• Calling XSLT with CallClient

    What is the syntax for calling XSLT transformations with ExtendScript's CallClient method? An example would be helpful.   Also, are there any other undocumented methods or properties that have been recently adde...
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  • Need help with applying hypertext markers with specific commands to paragraphs

    Hi all. I'm new here and new to scripting. Been reading a lot and watching some videos but it still hasn't quite clicked. I'm am trying to write a script that will apply a hypertext marker to a specific paragraph form...
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  • 2019 FDK, FV_SaveFmtBinary140 problem, save file as previous version

    Hi   In our custom application we have a function to save files in older versions formats using the FDK.   I am using the latest FDK to save a file from v2019 to v2017. I use the "FV_SaveFmtBinary140" defi...
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  • Open fm document.

    how to open an existing framemaker document using extendscript?
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  • How to open .fm files and save to .dita within extendscript

    Hello   I want to open .fm files and save to .dita within extendscript. I tried some example from the forum but they don't open my .fm files.     Thanks.
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  • Running a Publish script at startup

    I have a script that reads a simple XML file, which has to be in the same folder as the script and with the same base name. For example, the script is called PublishOutput.jsx and the XML file is called PublishOutput....
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  • How to create our own plugins

    Hi All,     I want to create my own plugin, Is there any tutorial available. I want to do it in java.     Thanks in Advance.
    Pads Balan
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  • FrameMaker  Plug-in development

    can you please tell me which Tool I use for FrameMaker  Plug-in development.
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  • select text from paragraph.

    Hi,      I want to select particular text from particular paragraph.So how to select paragraph and text using extendscript for framemaker? Please suggests if any ideas.        ...
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  • Explain setup find parameters.

    Hi,      I didn't understand the following code in extendscript for framemaker. what is the purpose of findParams[0] and findParams[1]. And why we have to choose  findParams[0].propIdent.num ...
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  • When I click on New Script nothing happens

    I am using the FM 2017 release and have installed the FDK2017 from the official website. I open Framemaker, click on file-->script-->new script but nothing ever happens. I do not get a error message. I have re...
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  • Find and replace with wildcards in framemaker.

    Hi, How to find 5 digits value with comma (10,000) and replace 5 digits with dot (10.000) and space (10 000) using wildcard for framemaker using extendscript ? Please suggests if any ideas.        ...
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  • How to determine if a page is blank?

    Trying to create a script to determine if a page is blank.   Been thinking on scrolling through the BodyPage collection but not sure how to link that to the actual flow.   Any ideas I can start with?  ...
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  • Read Excel file and extracting rows and columns data.

    Hi,     How to read excel file,and extracting datas from rows and columns using extendscript for framemaker.Please suggests if any ideas.
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  • Alert Function

    Hi All,   Is the description of the alert function given in the Adobe FrameMaker Scripting Guide, release 2017-01-31, always up to date? For any type value in the range from 0 to 5, only OK button is shown. ...
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  • Update Style of CharFmt

    Hi All,   It is easily possible to change with Pod "Character Designer" a property of a character format. For example, in a template file of a FM book, when a character style is selected, the change of one prope...
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  • End script using extendscript.

    Hi, How to end the script using extendscript in framemaker ? I have attached below code.It will not "Exit".Please suggests if any ideas.   var oDoc = app.ActiveDoc; var frameDocumentName = oDoc.Name;  &...
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  • import text flow by reference

    Hi All,   I wonder if a FM scripting solution could be developed to update text insets in a FM template file. The scripting solution must have similar functions as those of "Import text flow by reference" FM com...
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  • Set Properties to Display Logical Page in Acrobat Reader?

    Dear community,   What bothers me is the page numbering in the toolbar of the PDF Reader. In my documents, the TOC is Roman numbering and the rest is Arabic numbering, however the toolbar does not display iii (3...
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  • Get the default value for an element's attribute

    I use this to get an attribute value that is assigned to a particular element:   var version = getAttributeValue (element, "TemplateVersion"); alert (version); function getAttributeValue (element, name) {  ...
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