• How to remove Creative Cloud Connected icon

    Hi, I am using photo editor in my app.   But issue on selecting Tools option there is icon Creative Cloud Connected.   How to remove Creative Cloud Connected Icon or while send app for review Is adobe wil...
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  • Adobe creative sdk web integration

    Hey I have integrated adobe creative sdk in my Angular 4 project. But in onSave function, the editor returns the URL of it's s3 bucket, can we change it's configuration? (i.e. add my s3 bucket url) or can I get raw fi...
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  • Use sticker Signature image on our application

    Dear AbobeSystems Technical Support, Thanks for your support, I have same quesion again as your answer was not matched my question. We are using ImageEditor of Adobe Screative SDK. We would like to use Sticker S...
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  • Responsive stylesheet for Image Editor UI?

    Question: Is there a responsive stylesheet for the web version of Image Editor UI? If not, is anyone willing to share theirs?   Background We're using the Image Editor UI app (Adobe Creative SDK) on our websit...
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  • gradle setup for the adobe creative suit sdk

    The getting started guide for the android version of the adobe creative suit sdk doesn't work for setting up an application with the image editor ui.  I then found an example app in github (BTW the links to githu...
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  • 'window.cep.process.createProcess' returns 'is not recognized as an internal or external command an executable program or a batch file'

    Hi there,   I'm facing a issue using "window.cep.process.createProcess" and may be i'm not in the right forum but unable to post in "Creative Suite SDK"... Sorry about that :/     Here is my point : &...
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  • Error Creative SDK android integration : No resource found that matches the given name

    I integrate the latest version of image editor ui of creative SDK. i have 25 errors when i build project. Can anyone helps me?
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  • How to cutom dynamically the crop of aviary in Android app?

    I found some code to customize crop of aviary on override values.xml <resources> <string-array name="aviary_crop_labels"> <item>"Crop"</item> </string-array> <string-array name="aviary...
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  • Unable to Install Adobe SDK in Wordpress!

    Hi, I have purchased adobe creative SDK for high resolution. I Followed the instructions given in Adobe Creative SDK. The platform I'm using is Wordpress, I have the boiler plate ready with replaced API key and image ...
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  • Photoshop HTML5 extension caches iframe all the time

    I have HTML5 extension in Photoshop CC. Adobe Photoshop Version: 14.2.1 (14.2.1 20140207.r.570 2014/02/07:23:00:00) x64 Operating System: Mac OS 10.9.2   In my extension I have iframe that points to some extrn...
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  • activeDocument null after LCDS-driven events

    ==================================================== Problem: ==================================================== Prob 1) In a popup TitleWindow I have a LCDS-driven Dataservice that populates an ArrayCollection "...
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  • Extension does not contain valid signature

    Hi all,   I open again a thread about a problem at our extension installation on several computers. Few persons can't install our extensions. They get this message: " The extension xxx does not contain valid si...
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  • Missing Debugger in PS 14.2.1

    Hi guys, I have problem with Photoshop 14.2.1 because after update from 14.1.2 I don't have access to Debugger Window (Element Inspector), I don't know if this is a bug or something that need to be executed in other w...
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  • How to open a URL in the default browser via CC HTML Extension?

    Hi,   I'm trying to open a link via the default browser in a HTML Extension for Photoshop CC built with Extension Builder 3.   With the initial example the "/indext.html" it look like this:   ... <...
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  • Adobe Extension Builder signing error.

    We are trying to sign our own plugin for adobe indesign and we have a valid Comodo certificate but seems like it keeps showing a warning everytime is installed in the extensión manager of any computer. We have ...
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  • Introducing Adobe CEP 5

    Hi,     We recently announced Adobe CEP 5, the next generation of HTML5 extensibility in Adobe desktop products. See here: http://adobe.ly/QGshLG     Best regards, Hallgrimur
  • Introducing HTML5 Extensions

    When Creative Cloud was launched in June 2013, we added support for HTML5-based panels in several Adobe products. These new panels open up the world of panel development to a wider range of developers who may be more ...
    Hallgrimur Bjornsson
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  • CC Extension SDK documentation available

    Hi everyone,   I’m pleased to announce the availability of the Adobe CC Extension SDK documentation on the Adobe Developer Connection Extension Builder website (under "References and Documentation").  ...
  • 30 seconds search request terminates the session on only PC while using My InDesign related plugin

    My plugin for InDesign results Net connection failed message sometimes  when  search query takes more than 30 sec time to display result, this happens only on PC but not on Mac , since it is a long query req...
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  • Is anyone using the Illustrator CC host adapter on Mac?

    I'm not able to successfully use the Host Adapater for Illustrator CC on Mac OS.  It's working on Windows and on earlier versions of Illustrator.  I'm using Illustrator CC 17.1.0 and Mac OS 10.9.1.  &#...
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