• Framemaker 15 Publisher Woes - ignores HTML5 layout settings

    Hello fellows,   I've imported an SLZ file through the FM Publisher HTML5 Settings dialog and I set the following to False: Show Index Show Glossary Show Filter Show Search Results in...   When I compi...
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  • Mapping paragraph tags

    I am applying a new template to an already established template that has a catalog of paragraph tags. Is there a way to map the existing tags to the new paragraph tags in the new template after I've applied it to the ...
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  • F9 stopped working

    Having a thorny issue in FrameMaker 12 (unStructured). My F9 key to bring up the Paragraph Format pop-up no longer works. Indeed, my keyboard stopped working in Frame entirely. I've tried making sure the CAPSLOCK key ...
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  • FrameMaker 9 loses PDF Setup bookmarks

    In previous versions of FrameMaker, when you configure bookmarks in the PDF Setup dialog on the Print dialog, using Adobe PDF as the printer, it remembers the bookmarks the next time you print. Frame 9 seems to forget...
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  • image resolution (dpi) is completely wrong in Fm 2017

    Hi all   I'm using FrameMaker 2017 all patched up (14.0.3). I import an png image (a screen shot at 96 dpi) and I select 150 dpi in the "Imported Graphic Scaling" dialog. However, this doesn't seem to work: the i...
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  • framemaker pdf paragraph text line cut off

    When I produce PDF with Framemaker, the paragraph text in PDF are cut off by lines. Because when I copy paragraphs from produced PDF and pasted those paragraphs in Notepad, paragraph text lines are cut off.   Is...
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  • AI image imported at different sizes when anchored to different para styles

    This is not a behavior that happens when I create a brand new FM 2017 document but in a legacy UNSTRUCTURED FM document that was created years ago probably with TCS 5. I'm currently using FM 2017 on a Windows 10 PC. &...
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  • Framemaker15 Publisher - Figure caption with a line under

    Hello fellows,   I have a strange issue with figure captions defined in Framemaker as having a line under the caption ("Frame Below Pgf" property) . This line is retrieved from a frame on the reference page. The...
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  • FrameMaker keeps "bombing out" when trying to import photos

    Hello:   I have been having problems all day trying to get some photos into my FM document but the application keeps "bombing out" on me; that is, it either hangs and reports back an Internal Error 8004, 6345644...
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  • bilingual document

    I did a bilingual document, I created two colums with two textflow (A for English on Left Side, and B, for French, on Right Side). Now I need to generate 2 separate tables of content ;     ...
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  • Save as... not working for some files

    Hi Folks, I'm using FM 2017 Release (unstructured) and am encountering problems with the Save as command being grayed out. I opened a legacy FM9 document and after modifying it wanted to Save as [a new file name] but ...
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  • Odd published result of cross-reference format conversion

    Hello. Here is a strange problem ...   I am using FM 2015 in a Win 10 environment.   My document uses cross-reference formats that sometimes include a page number variable.   This cross-reference s...
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  • Filtrix conversion software

    Has anyone used this software? Someone sent me the link and I have tried the demo. I have Interleaf (QuickSilver) files that I want to convert to FM files. I continue to get errors and have yet to make a file at all. ...
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  • .sts file has forgotten and I can't edit styles

    Hello. I am using FM 2015 in a Win 10 environment.   I had an .sts file that was working pretty well to convert FM output to HTML Help.   Now it has forgotten what it knew (it has lost the settings). Our P...
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  • Can book files imported from FM12 to FM 2017 be downgrade saved back to FM12 after edits are completed?

    I received an FM12 book and source files from co-workers overseas (who may be using a Japanese version of FM12 that's different from my US version). The auto-numbering feature in FM12 is unstable (as confirmed by Adob...
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  • Where do I find the html5 Ocean and Indigo themes?

    I am running TechComm Suite 2017 and want to try out the Ocean and Indigo theme  but where are they? I have only acces to Azure... Can they be downloaded somewhere?   Best regards Bjørn
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  • Conditional Tags pod does not appear

    Hi, all.   I am working in FrameMaker 2015 in Windows 10.   The Conditional Tags pod has mysteriously disappeared. When I select text and select Special/Conditional tags, nothing happens. When I select Vie...
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  • Why does the keyword Index search capability not work in Responsive HTML5 output with FM upgrade?

    Ever since I upgraded FM 2017 to in early December, 2017, the keyword Index search capability no longer works in my Responsive HTML5 output (an online Help system). If you type in the search bar of the Inde...
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  • Change cross reference color

    When I insert cross reference the default color is black. Is there a way to change the cross reference color to blue such that every time I insert the cross reference the font color is blue automatically
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  • Framemaker for the Mac. WHY NOT?

    I have a Mac and use the Creative Suite software on it. Yet, when I went to go find FrameMaker, I have found it is ONLY available for the PC. Why? So I go look for a solution and find that FrameMaker 7 is the last ve...
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