• solve TIFF grey box problem?

    solve TIFF grey box problem for referenced files
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  • Glossary question

    Hello all,   I notice that when I create a glossary, it looks like this:     I see that it has put a page number - sort of like what an index looks like.   My questions:   Should any pag...
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  • Copy Paste issue

    I take lots of screen captures and paste them into FrameMaker. The screen captures are small files, not very memory intensive. I never had a problem when using FrameMaker 2015 or previous versions. Now that I'm using ...
    jay fresno
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  • Reformatting using available fonts

    I am getting "Document XX.fm uses unavailable fonts. To reformat the document using available fonts, click OK." How do I reformat using available fonts? Thanks!
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  • Cross-references break in conditional text

    Hi, all.   I am using FrameMaker 13 in a Windows 10 environment.   We single-source these outputs:   User Guide PDF for version 4 of our product User Guide PDF for version 5 Reference Guide PDF for...
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  • FM 2017 to FM2015 file conversion?

    I had a huge FM 2015 file on which i was working. I also had FM2017 on my system and by mistake i opened the FM2015 files using 2017 and i am unable to revert it now. Kindly help.
    pre release
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  • Framemaker Not Exporting TOCs to PDF with Nested Book

    I have a nested book (a book of books) where each sub-book is a chapter.  Each chapter has its own TOC at the beginning.  Everything is fine when looking at each individual chapter *.book file.  However...
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  • DropBox saves all FM autosave files

    Greetings,   I've recently started using Dropbox and I've noticed that every one of my autosave files when using FM gets saved and stored in Dropbox. None of them get deleted. A document I just finished working ...
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  • FrameMaker 7.0 -- Can I convert?

    I have 50 out of print books that were created in FrameMaker 7.0. Will the current version read these files? Can they be converted into InDesign? Can I at least copy the text from the old FrameMaker files and paste it...
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  • FrameMaker12 running on Windows 10 - Screens and text too small to read

    I have FrameMaker12 and recently was given a new laptop at work. The laptop runs Windows 10. When I open FrameMaker12 the text and menus are too small to see. I am unable to use FrameMaker. What can I do?
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  • Text Symbols

    Hello all,   Is there a way to view a list of the text symbols used in FM 2017?  And, I don't mean View->Text Symbols (that just makes visible the symbols being used in the doc).  I mean I want to s...
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  • <Default font> tag disappeared

    Has anyone experienced the <default font> character tag suddenly disappear from the list? It seems to be an FM thing, not a template issue. I'm using FM 2017.
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  • Faulting application FrameMaker.exe

    We are getting the below error. Could you please let us know how to fix this.   Faulting application FrameMaker.exe, version, faulting module fsl5_80.dll, version, fault address 0x00114d06.  ...
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  • FrameMaker 2015 won't print to PDF

    Frame in TCS 2015 has recently stopped printing to PDF on my home machine.  I've just reinstalled Acrobat DC Pro (from my work Creative Cloud account) to no avail.  And it has continued to work with Word and...
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  • Character Palette issue

    Hi, When I try to insert a character from the Character Palette in FrameMaker 2017 all I get is a question mark. I have tried changing the font in the palette box, but I still get a question mark.   What do I ...
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  • Framemaker 2017 cannot print pdf due to error

    Framemaker 2017 cannot print pdf due to following error "Cannot print because the selected default printer is not compatible with FrameMaker. (Cannot query escape 768).  My default printer is set as Adobe pdf....
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  • User variable question

    Is it possible to create a two line entry in a user variable in Frame 2017 and then display one line on top of the other? I am trying to place a multi-line user variable in a footer.   Thanks for any help. ...
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  • Frame 2017 cannot print to PDF or PS or Printer as of April 6, 2018

    Since a major update to Windows 10, installed April 6 2018, I cannot generate a PDF. Nothing happens. When trying to output to PS of send to a printer, I get the error dialog - Cannot print because the selected defaul...
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  • FrameMaker 2017 crashes on launch in Windows 7

    I am running Windows 7 Ultimate with the latest updates. FrameMaker 2017 no longer launches. So, I uninstalled and reinstalled after first downloading a fresh copy from the Adobe License Server. It still crashes with ...
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  • Set rectangle to no fill, no stroke

    Thanks. That takes care of that. But I'm having trouble changing the stroke and fill color for the rectangle. I want no fill and white stroke. But I don't see any option for None or No Fill.
    jay fresno
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