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The below picture is a sample of what pops up when I click on a marketing link that I created in Adobe Mobile Services. If I have the app, it asks me if I want to open in the app, and if I don't have… (Show more)
in Adobe Experience Cloud
Hi All,   Need your expert advice here, we are planning to use 'page impressions' and 'content insight' features of AEM and we are looking into options to achieve the same.   We are going through… (Show more)
in Adobe Experience Cloud
It would be great to be able to have discussion forums for product Beta Testers, where we can post comments/questions and the community of other beta testers involved in that specific beta test can…
Hi, I have a problem with my site: and cannot add PDF file to it. When I try to upload my file to page it only add a link to PDF and I want to… (Show more)
in Adobe Experience Cloud
It would be helpful if you could write down all Column of Data Feed on this page :   e.c. duplicated_from…
there is no denying that the Omniture interface is quite slow to use sometimes (version 14). Login is slow orr switching report suites takes forever. I can find hundreds of tweets about it of people…
Currently there is no known list of open issues or known issues reported to Client Care.  It's frustrating to have to find issues as a user, report them, only to hear back that is is a "known" issue…
It happens sometimes that the Clientcare chat window gets to the background and you forget about it since you were reading an email. Would be great to enable a beep (optionally) if there is a new…
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