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In Adobe Illustrator CC 2018 we have a new tool = Puppet Warp, which  lets you twist and distort parts of your artwork, such that the transformations appear natural. You can add, move, and rotate pins to seamlessly transform your artwork into different variations using the Puppet Warp tool in Illustrator. You can use this tool also for some creative work. Let’s see what kind of interesting transformation we can do with this tool and how use it for creating animation with Adobe Animate CC.


Distorting 3D Object

  1. Create any shape
  2. Create any 3D object with Live Effects
  3. Select object with Selection Tool
  4. Add pins with Puppet Warp Tool into 3D object
  5. Distort or rotate (pins) with Puppet Warp Tool


This allow us easy distort 3D object in any direction.





Distorting Character or Whole Text

  1. Add any text
  2. Select Puppet Warp Tool and add pins to one character
  3. Distort character


For Distorting Whole Text you need to activate “Show Mesh” in the Properties Panel and Expand it with “Expand Mode” value to overlap all text with mesh.





Creating Animation Tweens with Puppet Warp Tool, Blend Tool in Adobe Illustrator CC and finalizing in Adobe Animate CC

  1. Create shape in Adobe Illustrator CC
  2. Select shape with Selection Tool
  3. Use Puppet Warp Tool and add pins to shape
  4. Copy and paste shape (you need to add pins than copy shape. This allow to copy pins with shape)
  5. Make change with Puppet Warp Tool for creating motion or animation that you want to create
  6. Use Blend Tool for creating objects for animation
  7. Expand Object and Ungroup
  8. Select all shapes
  9. Copy shapes


  1. Open Adobe Animate CC and past into stage
  2. Select all shapes on stage in Adobe Animate
  3. Right click and open context menu.
  4. Select “Distribute to Keyframes”
  5. Play animation


“Armenian manuscript ornamentation not only occupies a large place in the nation's fine
artistic culture but is also an important contribution in the treasury of international art.”

from "Ornaments of Armenian Manuscripts" Publishing House "Sovetakan Grogh" Yerevan 1978



I’d like to share with you how new technologies are allowing us to investigate Armenian manuscripts more deeply. We are discovering that the vector reconstruction of Armenian Ornaments can help serve Armenian Ornaments for many generations as we can use the vector images in printing, for web and mobile apps. The vector reconstruction can help us bring back the original colors that have been lost through the ages. That why we have started a new Project “Aragil” (Aragil in Armenian means “Stork” which is a symbol of kindness).


We have found  that Adobe Illustrator CC is the most valuable tool for vector reconstruction of Armenian Ornaments. There are many other vector graphic application but Adobe Illustrator CC with all other Creative Cloud app's is the one that allows to use different methods for their vector reconstruction. Also with new image technologies and intelligent scan - that have been invested with Adobe Scan now, we can obtain high quality images from old manuscripts and transfer them to vector images for further reconstruction.


We reveal the following 3 methods.

  1. Using Pen Tool, Curvature Tool and Live Paint Tool for tracing and coloring ornaments
  2. Using Pencil Tool, Brush Tool, Blob Brush Tool for painting ornaments
  3. Using Shape Builder Tool for building ornaments.



Each of these methods can be used for the reconstruction of unique ornaments that fit to it. Some of the ornaments have symmetrical structure. For symmetrical symbols we use the 1st method.


But most ornaments are not symmetrical and for these kind of ornaments we use the 2nd method of reconstruction that allows to use brushes for painting with high smoothing of curves and also we use blending and transparency for achieving natural colors.


The 3rd method can be used to build the ornaments with high geometrical presentations. Obtaining less anchor points and close shapes increases the productivity of work.


For separating and catching color for each ornament we also use the “Create Object Mosaic” function in Adobe Illustrator CC that allow us to obtain all colors that must be used during our work.


There are many books and web sites where we can find how to rebuild vector images of Armenian ornaments, but most of them are wireframes and don't include colors. We find out that colonized vector reconstruction of Armenian Ornaments is a unique project.


Our team just started with this project but as you can see on our project website we have encouraging results.

I am pleasure to inform you that by help of Adobe Community (especially thanks to Tricia Lawrence) Adobe User Group in Armenia have a possibility to Announce 2016 Competition "Best Portfolio" for Students Designers.


The conditions of Competitions are below. We are looking forward for ACP;s active participations in online voting from November1st till November 20th


Thank you!

Adobe User Group Armenia (AUG Armenia) Award 2016 - "Best Portfolio"
The Award is open for Students, Educators and Designers from NUACA (National University  of Architecture and Construction  of  Armenia) -who are a members of Our NUACA DESIGNERS Team on Behance.



If You are not in Our Team NUACA DESIGNERS - You can become a member of our NUACA DESIGNERS Team by following us on Behance page Then "Joining Us Invitation" will follow

For participation You need to have a Portfolio on Behance with creative works that are created by Creative Cloud Products

Introduction of Your Portfolio on Behance till November 1st



Portfolio’s Voting by Adobe Community Professionals till November 20th



Presentation of the First 3 Best Portfolios at NUACA Design Faculty with original works and Nomination for The Best Portfolio.


Winner's Award - One Year Creative Cloud Subscription



On April 18 , 2016 Adobe User Group in Armenia have organized our first Adobe Creative Jam in Armenia by support of Adobe Creative Jam Team and we are very thankfuller for all help that we received with Adobe Creative Jam Team and Adobe Communities . We have great event and all our participant with pleasure participate in Jam and show their talent.


You can find out winners creative works on our Adobe User Group  Behance page