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One of the big advantages of Creative Cloud is integration between apps and services. One of such integration allows contributors to upload photos and illustrations to Adobe Stock using Adobe Bridge, Lightroom Classic or Photoshop Mix.


In this post, I will cover how to upload assets (JPEG and Raw files) to Adobe Stock using Adobe Bridge.


Upload assets directly to Adobe Stock

The very first thing to check is that you have Publish panel displayed in Adobe Bridge (Window > Publish).


  • Before proceeding to the next step ensure that your files can meet technical requirements:
  • Images should be saved in JPEG format.
  • Minimum image resolution: 4 MP (megapixels)
  • Maximum image resolution: 100 MP (megapixels)
  • Maximum file size: 45 MB (megabytes)
  • No watermarks or timestamps.
  • Images should not be upsampled.


Here are the steps to establish a connection and to publish (upload) JPEG or Raw files:


  • Ensure that you are signed in to Creative Cloud.
  • To establish a connection between Bridge and Adobe Stock you will need to click on Adobe Stock Contributor > Setup button.
  • You will be redirected to the web page of Adobe Stock Contributor portal. Follow instructions to create a profile.
  • Navigate to the folder with files which you want to upload to Adobe Stock.
  • Click on Adobe Stock Contributor.
  • Select files in the content panel then drag them to Adobe Stock Contributor drag zone. If you drag Raw files Bridge will display a dialog to confirm and convert files to JPEG file format using Adobe Camera Raw.
  • Drag more images to upload even if the upload is in progress.
  • To cancel upload click on Cancel Upload button.
  • When upload finishes click on Go To Adobe Stock to visit Adobe Stock Contributor portal.


  • Navigate to Uploaded files > New tab in the Adobe Stock Contributor portal.
  • Select one by one your uploaded images and type title, category, and keywords. Keywords assigned to the image in Bridge will appear in the Keyword section.
  • Finally, click Save and when you are done with all images click on the Submit button to submit images for review.

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Product used in this tutorial:

Adobe Bridge