• Fake FlashPlayer Update?

    I run Safari on an iMac.  I had a screen pop up saying I needed to download a FlashPlayer update.  When I read the terms and permissions it was really an attempt to lead MacCleaner Pro onto my computer. ...
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  • What means "Exit Code 3" when installing Flash version

    Operating system version: MacOS 10.9.5 Web browser and version: Firefox 56.0.2 (the last to support Tab Groups) Flash Player version: Explain your problem in step-by-step detail if possible: I got pop-up...
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  • Crash in Flash Player when using Captivate 2019 on MacOS 10.14.1

    I was trying to open up a file that ends with ".SWF" via Flash Player on my new MacBook Pro.   For some reason, I keep getting a blank screen and it looks as if the application is trying to play the file but you...
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  • Unable to get Flash Player via Windows Update

    [C:\Windows\System32\Macromed\Flash\Flash.ocx] & [C:\Windows\SysWOW64\Macromed\Flash\Flash.ocx]   Despite installing a fresh install of:   - KB4477029 & - ADOBE FLASH   ---------...
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  • About Adobe Air after the end of 2020

    Hello Now that Flashplayer will be fired out from many browser by the end of 2020. I have a simple question: can i package my flex sdk3 application to run within the adobe air runtime (for the desktop) and hope that...
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  • Flash player 30+ causing issues with our large games

    We are currently experiencing issues with performance and load times with the flash player. Seems that after Flash Player 30 was released that this issue started to happen. Our software loads a 100MB flash object whic...
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  • Question about Adobe flash player license

    Hello, Sir        IS Adobe flash player free to use for business company? Only use it as plug-in, no need develop and distribute. Look forward to your kind reply. Thanks!      ...
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  • mouse not lined up on progress bar

    When playing a video  on Youtube my mouse pointer will be  far ahead of the progress red bar if I want to  scan forward in time of the video or backwards and not on the time stamp of the video playing ....
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  • Disable Flash Update notifications

    Hi,   I am having a problem where I cannot seem to turn off Adobe Flash update notifications.  These are the steps I have performed so far, yet the update notifications keep appearing.   1. Modified m...
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  • unable to download more than one file at a time from the distribution page (Chrome/Vivaldi)

    The .exe works, but the .msi installer download just loops back to the page - Adobe Flash Player Distribution | Adobe     <moderator: edited title to more accurately reflect the issue>
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  • adobe flash player

    ow does flash player connect to ancestry family tree
    west 80th
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  • update window and settings window

    popup window about updates available is not translated to Slovak. Also global settings window is not translated to Slovak. My father does not know what this mean.
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  • Flash Player not working on Mac OS

    I have downloaded the Flash Player Version for my Mac OS Sierra Version 10.12 but I am having trouble getting it to work. I decided to try some troubleshooting but NOTHING is working. I need proper technic...
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  • Flash Player

    hi! Customer Service I am a student and I need flash player for my tests. I installed Flash player but it is not active. I have tried different ways and it does not open in any way. Please help me to resolve the probl...
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  • Adobe Flash for websites

    Why every time I visit my website [moderator: link removed - self-promoting your site is not allowed on these forums] must activate Adobe Flash if is not used ?
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  • Installing flash

    I have safari version 12.0.2 on Mac. At this page Enable Adobe Flash Player for Safari stage 2 says scroll down to the lpoug ins section.  There is no plug-ins section.   Under notifications is has Pop-up ...
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  • Flash 31 Backwards Compatible?

    Hey,   Read the release notes (Release Notes Flash Player 31 AIR 31 ) and I'm not seeing anything on this. Is Flash Player 31 backwards compatible with earlier versions? We have some program(s) dependent on Ver...
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  • Latest Firefox Flash down to a crawl, unusable

    Win7 Ultimate SP1 Firefox 52.9ESR Flashplayer Pages where problem appears: Wordcraft - Mindjolt Games Bubble Shooter | Puzzle Games HQ Rowowor - Mindjolt Games Stream Master Unlimited any other...
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  • Fake Flash Update

    This morning I received a pop up to update my my "Flash," so I clicked on the link and followed the prompts. But this part and name looked suspicious, so I stopped. Is this a legitimate site or not? I took a screenshot.
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  • Which devices still support flash?

    Hello, I am looking into buying a flash player supported device. I want to download flash games on the go. (Such as flash games from DeviantArt.) I dont think you can play flash games on current generation phones and ...
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