Whenever I show my friends and peers something I create with Adobe Spark I get the same questions.
  • Why do I like Adobe Spark?
  • When do I use it?
  • Is it easy to use?
  • How do I share My story


I like Adobe Spark because it is user-friendly and I can create a Page, a Post or a Video from anywhere. Since it is a web-based application I can create on any device from anywhere.   I use it to promote my work, to write tutorials as well as social media.  And yes it is user-friendly!
I would like to share my recent Adobe Spark Story.

Screen Shot 2018-01-23 at 17.23.45.png


My friend Yael decided to open a Pop-up home restaurant at her place. She is an amazing cook and wanted to share her creativity with others while creating dinner parties at her house twice a week. Some kind of culinary and cultural experience. Bringing people together to enjoy good food around the table "family style."


She is not into social media.  She does not use Instagram or Twitter.  She has a Facebook page but barely visits it. Overall she is not media-savvy.  Friends suggested a Website but she does not have the budget.
I suggested an Adobe Spark Page that will describe her passion for food, will tell the story of her new adventure, and feature food images.... We uploaded the page last week on her Facebook and sent to other friends as well. We asked them to share.
I tweeted the link. I shared it on Instagram!  Within one week she received reservations for 3 dinner parties!


I call it a success! 



Check out the spark Page:

Yael's Table


Spark your ideas and share it!

Have a Sparky Day!