• Flexbox and Gridlayout

    Hello,   does the new Dreamweaver version support flexbox and CSS Grid layouts.   Thanks für your answer.
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  • Style bootstrap toggler icon colour

    How do I style the opacity and colour of the bootstrap navbar toggler icon?
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  • Files Not Showing in Remote View

    OK, this is weird.   My husband and I added a new html file  to our site today, plus modified a few files. ALL files appear on the net as we intended. However, the new file that we added DOES NOT APPEAR in ...
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  • How do I make an existing html table responsive?

    I have an existing Dreamweaver-built site that I am making responsive. It has about 3000 tables in it (data management, not layout), so I really want to find a global solution to making them responsive, I don't want t...
    carol mcgann
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  • How are most of you adding 'mailto' links these days?

    I don't code on the regular anymore, and need to add a simple "click here to contact" button (png) on a page. Wasn't sure how developers were protecting their addresses from easy harvesting in 2018, or if they were ev...
    Under S.
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  • <cite> and <q> tags

    I was wondering if "cite" and "q" are protected and if I could make my own style .cite rather that use <cite>, the same with .q rather  than <q>?   The reason I ask is ".q" shows up in my CSS li...
    VL Branko
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  • PHP File Not Being Discovered After Saving And Discover Resource Link Clicked

    Hello,   I have defined a site (testing server) that I am using with Wamp64 with Win 10 Pro (with latest updates). And I have been using a couple of PHP files that I have in the same root folder as I have two ot...
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  • Rogue A with caret appearing

    On some pages after loading them up, a capital A with a caret symbol above appears before the £ symbol which stops the shopping cart functions.   what causes this, and how do I resolve the problem?   ...
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  • (CSS) Can I make background-size 'contain' or 'cover' do this?

    I've been toying with full-size background images, alternating between background-size: cover and contain. After some testing, I'm wondering if the behavior I'm looking for is even doable. Thought I'd ask here.  ...
    Under S.
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  • Take a SKIN that is one jpg (leaderboard and 2 sides) and make it responsive

    Hello,   I don't use Dreamweaver a ton these days and seem to have forgotten some basic concepts.   I have a SKIN, 1 large JPG, that I wish to make responsive.   I assume the leaderboard (top) stays ...
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  • DW says no links, can't find when hundreds

    Trying to do a sitewide link find and replace and DW is saying there are no links for the one I'm inserting in the first box and I simply and copy and pasting from the link of which there are hundreds (old contact pag...
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  • Need help fixing responsive email footer width

    Hi all, I have an email template in which I revised and added my custom footer to. It works correctly but is in the wrong container and can't figure where to put it. It's running the width of the window instead of th...
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  • Is <i> tag deprecated?

    I am using DW CS6. I have italics set up in my style sheets but I notice that when I click on a word in design view and go to "CSS" I also notice that right above it is "Styles" which also has the option to add italic...
    VL Branko
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  • Moving DW website and content to new account

    Dear Sir, dear Madam, I had already subscribed to Dreamweaver CC, using my private email as account. I have used Dreamweaver CC to build and publish my website. I was stil using Photoshop CS and Indesign CS. I have ...
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  • Enter after open tag should create indented new line and push close tag to next line

    So I have looked through every setting and can't figure this out... I have my code set to create a closing tag right after you close the opening tag. However, when I hit enter to start adding code in the tags, my curs...
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  • Changing Template Fonts

    Hey, I'm a student in High School. I am creating a website for a company, and I like the font on the template, but It just doesn't fit the company. I have been trying to change it using a google font. I cannot get the...
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  • Crash reopening windows

    I get this message every time I try to open Dreamweaver:   The last time you opened Dreamweaver CC, it unexpectedly quit while reopening windows. Do you want to try to reopen its windows again?   Whether I...
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  • Live Chat

    I was on a Live Chat line with a customer service rep yesterday, but I cannot get a link now for Live Chat, only for the community forum. Is there a trick to getting hold of a real person??
    VanIsle Retiree
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  • DW, vs Coda, vs Pinegrow etc?

    My old DW CS3 is broken, but I'm used to the DW interface for 10 years.   I don't want to pay the extorionist/ Price gauging Adobe ($240 year after year), so I peeked to today at Pinegrow and Coda. Coda looked a...
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  • connect DW CC to MAMP

    Have tried to connect DW CC to a MAMP Server for 9 months, no luck... XAMPP on my PC connects with older versions no problem... have watched countless videos on YouTube, everyone's got a different solution, none have ...
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