At the Adobe Learning Summit (Las Vegas - 24 October 2017) I was invited to present a session about the Timeline for advanced workflows. It is one of my favorite subjects (bit below my most preferred topic 'Advanced/Shared actions') because I see so many questions on the forum that are due to not or misunderstanding the Timeline functionality. Do not click on the image below, it is just a static poster image (I cannot find a way to embed an iFrame here). You'll find the link to the published interactive presentation later on under 'Tutorial'.



For Captivate users who were not able to attend ALS2017, I converted my Captivate presentation into a self-paced learning tutorial.  That is the big advantage of using Captivate for a presentation over Powerpoint. I just needed to change some interacitivity to offer control to the user and add narration (Voice over). Please, don't mind my non-American accent, English is my third language.

It has been published as a Scalable HTML5 project. Autoplay is turned off (not allowed in some OS), just click the triangle button to start the interactive movie. In the Creative Pipeline it is not possible to insert an iFrame to embed the movie. Use this link:

Advanced Workflows with Captivate(s TImeline

The subjects treated in this presentation are:

  1. Differences between Captivate's timelines and the normal timeline in a video application
  2. Pausing the timeline; effect of an absolute pause vs a pausing point (interactive object)
  3. Interaction between advanced/shared actions and the timeline
  4. Examples


The examples in tutorial has offer more links to different published movies, using the described features. Several features are used in the movie itself:

  1. skipping audio on the dashboard (second slide) on later visits,
  2. Delay commands for automatically building lists on different slides.

Be sure to use the circular button at the bottom to show the value of the system variable cpInfoCurrentFrame, to discover (some of) my secrets.


I would appreciate feedback and welcome questions. Are you interested in learning more about the examples? Are the mysteries not totally clear to you? Please let me know... If you want a copy of the handouts created for this presentation, send a mail to