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Hello! My name is Kerry Nelson and I am a Global Team Lead and a SME for SSO for the Cloud, I oversee the Digital Marketing side of the Cloud for such products like Analytics, Target, Audience… (Show more)
in Adobe Experience Cloud
Our company is in a merger scenario and both the companies have common Adobe Experience Cloud Tools (Analytics, Audience Manager, Target, AEM)   As such, wanted insights on what is the best approach… (Show more)
in Adobe Experience Cloud
Good Morning!   We're hoping to utilize Enumerations within Campaign in order to avoid the potential fat finger/extra space/capital letter issue in our querying. However, after following the… (Show more)
in Adobe Experience Cloud
Hi Team,   Lately, I have been browsing internet to understand the difference among various cloud services offered by Adobe. My doubt is, how different Adobe Experience Cloud from Adobe Marketing… (Show more)
in Adobe Experience Cloud
Hello,   I'm set as an Admin in my Adobe ID, Analytics profile, etc. and recently enabled Customer Attributes for my profile from within the new Admin console. When I click on "People and… (Show more)
in Adobe Experience Cloud
how can I add additional check marks to a document when I am only allowed to have one?
in Adobe Experience Cloud
I've a recorded a church sermon, in which there are three voices in a single track. Preacher preaches in English and then two translate it in Kannada an Tamil languages one after the other. So i've… (Show more)
in Adobe Experience Cloud
Hi Folks,   We are using AEM 6.2. We have enabled Communities and available only for the logged in users (members). The members profile data is stored in Salesforce.   When I see Communities… (Show more)
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On behalf of the Adobe Cloud Expert (ACE) Team, you’re invited to join us at a regional Adobe Leaders&Learners event.  The mission of this forum is to help you get the highest return out of your… (Show more)
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