• Menus.xml bug

    Using a MacBook Air purchased 2014/15 (OS High Sierra 10.13.2)  Dreamweaver present this bug, and even following this dialogue box suggestion, the problem persists. Please advise of a sure fix ASAP.   Mars...
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  • Login System Using PHP and JavaScript

    Hello, I am trying to create a login system for my website, however I am confused as how to implement a PHP code that will make my login system work. I have tried using codes from various YouTube tutorials; however, p...
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  • Device Preview in PHP using includes?

    I'm loving the Device Preview option, but I'm a bit stuck trying to figure out if it's possible to set it up using includes.   For instance, let's say that I load everything from index.php, which has "include($_...
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  • How do I import from DW CS3 to DW CC 2018

    Since I cannot reactivate my original DW CS3 (too old), I decided to subscribe to DW CC 2018. I have a number of sites in CS3. How do I open my site files in CC 2018? Or, how do I import them?
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  • Best Way to Work with Paypal Sandbox

    I want to put up an E-commerce site in order to test from time to time the shopping cart from the front end and work with the transaction in the backend. Working on localhost would be the cheapest way, but apparently ...
    created by paulk7737514
  • Need help with bulletproof background image in email

    Hi, I'm trying to fix the Outlook background image issue in my email and am using bulltetproof backgrounds but can't seem to get it to work correctly. I can get the image to show up but I'm not placing the code in th...
  • outlook moving my button styles to other elements.

    Hey everyone, | am working on an email and I'm having the usual outlook headaches. Code renders pretty decent in other clients.   Here are my issues: 1) Background image is missing in Outlook (of course) . I ...
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  • OT: A little bit more about Wappler - confusion

    I never really could understand DMXzones main website and the myriad of different extension available and what extension would be required to do this or that.........it seems Wappler is going to be just as confusing. ...
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  • FTP over SSL/TLS (explicit encryption) now showing up

    Why would this drop down option not show up on a Mac.   The client is using CS5 and trying to connect to a AWS Site that is running IIS.   Both the FTP over SSL/TLS drop downs from the "Connect Using:" li...
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  • An FTP error occurred - cannot make connection to host. User limite reached or not authorized to make the connection due to local firewall blocking FTP data.

    As from this afternoon I get this error when trying to connect to any FTP server for all the sites I manage with Dreamweaver. There was no problem this morning and I didn't change any settings anywhere. I wonder what ...
    Big Vissie
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  • Second time: DW CC  >>> DW CC (2015): includes shown in different ways

    Hello everyone, sorry I have to come back with my problem about the "includes are shown in different ways". In DW CC Vers. 18.0 I can't see the content of my includes in contrast to my DW CC (2015)!   Here (Ger...
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  • Bootstrap dropdown parent moves on click. How do I prevent this?

    I have a bootstrap dropdown menu made in Dreamweaver CC that all lookes fine when you hover over it. But if you accidentally click on the parent (which I assume people are going to do), it will jump to the left. Has a...
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  • An offline update for Dreamweaver MX 2004

    I have a very large website created on Macromedia Dreamweaver MX 2004. I have my own web host and my own domain. What would the best program be for me to buy that would be an update, but would accept all of my files a...
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  • Not showing content of index page in Design view

    I read the answers to someone (Theresa} that had a similar problem. The solution was"delete the red code." I assume this applies to everyone with the red coding. I see some pink colored code and there is quite a bit m...
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  • Is Wappler the Dreamweaver Killer?

    From Wappler's crowdfund page: Are you the Dreamweaver killer? Absolutely. Adobe Dreamweaver is turning more and more into a tool for hardcore coders and loosing its well-known visual abilities. It's also a truth th...
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  • Hitting 'enter' in the code panel does keep straight lines

    I am trying to move over to CC2018 from 2016 and must note how big a learning curve it is. One of the issues bothering me is when i am writing code (split screen - code on the left, design on the right) and i hit <...
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  • Code View blank for large (16+ mb) files

    I'm using Dreamweaver 2018 CC and if the file is below 16 mb, it opens fine. If it's over, the tab opens, but there is nothing displayed. If I do a Find All, it even finds the items and shows what line they are on, bu...
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  • OT: New Test

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  • CSS stylesheet not being recognized

    I am new to Dreamweaver and am building a new site. I have set up the basic site with my main.html page, my styles.css page, and my folders. I want the title and the topnav to float to the left and right respetively. ...
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  • Illustrator and Dreamweaver 2018 will not launch

    Illustrator and Dreamweaver will not launch because entry point __crtCreateSymbolicLinkW could not be located could not be located in msvcp110.dll Can anybody help with this issue?
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