• module_contentholder OK in DW CS6 but not OK in DW CC (2018)

    I have recuperated all the files from an entire site created with Dreamweaver CS6 in the latest version of Dreamweaver CC. The Main Template.dwt is in the directory Templates. Here is the code referring to the menu.ht...
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  • Dreamweaver for IPad

    there is some version for iPad pro. Thank you
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  • spry menu & jquery tweak

    Hi!   I have two items I need help tweaking.   1) the page has the jQuery portfolio, and for some reason, just by having this inserted on the page has "blocked" my spry menu drop down for the portfolio lin...
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  • PHP File is not on the local disk ?

    ...and then when i click on "get" Get operation failed since namefile.php does not exist on the remote site.!!   where i set a new dreamweaver site and put all files "html, css ,php,images" in school.file wha...
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  • viewing templates

    Is there a way to see what templates are available before deciding if to get a subscription to Dreamweaver? 
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  • Cursor position while editing in Design mode

    I have the latest version of Dreamweaver installed (18.0). When in design mode and editing text, the cursor is off by one position from the location the character is actually inserted/deleted/replaced. The cursor show...
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  • Animate CC and Dreamweaver together ?

    Hey everyone , i have both dreamweaver and animateCC , my problem is that i can't make them interract together , i have a small HTML file made in animateCC and i want it to modify a html file in dreamweaver and i can'...
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  • slider doesn't works after saving and showing in browser

    Hello, i 've some broblems with showing up coin slider in browser. (firefox, chrome tested) In live-preview of dreamweaver cc all works pretty well. After looking at the source code in the browser, i saw that dreamwea...
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  • Bonjour j'ai mis en ligne en 2012 un site avec Dreamweaver MX et je dois faire des modifs sur ce site, mais l'adresse du serveur a change, comment faire ? Merci

    Bonjour j'ai mis en ligne en 2012 un site avec Dreamweaver MX et je dois faire des modifs sur ce site, mais l'adresse du serveur a change, comment faire ? Merci
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  • Making website mobile friendly

    Can DW-CC easily convert an older version of PHP to make it mobile friendly?   My name is Rob, I spent an hour and a half in Chat this morning. The first person told me I need to talk to the “technical tea...
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  • Dreamweaver - latest version

    I currently have Adobe CS6. Has this been superseded and, if so, what is the latest version?
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  • Installing a Lightroom CC Slideshow or Gallery into Dreamweaver

    We have set up a web site within Dreamweaver and now wanting if possible to include a Photo Gallery page within. Can it be done with using a Lightroom CC gallery or slideshow & please direct me to any instructions...
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  • Disable CSS temporarily

    Hi Is it possible do enable/disable CSS completely in DW CC 18 with a simple click as in Safari (developer menu)?
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  • Simple Password Protection on DW page

    Hi, I am trying to employ a simple password-only protection to some pages on a website I'm building.  I've found what should be the appropriate code at this site: http://javascriptkit.com/script/cut10.shtml  ...
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  • Keyboard shortcut Shift+I inserts content of clipboard

    I've encountered this oddity of Shift+I inserting clipboard content rather than typing a capital "I" as expected. In My Custom Keyboard Shortcuts, Command+V is clearly marked as Paste. So...? Very much need to get...
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  • How can I reduce the width of the "Files" window in Adobe Dreamweaver?

    Hello! Is it possible to reduce the width of the window in this editor? It is too big, takes a quarter of the screen.  
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  • Can't delete orphaned files

    If know how this works and it should be simple. I ran Check Links Sitewide. I highlighted Orphaned Files under the Link Checker tab. There are a lot of them--over 6,000. I want to delete these files. I select all of t...
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  • Bootstrap ignored by browser

    I've had this site live for over a year, working fine. After making a few updates and then adding SSL, I had to add an .htaccess file, and now the formatting seems to ignore the bootstrap link.   Mangum Benton V...
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  • Copy & Paste Failing: Dreamweaver CC 2018

    On multiple occasions, I've experience Copy and Paste failures. Or, rather, unexpected behaviors. I copy a line of code, and paste it somewhere else in the same document. Then I copy another line of code, and paste ...
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  • FAO: Osgood

    Hi Osgood Thought you would be interested in this article Os, as it shows it is not just you and me that think that many people overcomplicate web development and rely on frameworks too much.   http://alistapar...
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