• Latest version, how to enable Emmet?

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  • Dreamweaver CC is missing mfc120du.dll

    I bought a new PC to run Windows 10 and then subscribed to CC.  Imagine my disappointment when after installing Dreamweaver CC I was unable to run this due to a missing dll file.   So far Acrobat and Premie...
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  • Dreamweaver cc 2018 (2017) OldSchool Light Theme

    Hello.   what theme do: matchingtags is removed (no problem to enable - edit main.less file) activeline (default is disabled, but easy to way enable - edit main.less and brackets.json files) implemented inden...
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  • Dreamweaver cc 2018 and new dimensions for code coloring

    what do you think? .. soon.  
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  • Dreamweaver opening full screen after 2018

    Dreamweaver opening full screen after 2018 upgrade. This is annoying. 2017 opened the last size used. Why does Adobe do this to us? this happened in 2015 but they fixed it. Now its broken again.   Am I missin...
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  • An unknown error occurred while discovering dynamically related files.

    I do not understand this issue. It was working fine yesterday.   I am not using wordpress. This is a custom PHP file which takes information from an ftp server and updates my SQL database. It is running on my co...
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  • Ctrl+U should be underscore, not Preferences panel

    In just about every Windows app I work with, Ctrl+U invokes an underscore on highlighted text.  Not so in DW.  Instead it opens the Preferences panel.     The <u> element was deprecate...
    Nancy OShea
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  • Clean view in CS6

    Hello   Got some simple question, its possible to hide/remove this blue veritical bar to have little more space for document view, i never use it.   Thank you for answer
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  • SHTML version of index page not responsive

    I though this would be simple but     I finally got around to adding security to my web server.     On my personal web page  i simplyy too the existing index.html and copied it and ...
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  • Many Questions About Dreamwaver

    I have been on dreamwaver for some months, about to complete my first website, here are my questions :   1. Is converting width pixel to percentage enough to make the site responsive? Or I have to make use of M...
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  • OAM package does not insert into Dreamweaver

    I have created a simple animated file in the latest (CC 2018) version of Adobe Animate and published it into an OAM package. In Dreamweaver (CC 2018) I select "insert>HTML>Animated Composition" and NOTHING happe...
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  • 2018 dropped a site

    I have about 10 site folders defined on my primary hard drive.  I was working in one of them yesterday. When I launched DW 2018 this morning, that site was missing from my Files Panel & Manage Sites defin...
    Nancy OShea
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  • Problem with cancellation

    Olá, bom dia. Gostaria que fosse disponibilizado em meu sistema, gerenciamento de compras, a opção de cancelamento, estou me sentindo inseguro, como se a empresa pretendesse IMPEDIR QUE EU CANCELE, ...
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  • Dreameaver 2017 very slow opening files

    Dreamweaver 2017 is very slow when opening files with external links. Sometimes it takes 30 seconds.   I've already unchecked all options in the sync preferences, and turned off view>related files options>...
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  • Copy & Paste Failing: Dreamweaver CC 2018

    On multiple occasions, I've experience Copy and Paste failures. Or, rather, unexpected behaviors. I copy a line of code, and paste it somewhere else in the same document. Then I copy another line of code, and paste ...
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  • how to space 5 pictures evenly on 1 row?

    I have 5 small pictures that all need to display symmetrically spaced on the same row of a page. Each picture will have one word printed beneath it representing the pictures. What is the best way to construct this set...
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  • New to Dreamweaver

    Hi all,   Am just starting out in web design and following some online tutorials to help me get the hang of things. The tutorials I have been looking at are based on CS3, but I have the most up to date version w...
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  • Can't CTRL-drag to copy code in 2018

    I have been using DW for 15 years+. my previous version was 2016 and i just started using 2018 last week. Didn't think it would be such a big learning curve... One of the small annoyance i have noted, is that I can n...
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  • Code hinting & formatting for Classic ASP/VBscript in CC2018

    Just started using CC2018 on Win10. Even though an ASP page will open, I see we have lost code hinting and code formatting (coloring?) for VBscript/ASP   Anyone know how to get this back? Thanks
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  • DW stops saving HTML files

    Just like many people in the past years, one of our graphic designer is experiencing a really annoyng problem: while working on her files the changes are not applied, even if the source preview shows them. The "Save" ...
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