• How to rescind Distribution License Agreement - Flash and Reader

    I recently requested a Distribution License Agreement for Flash and Reader for our internal non-Internet network. When I received the agreement I realized based on the wording that I am not the proper authority to acc...
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  • Flash Player hang up

    I checked for similar posts to this one, and I did not find anything different from what I have already done.   The issue: I cannot install Lego Digital Designer 4.3 on our Windows 7. It does not recognize Flash...
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  • Unable to Download the files from the distribution licensing page

    We are unable to download the adobe flash player Offline MSI through the below links.     [moderator: deleted links to licensed MSI installers; per license agreement, links cannot be shared, including on th...
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  • Adobe Flash Player won't install

    Hi! I've been trying to install Adobe Flash Player multiple times on Windows 10 and it just doesn't work. There are no problems, but when I enter a site that requires Adobe Flash Player it tells me to install it.
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  • Can't find download link for Flash Player Plugin for IE

    On the distribution page (.../distribution5.html) I find the Flash Player ActiveX but not the plugin for the Internet Explorer. Where can I get that from?
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  • Unable to stream Amazon video in Safari on MacOS 10.13.6

    after the mac os update yesterday v 10.13.6 my adobe flash will not work on amazon videos "unsupported plug in" is the message i have downloaded the newest adobe version i have checked plug in in the safari plug in...
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  • Chrome update disabled flash settings

    I've hade dozens upon dozens of webpages under allow flash content setting and the latest chrome update disabled all those. Now I have to start all over again. Why is this happening?   [Here is the list of all A...
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  • VIRUS with new Adobe Flash installer

    While visiting Apple.com, I got a message to update Adobe Flash. I did the update, and then noticed intermittent reloading of Safari and then all my tabs on Safari were deleted. After I downloaded the update, there wa...
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  • Hello, I am a Chinese user and cannot install the FlashPlayer plugin from flash.cn

    I reinstalled the system, then opened flash.cn with IE8, download and install the prompt as follows.   Then after I opened the software, I always prompted the installation to fail. I tried to uninstall and re...
    zhao jiemin
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  • How to prevent or disable Adobe Flash Player PPAPI Plug-in

    My educational institute has classroom & lab computers with Adobe Flash Player Active (for IE) Plugin - NPAPI (for Firefox) installed. They don't have Opera web browser installed. So, I don't need PPAPI to be inst...
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  • The font effect of Flash display is different between Chrome browser and IE browser.

    Simsun for fonts. Size 12   IE:   Chome: chrome The font is bold and the display is incomplete.   How to solve?
    zhao jiemin
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  • Can't right click to access settings in Edge or Chrome

    I apologize in advance if I am missing something easy, but I can't seem to right click to access the settings menu in either chrome or edge.  However, everything works fine when I run explorer, but increasingly t...
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  • excessive cpu usage on flash games

    for macos version 10.13.06   flash version  on website  Play Knightmare Tower, and more Action Games! | Max Games   This game and all other flash games takes up extreme amounts of...
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  • Flash Not Detected when playing Royal Games on Chrome

    I'm running Royal Games (King) on Windows 10 in both Chrome and Firefox. Well, until the last Chrome update I was. Now Chrome can't find Flash. Firefox has no problem. Both of them freeze/froze, lag/lagged up to 15 s...
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  • Fix Flash player not working in chrome issue

    Below are the steps we’ll be performing in order to fix this error in Chrome. Check if Flash is enabled or not. Make sure website isn’t blocked for accessing flash. Check site information. Update Adobe...
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  • Error message 'Application Initialization error' Windows 8.1

    Windows 8.1 64-bit , English , Firefox Version   [moderator: edited title for clarity]
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  • Flash Player is pre-installed in Google Chrome, but not enabled

    How the h.... do I activate flash player in chrome when I am about to start the gage The Settlers Online ?   Please help
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  • Videos fail on Windows 7 since Flash Player installed

    Zero Day patch deployed has affected some websites, for example  https://web.microsoftstream.com/browse?view=channel. Videos will not launch in IE11 with FP installed. Works fine in Chrome on same...
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  • Flashplayer 24 freezes on Firefox 50.1 under Windows 10

    Playing Video Vegas Slots via Facebook, screen freezes after about 30 secs; stays frozen for 3-4 mins; runs 5 secons; freezes again for X mins; runs a few seconds and then dies.  It ran fine for YEARS until I loa...
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  • videos on Facebook

    I have reinstalled Adobe flash player and now I can't play videos on Facebook. What can I do.
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