• Expired adobe pass token

    I am trying to watch a tv show online, and when i go to view the episode i get an error message that says "expired adobe pass token" how do i fix this so that i can watch the show?
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  • Flash error 16 when using latest Mac version ( on Safari

    Every couple of minutes, I get an error message that says that I am not using the latest version of Flash (when using Safari), and to download and update Flash.  I have used the link in the error message and have...
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  • flash player on opera does not work

    i have been using opera with my flash player for months without a bug or problem. with the last uptade it started not to work. in some sites, there is a puzzle icon and it says "click here to activate adobe" and when ...
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  • Flash Player Update Link is in Chinese. Malware?

    When I clicked on a pop-up ink to update Flash Player, I was directed to : https://get3.adobe.com/cn/flashplayer/download/?installer=FP_27_for_Opera_and_Chromium_-_P PAPI&os=Windows%2010&browser_type=KHTML&am...
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  • Flash player settings box doesnt appear on midomi.com

    When I try to record sound, the box doesnt appear. It goes like this and i can't do anything, Tried uninstall reinstall, older versions and etc.. Dont know what to do. Works well on other pages, except midomi.com
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  • IE11 crashes with FlashPlayer 27.0.0.x when using a Flex application

    Hello   We are using W7 64bits workstation with Flash Player to access a Flex server application. Since we updated our workstation with Flash Player 27, we have Internet Explorer 11 crashes. When looking at th...
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  • Flash - Causing slowness using Internet Explorer for Business Systems

    Currently supporting a large organisation, recently had an issues where Flash player Version's and Caused Internet Explorer to Crash after 10-30 seconds. Initial fix was to roll back to Beta vers...
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  • My flash player keeps Crashing on ALL Browers what can I do, I have removed, restored,cleared  cache and still not working

    I am having trouble with adobe shockwave flash player, it keeps crashing, I have tried different browsers, uninstalled, re installed, cleared cache, and it still crashes. I don't see any other flash players for games ...
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  • problems installing Flash Player

    In the first place, I don't know how to get to a screen called "Manage Add-ons default view". I have tried to install flash at least 6 times, always ending on the step 3 ad, which is very confusing. When I go to plug ...
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  • Flash Player broken on Windows 10--across multiple browsers

    Yesterday, updated Flash (and Windows 10 also updated).  Usually use Opera browser.  Opera and all other browsers I tried could not find Flash (says not installed or not enabled.)  In Opera settings, wh...
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  • error   8, [(6, 1015, -2147220499)]

    I have a HP offiice 5 in 1  printer scanner pro 8500 I can the document I see the scanner working it the gives me on my computer screen   An error occurred saving the images to the chosen field ...
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  • Will Geforce GTX 10xx help to increase performance of Flash Player?

    Hi! In school we have e-learning swf games with interactive simulators. To run them we use latest Standalone Adobe Flash Player with enabled hardware acceleration. Recently we bought new big monitors for the classroo...
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  • Adobe Flash Player stays white screen and does not install.

    Appeared for me to update the flash player, when I download and try to install it gets that white screen and does not exit, and when I close this window the installation application is automatically deleted from the c...
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  • 32 or 64 bit?

    Hi, I am a new member and not at all tech savvy. I use windows 7 pro and a 64 bit system. I play flash player games like battle pirates and seaport and they asked me to install the latest shock players. They run very ...
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  • Flashplayer installed upgraded turned on still dont work

    ok done everything they said in troubleshooting for Microsoft edge and chrome the flashplayer is installed it is set to on in settings but still says it isn't so what now
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  • Big Performance drop on newest Firefox version.

    Hi there, i playing games via Friefox wich using Flash Player, but since the newest Version of Firefox, there is a huge performance drop. Asked some other "players" and they said all the same, one of them said "Firefo...
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  • Every day I am prompted to install Flashplayer...EVERYDAY!

    So i download and install and I notice that each time it's a different version. FLASHPLAYER27pp_ha_INSTALL OR FLASHPLAYER27ppau_ha_INSTALL   Does anyone know why this is happening?
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  • i remain STUNNED at how difficult it is simply to ask a question here

    i have windows 10.   i have flashplayer enabled in settings.   i have flashplayer enabled in manage add-ons.   the ONLY place that flashplayer is NOT enabled is any site that i go to that uses flashp...
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  • Flash Player stops working with Rosetta Stone

    I will start by saying I don't "speak computer" so if any assistance will need to be spoken in laymen terms that I can understand.  Thanks in advance.   Operating System:  64 bit operating system, x64-...
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  • Flash Player installer connection failure

    I'm running Windows XP-Pro SP-3.   I'm trying to install the recent Flash Player update,   My browser is Firefox 52.3.0 ESR.   Prior to current update notification, Flash Player updates h...
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