This article is also published in french - Comprendre et utiliser Sass


This series of articles on Sass is designed to increase your understanding of Sass and how to use it in your web development. This article will cover Sass methodology and implementation that will assist you in developing a workflow process.


If you want to start with Sass syntax, it is strongly recommended that you read some online articles in order to understand and take into account the basics of writing syntax. Do not hesitate to explore the examples provided by official websites such as the links below:


Going deeper


In addition, you will find on the web a plethora of sites go to further with your understanding of Sass:



Let's go back to our series of articles on Sass




This present series will not cover Sass syntax, but will look at how to use Sass and develop concepts allowing us to exploit the best of the possibilities Sass has to offers.


Let me begin with a summary of the articles that it contains and follow :


  1. What is Sass? Introduction and presentation
  2. The compilation and tools available
  3. Deploy Sass effectively
  4. Install and prepare Sass for production
  5. How to distribute partial files
  6. First steps and files
  7. Working with your mock-up