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Posted by KoMaruyama May 22, 2016

NewGeneric_NC255.jpgWell,  I just found this blog space on my Adobe account.  I'm not sure what it's tied to, or who it's intended for, but perhaps I'll write down some things that I've found or answered here on the Adobe Forums.


I post a lot of materials on my twitter feed, and in the Adobe User Group that I manage.  You can find those two accounts easily.






USER GROUP Upcoming Calendar:


Most of my posts will probably be related to design execution - Things that you can do to achieve animation design - methods to get there better/faster.  Tutorials and screenshots - quick stuff that is easy to figure out.


But I'll probably also post things related to Community.  As a group leader, I'm really interested in getting groups of designers together and having creative people share their knowledge and their inspiration.


Yeah - that's about it for the first post I guess.   Mostly video stuff here.