• Creating Custom Dialog Box

    Hii   I have installed FDK2019(32-bit) and Framemaker2019(32-bit) and created a new DRE file from the existing DRE files in FDK Directory. When i am going to save it as abc.dre the framemaker gives below mention...
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  • How to create tabs in custom Dialog Box?

    How to create tabs in Custom Dialog Box?
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  • ESTK - draw a graphic

    Dear all, After the first step (drawing a single line) I now try to draw a polyline. But i have no success: Obviously the defintion for the points is not correct Same is for the defintion of the dash pattern. I tr...
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  • Does anybody know how to add group/folder with extend script

    is it possible to add group/folder with extendscript ?
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  • ESTK vs FDK

    Dear all, To the best of my knowledge: ESK is a wrapper around FDK - or something like that. It seems to me that not all FDK functions are mapped to ES functions. For exeample, in the FDK documentation I find these ...
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  • How to apply hypertext marker to text with specific character tag

    I am trying to apply a gotolink marker in my text to a word that has a specific character tag. A couple of months ago, frameexpert helped me with some code that applies the newlink marker to text in a specific paragra...
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  • how to open .dita file on extendscript

    Fm is working slow when I open multiple .dita files.   are there special parameters to make it faster ?
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  • Special characters not displayed correctly in variable if inserted via script

    Dear all   I came across a nasty bug: https://tracker.adobe.com/#/view/FRMAKER-5522 (please vote on it).   Script InsertVariable.jsx creates a variable with this content: \+9\st007\st199\st254\st740\st991 ...
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  • Autorun script that adds elements to an XML file on open with Notify event

    Hello, I am working with FrameMaker 2019 and I try to add some elements to an xml file based on a custom application when a new xml file is selected by the user. I have managed to set the notification (with Constant...
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  • How to reliably close a palette window

    Hi,   I'm trying to figure out how to positively close a palette window that has both an X in the upper right corner and a Close button. The reason is that I want to use the Window.find() method to determine if ...
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  • FrameMaker Internal Errors when using script to generate FM books

    I developed a script to automate the generation of large FrameMaker books from Ditamap and XML files.  The script successfully generates 2 or 3 of these large books before FrameMaker crashes midway through the bo...
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  • operation time open .dita with extendscript

    Does anybody know why opening .dita with extend script takes much longer than the same operation manually. Can you suggest right parameters as i will overcome unnecessary stages during opening.   I get some issu...
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  • Import some variables

    Hi All,   I like to import only some variables from an old FM template file to a new one. The SimpleImport function is not accurate as all variables of the source old FM template file will be imported. With thi...
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  • How to mark overflow

    Hey,   I'd like to have a script that goes through the document and places a string in each paragraph or table that has overflow. Any ideas how I can achieve this?   Thanks.
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  • TextRange - SubCol

    Hello,   I'm using template with 2 or 3 column textframe. I'm trying to make a script that avoid hyphen at end of column. Getting the last pgf of a column, getting the end of line type is not a problem (Consta...
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  • Timer on extend : run a function after a specific number of seconds

    run a function after a specific number of seconds. is that possible ?
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  • How to free the memory to avoid memory leak in FrameMaker

    Hi All,   I open 2 books and save to dita   I get memory leak.   Does anybody know how to remove objects of opened fm files and books.   As might clean the memory ?
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  • Cannot initialize API Client

      I have script which does book 2 dita for 2 books. During second book it shows above error. but books are same, no problems with inputs ? does anybody know what does this problem mean ?
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  • How to center the new string ?

    Hi forum.   I have got a function that delete a text from a texline  and set a new text in this one. the new text is shorter and i would to center this text instead of set on the left side.   the cur...
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  • Constants.FV_BK_FOLDER - how get folder name ?

    Hello.   In book hierarchy - we see folder - how to get folder name ?    var compType=comp.ComponentType;   if(Constants.FV_BK_FOLDER == compType || Constants.FV_BK_GROUP == compType) { comp...
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