Certiport's Live-in-the-Application exam format


I am glad to share with the community that starting in the fall the ACA exams will be live in the App.ACA_Headers_LITA.jpg

What does it mean for our students?


The Live-in-the-Application (LITA) exam format uses cutting-edge technology when validating software application knowledge and abilities through Certiport’s certifications. Candidates must know how to use the software and have experience performing tasks in the application to accurately complete questions.


The Live-in-the-Application exams use the real software to administer performance-based and knowledge-based questions in the actual application, thus reflecting a real-world job situation for the candidate and delivering more reliable results.


This hands-on exam experience can be administered on a PC or Mac* machine at the testing center and makes it easy to get started. This exam format is available with the Autodesk Certified User, Autodesk Certified Professional, Microsoft Office Specialist and soon the Adobe Certified Associate Creative Cloud exams.

For the first time they will be able to test their working knowledge.  Once they start the test they will be live in the app and be able to answer question while doing the task. This is a big change!



I am lucky to be part of the team that wrote the new tests.  The first test to be out and available is Adobe Photoshop. Stay tune for more information as soon as Certiport releases dates for the rest of the tests.


Here is some more information from  Certiport Site.



Uses the full application of the certification sponsor’s software.Candidate demonstrates the proficiency of the application.
Candidate applies knowledge instead of memorization.
Any method of completion in the application can be used.
Candidate is tested in the same application used for learning, practice and day-to-day tasks.
Can be administered on both PC and Mac machines.Flexible options in your classroom or lab to launch an exam on different types of machines.
Mac version of the exam uses the Mac version of the application. PC version of the exams uses the PC version.
Uses cutting-edge exam delivery formatCandidate can more accurately demonstrate their knowledge and skill of the application.
Exam format is a closer alignment to the real-world job application use.



Chana Messer


Subject Matter Expert Writer/Certiport