Adobe Stock or former Fotolia is the excellent stock site for creatives to buy and sell creative assets like photos, templates, illustrations, video clips and so on... One of the benefits, besides exposure to all Adobe CC users and deep integration with Adobe apps, is to publish collections directly to Adobe Portfolio to showcase offer, work, and talent.


Publish Collection to Adobe Portfolio

I will assume that you are a contributor to Adobe Stock and that you have published assets. Another requirement is to sign in and to navigate to the portfolio/Dashboard page.


The process is simple and easy. There are only 3 steps to get your work available on Adobe Portfolio:


Step 1

The first step is to create a collection. Under My Portfolio section, you can click on any tab to display assets from a category like All, Photos, Illustrations, Vectors, Videos. Click in the top right corner of an asset to appear checkmark then click on Add to a collection button. You can add an asset to an existing or create a new collection.



Step 2

The second step is to switch to the Collection tab. Click on 3 dots (...) in the top right of collection thumbnail then click on Share to Adobe Portfolio link.



Step 3

Your collection will be published as a draft to Adobe Portfolio. Visit Adobe Portfolio where you can further customize page. After customizing click on Update Live Site then share it with your community.

customize and update live site.jpg


Step 4

When you add more products to your Adobe Stock portfolio it is easy to update collection and Adobe Portfolio page. The best part is simplicity, just repeat steps 1-3.