• The Table Designer will not change the background cell color in the header row.

    FM 2017: the Table Designer will not change the background cell color in the header row. I can change it with the Custom Ruling and Shading but I want to change the Header background color for all of the tables in the...
    created by danh55495888
  • Updating the table of contents

    Hello all,   I've a book with several, files.  I've updated one of the files - adding a new Heading 1 and some body text.  How do I get the TOC to now recognize this new bit?   Many thanks  ...
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  • equation mif form

    Hi - I have a question about adjusting equation boundary boxes in FM 2017.  I recently discovered that some of our equations were not being rendered in our html help system.  After much digging I found that ...
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  • Conditional text in books and numbering

    I am working on a book file that contains conditional text. One version of the book completely omits a chapter. Is there a way to add a condition that updates the page and chapter numbers in the book with the omitted ...
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  • Is there a way to "Go Back" after using a cross-reference?

    I'm writing some monster (500-1000 page) documents right now and using a ton of cross-references. This may be more of a PDF issue than a Frame issue, but is there a way to embed a button or funcitonthat allows users t...
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  • What is the best way to accept all edits in a book with many files and still retain the edits for archival.

    I'm using FrameMaker 12. I have a book with 17 files (one is a generated TOC). Every file has tracked edits and now I need to accept all the edits (redlines) in all the files to make a "clean" book. I also need to r...
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  • Using font pod: Replacement of missing fonts in multiple files at once possible?

    Is there any way (or available scipt) to select multiple occurrences of the same missing font displayed in the font pod at once for replacement? The font pod only seems to offer selection of one font for replacement a...
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  • framemaker 13 and 2015 release seperately on same device?

    hello, I have to process FM13 files, but unfortunately the installation of FM13 became FM2015 with updates. (It's been a while and I don't remember how exactly). I have older versions of FrameMaker installed, and th...
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  • How do I structure the table of contents in the responsive html5 output?

    What does FrameMaker use to create this table of contents for the responsive html5 output? 
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  • New PC, should I deactivate license on old PC

    Because of a corrupted and unfixable McAfee installation, I'm having to get a new PC. Our IT folks have installed most of what I need and are letting me install and configure the rest of my software before I switch ov...
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  • Add page number to first page of chapters (Edited for brevity)

    Page numbers do not appear on the first page of new chapters. Continuous page numbering is spot-on, but I want to be able to see the page number in the footer of EVERY page, including the first page of a new chapter i...
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  • Drag and Drop Files FrameMaker 2017

    I am finding that drag-n-drop of files in FM 2017 behaves differently than in 2015. I want to place a PDF file (an image), non-anchored, on a blank page, without affecting text flow (we aren't using text on these page...
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  • What causes blank pages

    Hello all,   Just wondering.  I see several posts on the web talking about how to remove blank pages from a file.  I wonder, what is the cause and is there a way to prevent the creation in the first pl...
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  • Cannot resize floating document window

    By default, Framemaker opens documents as tabs. With Framemaker 2017 (FM, when I drag a document tab out of a tab group into into a floating window, the new window is always opened very small (approx. 300 ...
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  • FM-14 (2017) does not show Help > Help Topics

    Dear all, Although there is $home\HelpViewer.exe and $home\HelpCfg.ini on my system (w7 x64, FM- - the Help function does not work. Neither F1 nor selecting from the menu does anything. Double clicking He...
    created by K.Daube
  • Loss of French accents in MIF

    I have been using FrameMaker from V7.0 through to the current TCS version V2017, we send MIF files to our translator and until now this has caused no concerns.  We have just received our latest set of files back ...
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  • Framemaker 2017: Some questions belonging to the Preference settings

    In Framemaker 2017, I don't understand some preference settings:   Preferences > Global:General > Cross-Platform File Naming What does this mean? What is it good for? Preferences > Global:General > ...
    Lothar Voigt
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  • How can I get a better quality pdf using Acrobat DC Pro?

    I'm creating the .pdf from Framemaker 12, and it has nice quality photos (.jpg), with lots of detail. I've tried High Quality and Press Quality Settings but the pdfs do not show good enough quality for the photos.
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  • Is FrameMaker 11 compatible with Windows 10?

    Our business is changing operating systems. We are currently on Windows 7 and use FrameMaker 11 to generate PDFs.   Will FrameMaker 11 run on Windows 10? Will FrameMaker 11 have experience issues with Windo...
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  • Image getting cut off when converting the fm file to pdf

    If I rotate an image in FrameMaker and convert the fm file to pdf, then the image is cutted in the PDF. I use FrameMaker version 2015. I found this problem already in this forum. There was the solution: "rotate the i...
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