to have seen how life was back then.



Ancient Rome



#6 What projects are you working on right now?

Professionally, I'm leading a global team of Developer Evangelists at Xero and we're focused on leveling up our technology which includes our SDKs for our API.   Personally, I've reunited with my songwriting partners from 25 years ago and we are reworking our material and releasing it on iTunes and Amazon - it's called The Detsky Mir Project - https://www.reverbnation.com/DetskyMirProject



#7 Describe your personal style.

Silicon Valley Business Uniform



#8 What tech tools do you use in your work?

For my work at Xero I'm using Github client, Sublime Text, Eclipse, Fireworks, Camtasia.  For music I started with GarageBand then moved to Logic as we got more serious.



#9 When did you know you'd found your calling?

I got a teaching credential after completing college, but didn't become a teacher.  Joining the ranks of Developer Evangelist, I've found that passion for helping other learn was always there, looking for an opportunity to express itself.



#10 What's your super power?

80's trivia



#11 Peanut Butter: Creamy or Chunky?

Creamy - I can't believe this is even a question.



#12 What makes you happy?

Seeing my girls happy.




#13 What do you do to relax?

After a hard day working in the yard, nothing feels better than sitting down with my wife with a glass of white wine and admiring what we'd accomplished that day.



#14 Your place of birth?

San Francisco



#15 Favorite artist or art movement?

I'm a fan of Frank Gehry's work. I have no experience as an architect, but I love hearing about the thought that goes into architecture. It's like a well written pop song, a lot of thought goes in and the end result appears effortless.

Frank Gehry.jpg

Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles, by Frank Gehry


dancing house Prague.jpg

Dancing House in Prague, by Frank Gehry



#16 Share a funny moment from your career?

My first job out of school was for a software company called JIAN, which did business planning software. At the company Xmas party, I was roped in to sing the "12 days of JIAN". 4 of us rehearsed for like 5 minutes and sounded horrible. I can laugh looking back on it now, we must have looked ridiculous.



#17 Color of the car you drive?




#18 Any new skills you'd like to learn?




#19 How do you get your news?

NPR, Podcasts, Twitter, Digg



#20 Advice to other creatives?

Yes, we get sparks of inspiration, but it's the iterations and refinement that we put into our work that makes it stand out.  Also, remember that sometime less is more.