• Token expired?

    What does this mean? Expired Adobe pass token, Token expiration date has passed?   I get that pop up while trying to watch a show on the NBC site. I am using google chrome, on a mac, with OS HighSierra,   ...
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  • Installing adobe flash

    I wanted to install adobe flash player, but accidentally I installed also McAfee security scan plus and true key by Intel security. When I “install” them, only adobe flash appeared. 5 minutes later this pr...
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  • So I use Firefox, go to msn and click on a video and it says "We're sorry, but your browser does not support this video. Please install Adobe Flash version 10 or later." I have uninstalled, rebooted and installed still same thing happens. I go to the adob

    HELP!!!!!! So I use Firefox, go to msn and click on a video and it says "We're sorry, but your browser does not support this video. Please install Adobe Flash version 10 or later." I have uninstalled, rebooted (even s...
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  • Using Adobe Flash player on edge

    Good Afternoon, I have a question I am been wonder why I got to click the play button on gif picture to work on Edge? What do I need to get this automatically play?
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  • Flash Player package file & execution without internet

    Hi All,   I Unable to install Flash Player 18+ version without internet. I able to downloaded Exe file but unable to install the same without internet.   kindly suggest if possible and where we can get fu...
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  • Flash Content is not working with Chrome

    hi all   i have got Chrome updated recently to (Version 64.0.3282.140 (Official Build) (64-bit). but websites with flash content are no more working. i can only hear the sound but no video. i am using win 10 (64...
    mohammad ARM
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  • I can't get flash player to work in Safari.

    Everything is up to date. I've removed and re-installed flash player with no luck. I'm trying to use HBONow which worked up until a few days ago. Chrome & Firefox work fine. I've tried all the 'fixes' posted, chec...
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  • Updating Flash - Windows 10 / Edge

    My wife and I have identical laptops with Microsoft and Edge.  She regular gets notices to update Flash.  I do not.   I went to Adobe.com I scrolled to the bottom and clicked on Adobe Flash Player....
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  • Control Flow Guard

    Starting with Windows 10, version 1703, when some users launch IE with Flash enabled, it crashes when interacting with a website that uses flash (i.e. abcnews.go.com) (see error message below).  After working wit...
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  • Problem running application related to Flash Player

    we have an application name Storyline which we have trouble running it . We tried contacting vendor and they found out it is the issue with flash player on system. We have tried uninstalling and reinstalling flash cou...
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  • Adobe Flash Player no se ejecuta en juegos

    Hola, tengo instalado Adobe Flash Player y con Google Crhome actualizado, pero no se activa en los juegos. He probado todas las posibles soluciones pero ninguna de ellas lo soluciona. No da error, sino que dice"Haz cl...
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  • Problem With Running Flash Player

    Hello   I have issue for Adobe Flash Player while using Chromium Browser in Ubantu for perticular sites like picmonkey.com. Please find the attachment. If any body know the solution then please let me know ASA...
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  • Flash Player Not Display

    After create .swf file we cant able to run it from windows Explorer and from Google Chrome also....   We installed Flash player from adobe site but its not working.....   Not showing flash player in system...
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  • i have a virus posing as adobe flash player update. Does anyone know how to fix this?

    I've acquireda virus that poses as adobe flash player update. Does any one know how to get rid of this adware, malware?
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  • Playing games in POGO that use the flash player

    Can anyone help me figure out why pogo games that use the flash player won't load on my computer anymore?  I have been able to access them fine until yesterday. Now when I push "start game" on those games that us...
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  • Flash works on IE 9 (64-bit) but not on IE 9 (32-bit)

    I have Windows 7 64-bit. I followed the steps in installing Flash on 64-bit for Internet Explorer. However, in some cases I need Flash to work on my 32-bit Internet Explorer and it simply isn't working. I downloaded t...
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  • Notification of updates.

    Hello,   I would like to know if email alerts are available for new versions of Adobe Flash Player. Indeed I would like to be informed as soon as a new version is available. Going by email is more interesting ...
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  • Fix Flash player not working in chrome issue

    Below are the steps we’ll be performing in order to fix this error in Chrome. Check if Flash is enabled or not. Make sure website isn’t blocked for accessing flash. Check site information. Update Adobe...
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  • Problem with games requiring Flash

    I have Windows 7, Mozilla Firefox and Adobe Flash Player version   I have a few games on my computer that require Flash Player to work properly and even though I have it, they don't work. One of the ...
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  • Windows 10 - Whitelist sites for use of Flash content

    Hi!   After an inital block at the beginning of the year we are now looking to enable Flash again on Win10 (1703 and 1709) Is there a way of whitelisting sites? We have EnterPriseModeList enabled so IE or Flash...
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