• Als PDF speichern erstellt nur eine leere .ts Datei

    Wenn wir bei einem Arbeitsplatz im Framemaker die Option als PDF Datei speichern auswählen wird nur eine .ts Datei in dem Verzeichnis erstellt, mit 0 KB. Als PDF drucken funktioniert zwar, aber das ist nicht das...
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  • Framemaker 10. My PDF TOC links aren't working - Make sure file exists.

    I'm using FrameMaker 10. My PDF TOC links aren't working. When I go the TOC.fm page and click on the chapter pages, I receive an error message "Cannot find the file named C:\Users\Username\Documents.... Make sure file...
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  • Quality of the German translation in the FM 2017 user interface

    Issue: The quality of the German translation in the FM 2017 user interface isn't good enough.   Sometimes the German translation in the FM 2017 user interface sounds strange, surreal, is hard to understand or si...
    Lothar Voigt
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  • Hypertext commands

    FM 2017 allows the insertion of 26 different hypertext commands: Insert > Hypertext.   Some questions belonging to two commands:   Message Client The text field of the Hypertext pod shows: message Wh...
    Lothar Voigt
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  • FrameMaker console doesn't launch and consfile.txt is empty

    Hi all,   We're on FrameMaker 2015 on both Windows 7 and Windows 10, and use FrameScript to perform various tasks, among them writing to the console when something fails. This all has been working fine for two y...
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  • "Package" feature does not include Insets or Fonts folders

    "Package" feature does not include Insets or Fonts folders is it does in other Adobe applications. Is there a cure for this? TIA
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  • can i open framemaker 2017 files in framemaker 2015

    i have 2017 framemaker ,but my friend uses 2015 version ,he wants to open files which i created,i tried savinf my file in save as=> 2015.fm format also .but he unable to open.so i am looking for suggestions! thank...
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  • Can't save as pdf

    Using FrameMaker 11. Trying to save as pdf. Getting the following error message...   "Framemaker: Unknown exception caught in EnumerateFontFamily routine. Please Restart your machine."   I have restarted a...
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  • FrameMaker on a Mac?

    Is the FrameMaker subscription run online? Does this mean I can use a Mac to access it?     Thanks, Joyce
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  • Framemaker 12 crashes when trying to open file.

    Using Framemaker 12 trying to open file and it crashes giving me a log.  I need to know if this file can be saved.
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  • Issues with Appendix Title in TOC

    I have a book file that has one appendix file ("Appendix A: Event Codes"). In the appendix, the word "Appendix" is tagged Chapter.num new, the letter "A" is tagged Chap.Num, and "Event Codes" is tagged Appendix name. ...
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  • tracked changes cannot be accepted properly

    Hi Adobe Customer Care, I reported to you about the issue that tracked changes cannot be accepted properly. I made changes with FM Track Text Edits enabled. After accepting all changes, I found some parts I had delet...
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  • Changing from "Chapter" to "Appendix" in Header

    How do I prevent the chapter number of a file in my book from appearing in my running header? I can't figure out how to delete it from the master pages, and it seems like the Chapter Number variable isn't being used. ...
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  • Einstellungen zu "Dokument drucken"?

    Hallo zusammen,   schon immer müssen wir FrameMaker-Benutzer (Version 12) in unserer Abteilung jedes Mal manuell diesen Haken entfernen, wenn wir etwas ausdrucken wollen:   Weiß jemand, ob es d...
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  • como faço downgrade do adobe framemaker?

    preciso fazer o downgrade da versao 2017 para 12, comprei o software corretamente, mas ninguém atende no canal de atendimento.   tem algum telefone rápido ou documento (tutorial) de como fazer o do...
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  • FrameMaker 2017 Doesn't Start

    Hello,   FrameMaker 2017 doesn't start on my computer. When I select FM in the Start menu or launch FrameMaker.exe, nothing happens, even the splash screen doesn't appear. I tried to completely remove FM, restar...
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  • Change Page Size?

    I have a 25 x 19.5" size document, and I'm attempting to scale down the width to 10" (to 10 x 19.5"), but every time I do, I receive the "Resulting columns would be too narrow" error below: I'm sure I need to adjus...
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  • In FrameMaker 2017, some shortcuts were deleted?

    The following shortcuts do not work:   Ctrl + F5 (Show/Hide conditional text) Ctrl + F7 (Select same condition tags) Ctrl + F8 (Select same character format) Ctrl + F10 (Select paragraph) Shift + F2 (Go to p...
    Lothar Voigt
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  • Master page logo displaying in one body page

    Hi,   I have a FrameMaker document that is displaying our company logo that is located on the master page, on one page only, 21, it has the text around it so it looks like it's been anchored. I've tried deleting...
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  • Is there a way to reference one single Excel cell in another FM file and to update it?

    Hi all,   I'm looking for a solution for the following problem: I need a smart table that calculates certain values. The result value is supposed to get referenced in several  FM files. When the values in...
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