Left to right top row: Tom Briere, Cathy McDonough, Barry Robinson, Seth Dewey, Chris Bower, Laura Carlsen. Bottom: Christian da Silva, Dave Therrien, Adelia Masella, Rick Branscomb



If you're looking ideas to engage your group you might consider sponsoring a Creative Challenge or scheduling a Member Spotlight.  Far from being an orginal idea, this is our version of what Sally Cox often did with the San Jose group.


There's always a good participation rate when we run a creative challenge, or ask members to showcase their work for a member spotlight. And we’ve been delighted to see some amazing results.


For example, this past December, fourteen of our members stepped up to participate in the Creative Challenge that we hold a couple of times a year. This is always a fun meeting! We invite our members to use their favorite Adobe application (including mobile apps) to create something new to share with the group. For this challenge we came up with several topics for members to choose from: Above and Below, Children and Cell Phones, Fall Foliage, Secret Spaces, and Public Art.


During the meeting each participant walks through their process and answers questions. At the end of the meeting we vote for the top three entries. The member whose project wins the most votes takes first prize… a subscription to the Creative Cloud.


Please be sure to click the links to look at their Spark Pages and click the appreciate button! It was exciting to see how many of them used Spark for their show and tell!

The winning entries:

Category: Photography

First place: Chris Bower
Entry: Stairway to Heaven

App: Photoshop

*Spark Page Here*

Category: Illustration

First place: Christian da Silva

Entry: Children with Cell Phones

App: Illustrator

*Spark Page Here*

Category: Photography

Second place: Seth Dewey

Entry: Calendar

App: Lightroom

*Spark Page Here*

Category: Photography

Second place: Rick Branscomb

Entry: Dory

App: Lightroom


Category: Image Editing

Third place: Tom Briere

Entry: Photoshop Filters

App: Photoshop

*Spark Page Here"

Category: Spark Storytelling

Third place: Laura Carlsen

Entry: Time In Between

App: Spark

*Spark Page Here*

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