• Error in Flash Player 30

    Hi,   I'm trying to load one of my games using Flash Player 30 in Chrome. The game errors with the error message "ArgumentError: Error #3806" and fails to load. I was able to load the game on Firefox running Fla...
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  • Flash Playing in Container (FireFox)

    Good day kind people.   I am experiencing an issue with Flash that I did not experience prior to recent days.  I am using the up-to-date Flash player   I belong to an online Karaoke site (w...
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  • Adobe update on 6/12/18 include 2144 game center

    I am concerned about this adobe update i received today. i have windows 10 pro and updated adobe flash player 30.0.0113, while it was installing a game was installed along with it and when the install was over i had s...
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  • about Adobe's 'Partner' 2144 in China

    Just something to tell to the staff.   Adobe announced it's new Flash distribution partner '2144' in China.   Now users living in China or using zh-cn based systems are unable to install Flash Player from...
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  • Flash Player 30 crashes when audio input is changed

    Hello,   I use Internet Explorer to watch TV on a website (SFR TV, french internet access provider). I use a software called "Audio Router" to route the sound from Internet Explorer to my TV. And I set my audi...
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  • Adobe Flash Player Not Working on Mac OS.

    Using Safari 10.0.3. Have followed the instructions to enable the flash player and i still am unable to watch any video content on my Mac? Please help...new to Mac and it's beyond frustrating to not be able to watch a...
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  • problem installing flash player

    I am using MacBook Air (Mac OS High Sierra version 10.13.1), Safari web browser, download and install Flash Player new version.   I have download Flash Player then follow the next instruction at the end clic ins...
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  • flash overheats macbook

    I got my MacBook Pro 13inch 2017 two weeks ago, and I downloaded flash player because I need to use it, as well as other family members. however, after ten minutes of being on the website which requires flash player t...
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  • Problemas flash player

    Hola   Tengo un sistema operativo Windows 10 y uso un navegador Google Chrome versión 67.0.3396.87 (64 bits) y la última versión de Adobe Flash Player. Hace unas semanas empecé un cu...
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  • Can't Obtain Distribution License

    I applied for a Flash Player distribution license over 3 days ago here: https://distribute.adobe.com/mmform/index.cfm?name=distribution_form&pv=fp  and have yet to get a response.  I called Adobe support...
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  • How Can i access Flash after instalation

    i have installed adobe flash   it is on my computer   it wont let me open/ access/ activate/ use the program   installing screen - installation successful - nothing after that and no way to access i...
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  • 윈도우10 어도피플래시플레이어 작동

    윈도우10, 인터넷익스플로러 11 버전입니다. 어도비 플래시 플레이어가 작동이 제대로 되지 않는데 해결이 되지 않습니다.
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  • Flashplayer Is Incompatible With Your Area

    Operating system version : "Windows 7  64bit" Web browser and version : "Chrome 68.0.3423.2 64bit" Flash Player version: latest   my issue is when i run flashplayer,it Prompt “This flash...
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  • Flash Player graphical glitches in linux

    I am trying to use the standalone flash player in Xubuntu 18.04, but it is not working properly.  It will play flash files, but has many graphical glitches as shown here.  I have tried multiple versions of t...
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  • installed lastest flash and 2114 game centre appeared

    after installing the lastest flash, i have also recieved AT THE SAME TIME this 2114 game centre. tried uninstalling it and i can not get rid of it.   the name: shanghai jiansheng network technologly this is th...
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  • Flash Player 30 in PowerPoint

    I've recently updated to Flash Player 30 and suddenly am unable to use or embed swf content in PowerPoint (Office 365). I just get errors that 'Some controls on this presentation can't be activated. They might not be ...
    tim crilly
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  • Will Chrome begin requiring permission to run Flash every time in July?

    I found a Chrome product roadmap that says that they will be rolling out "Non-Persisted HTML5 by Default"   It says that "sites using Flash will require explicit permission to run, every time the user restarts t...
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  • Flashplayer 18 mac

    I am trying to download flashplayer 18 on mac but can figure out how to do that. Any help?
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  • Flash Player screwed up printing altogether.  How do I remove it quickly?

    I was tricked into downloading Adobe Flash player on a legitimate ticketing website (The Theatre Royal, Bath) and now I can't print anything.  I use Windows 8.1 and IE and Firefox.  I just need to get rid of...
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  • Shockwave Flash not Responding

    Adobe Flash has not been working with an online Spanish course I am taking this summer. It works well until I am to do online chats with another classmate. Shockwave stops responding and I am unable to complete the ac...
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