• Any Subscriptions Plans for Print and publishing products

    Hi,   Need to know any sbcriptions plans for print & publishing products Or any plans involving print & publishing products with Illustrations Products     please reply at the earliest 
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  • Landscape tables in FM 12?

    In some portrait-oriented chapters, I am about to make long and wide tables that are multiple pages in length. I'd prefer to have them be landscape-oriented.   I found a forum reply that says once a table is rot...
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  • How to delete all formats in a doc with minimal keystrokes?

    Hello,   I'm cleaning out a bunch of old paragraph formats in a book, and then I'm adding in new formats. I did the first document in the book by hand so that it has exactly the formats I want. Several of the fo...
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  • Ctrl+L

    In the last 20 years, FM has undergone lots of revisions.   Every FM user knows the shortcut to refresh the screen: Ctrl+l (small L).   Why is there still the need for this shortcut?   No automation ...
    Lothar Voigt
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  • using framemaker as a command to generate an output (eg: PDF)

    I would like to know if there is a way to use framemaker as a command to generate an output such as a pdf file without opening the framemaker UI.   For example, I have already created a book file using framemake...
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  • How do you tell if a FM file is a 2017 file vs a 2015 or earlier file?

    How do you tell if a FM file is a 2017 file vs a 2015 or earlier file?
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  • Creating TOC and List of Figures is VERY slow!

    Creating the TOC and List of Figures for a book takes 30 mins PER generation, no mater the number of documents. Why is this so slow?? (FM 2017)
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  • Is it possible to generate 100% accessible (qualifies VPAT testing) and responsive HTML5 from FM 2017?

    I need to create accessible HTML output through FM 2017 since all our guides are already in FM so we cannot migrate to robohelp or any other HTML editor, because it may take too much time.   There are few points...
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  • Can't import SVG files

    Hello   I can't import svg files in fm document when svg files are located on my computer (I have a message saying that the filter can't finish the conversion), but I can import the same svg files when they are ...
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  • Can't open .tps file error when creating a PDF file from a .fm file?

    Why do I get an error message stating that FrameMaker can't open the .tps file when I try to make a PDF from a .fm file. It worked originally.
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  • How to fix navigation button activity in Responsive HTML5 output through FM2017?

    When I click next/previous button it navigates to next file available in book instead of Headings. My headings are properly ordered in TOC and it looks like this: As you can see the screenshot the 'Heading 1 again'...
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  • When testing Xrefs, is there a hot key for returning to the previous view?

    There used to be a hot key, Esc v P I believe, that would return the user to the page containing the Xref. When testing Xrefs, it is most inconvenient to have to hunt back to the point of origin. In Reader, this abili...
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  • Is there a "Back" button?

    Hi folks,   I am using the 30-day trial version of FrameMaker 9 and trying to learn enough to know whether to recommend changing from Word to Frame. It's a frustrating process, but I'm making progress, though hav...
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  • Is there a way to "Go Back" after using a cross-reference?

    I'm writing some monster (500-1000 page) documents right now and using a ton of cross-references. This may be more of a PDF issue than a Frame issue, but is there a way to embed a button or funcitonthat allows users t...
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  • HTML5 and iPad

    When I load the URL to my HTML5 content, the iPad does not display the function bar or sidebar so there is no way to navigate the content. Any ideas?
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  • language variable

    Hi, I would like to know how to change how the word 'Table' appears next to my list of tables in a table number & page setup previously created. I am translating a Framemaker document into French so the word 'Tabl...
    Mr. Ervin
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  • How can I generate PDF bookmarks for change bars?

    I want to generate PDF bookmarks for text that is marked by change bars when I save as PDF from structured Framemaker 7.1. That way the proofreader can go directly to the pages that contain change bars and proof only ...
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  • Is there a continuation variable for regular headings (or something similar)?

    I saw a document made in Framemaker where there was a heading followed by a body paragraph that spanned two pages, and the heading repeated at the top of the 2nd page in a smaller font with "(continued)" at the end of...
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  • In FM 2017, the status bar doesn't display an override correctly

    My issue: Wrong display of a character override in the status bar  Create a blank document. Open the Character Designer. Create a new tag, i.e. 'RedTest' -> All settings: 'As Is' + Color: 'Red'. Press 'Cre...
    Lothar Voigt
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  • The font in FrameMaker help is too small to read

    When i opened the help system, the navigation panel looked good but the content page looked small. I went to the font settings and switched to Largest, BUT all the text on the screen became smaller, around 6pt. I swit...
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