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If you've seen the ACP badge in Adobe's forums ACP Badge Tiny.JPGyou'll know that you are in great hands when one of our ACP's answers your product question.  Here's a great article from the recent "Inside Adobe", the company's employee newsletter, sharing more of the ACP story,


Your Photoshop workspace suddenly disappears. You can’t figure out how to make a smooth transition between clips in Premiere. Your assets won’t sync. And your frustration makes you seriously consider throwing your computer across the room. Don’t worry — the Adobe Community Professionals are here to help.


The Adobe Community Professionals (ACPs) are a group of 300 creative professionals, educators and experts from around the world who volunteer their time to answer customers’ questions on Adobe forums. Members have a variety of unique expertise - some are Photoshop gurus while others are Acrobat wizards – and while they only make up 3.8 percent of the 7,802 people participating on Adobe forums, they contribute to 26 percent of all forum content. ACP Emil Gawin is a motion designer and loves helping customers create animations, “Since Adobe has given so much to me and helped me grow as a motion designer, I want to help others who are starting out with Adobe software to learn it, use it and become passionate about creative work.” To become an ACP, candidates apply online and go through a 4-week trial period to become qualified.




ACPs don’t stop at the forums. This year, they also led Experience Day sessions, teaching Adobe employees how to use our products. Some have also been TA’s at MAX, where they helped attendees with questions during lab sessions.


To acknowledge our gratitude for this awesome group, we host the Community Summit each year – an exclusive event for ACPs that offers networking opportunities and roundtable discussions with product teams. This year, sixty-four members attended. The entire day was “a lift, joy and intellectual stimulation,” ACP Neil Haugen said.


Tricia Lawrence, who manages the ACP Program and Community Summit reiterated the importance of the program, "We give these ACPs the highest level of trust to help our customers. They are well equipped to answer customer questions and allow them to move on with their creative project,” she said.


For ACPs, seeing a smile on someone’s face — or a smile emoji on someone’s posted reply — makes it all worth it. “Seeing how the correct answer thrills the person who posted the question makes me happy,” ACP Sandee Cohen shared.


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