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Hi all! I'm trying GET segments using the swagger UI, but I'm only returning segments with MY owner ID. There are segments that are shared with the entire organization and I need to get their IDs.… (Show more)
in Adobe Experience Cloud
I am not able to schedule pdf-versions of Workspace reports. Only csv-versions.   Both Share --> Send file now and Share --> Send file on schedule   Do not work for me.   The only workaround I… (Show more)
in Adobe Experience Cloud
Hi,   How can I utilize adobe data feeds(clickstream data) to create flow reports (pathing) on an external tool like Tableau or R?
in Adobe Experience Cloud
Hi All,   I'm in the process of implementing AAM through server-side forwarding from Analytics. I've followed each step as outlined here.   However in testing the staging library, I notice the… (Show more)
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lucia costa
Good night,     Today I have Adobe Acrobat Reader DC and I am satisfied, but I need to convert drawings from PDF to Word.     I would like to know what kind of signature I should make,because I… (Show more)
in Adobe Experience Cloud
Hi Team,   In earlier version is more useful than this in terms of sharing. Now there is a new option called share document its create new file in cloud. It means i need to have offline as well… (Show more)
in Adobe Experience Cloud
Hi Guys,   I am providing Adobe admin console access to one user. I have added the user (User-> Add User), after giving Email and Name, Next part will be assign product. I have assign the Profile… (Show more)
in Adobe Experience Cloud
Hello Folks   I have access to Adobe Experience Cloud with my Adobe ID that belongs to my employer. Now, I am no longer working with that employer.   I used that same id for my My Experience League… (Show more)
in Adobe Experience Cloud
I am having shared datastore between my local author and publisher, there is a default publish replication agenet with binaryless settings and url. Its for AEM6.3. My Scenario: Created and Authored… (Show more)
in Adobe Experience Cloud
Hi Team, We have a requirement where the customer wants to customize the OOTB v2 RTE component and change the #modifylink options to move the "New Tab" option on the top and to make it a default… (Show more)
in Adobe Experience Cloud
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