• Has anyone used scripts in FrameMaker 2015?

    Hi everyone,   We have some relatively complex scripts we use to update books in FrameMaker 10. Now that we are running them on FrameMaker 2015, the results are mixed. We are parsing out each function and doing ...
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  • How to access TblFmt from a Tbl object?

    Is there any way to get a TblFmt from a selected Tbl which I can then use to set the TblFmt while creating a new Tbl from selected paragraphs? I am looking to convert a table to paragraphs, work on the paragraphs and ...
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  • Checkboxes are set randomly

    Dear all, I'm fighting with randomly set check boxes in a particular dialogue: $.writeln ("PaletteDocSettings1 -- IsDebug=" + settings.IsDebug + " Verbose=" + settings.Verbose + " EvalFeedback=" + settings.EvalFeedba...
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  • How to colorize AFrames

    Hi,   I am trying the automatic processing below. Add borders to Aframes Colorize Aframes   Before: After:   Adding borders succeeded, but I can't add colors to AFrames. My script is below. ...
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  • Cannot execute script

    I am trying to use ExtendScript for the first time (with FrameMaker 11, from TCS 4), but the script cannot be executed (very basic script example from the  Adobe "Introduction to Scripting" guide). The error me...
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  • FDK custom dialog scrolling list item limit

    FM is crashing when I am population a list of items in a scrolling list display. I think it is due to the number of items, around 1000 or more lines and it crashes, otherwise it works fine.   Is there a hard lim...
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  • Remove Character Format Override From Text Range

    This should be simple, but I am wracking my brains trying to figure this out.   I simply want to take a text range and remove any character format override (CTRL-I or CTRL-O) and remove the override. I am thinki...
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  • Fetching AFrame for each page

    Hi,   I want to fetch all Aframes information in an active doc whose layout has three columns for each page.           I wrote the code below:   #target framemaker  var ...
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  • How to set/change the paragraph tags of a generatable file?

    I have a Table of Contents and need to be able to set the included paragraph format tags for it using a script.   If I set the tags manually using the Set Up Table of Contents option, update the book and print C...
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  • Moving markers inside a paragraph

    Hi;   I just started working with Framemaker scripting this afternoon and using sample scripts here I've got the main skeleton of my program complete. I know that a similar script was posted here years ago to mo...
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  • eof immediately after open - why?

    Dear all, A script to read an entry from an ini file fails although the file exists and can be opened with any editor - also the entry exists. I have used this routine in other circumstances without this problem - c...
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  • How to create/add new chapters within a book?

    I am trying to generate a new book and create some new chapters in it, add old chapters to it, change component types, etc. Is there a method to create a new chapter in a book and can we use the same method to add old...
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    Dear Experts,   I am trying to make the first row letters to bold. I am able to give shading to the cells. Please help me out to make the letters bold using Extend Scripting.   With Regards Aghil.M
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  • How to display page number of graphic?

    Is there a way to display the PageNumString (Page Number) of parent Anchor Frame of a Graphic?
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  • How to check if an anchored frame is empty or not?

    I have a script which deletes graphics but leaves behind anchored frames. Is there any way I can find out which pages of my doc/book has empty anchored frames?
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  • Folder.commonFiles.path

    When I have the following line in a FrameMaker Script:   Alert(Folder.commonFiles.path) I get the following:   I would have expected: c:/Program Files(x86)/Common Files
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  • Saving FM15 as MIF 6.0 - Impossible?

    Hello fellows,   I am trying to save an FM15 file as MIF6.0 using a script but the output MIF file contains some gibberish.   It seems that in FrameScript, the following doesn't work: Save Document DocOb...
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  • Script to delete all object styles from a book?

    Hi everyone,   I recently found a script posted by Adobe in 2011 that removes all unused paragraph, table, and character styles from every file in a book. It proved to be extremely helpful. http://blogs.adobe.c...
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    Dear Experts.   I am having a FM Doucment which contain lot of tables in it. All of these tables were imported from a MS Word file. After importing I resized the column and rows using the below codes but I am s...
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  • FM12 hasn't call notifications while Find/Change dialog is closing?

    Hi,   FM10 calls some notifications when Find/Change dialog is closing. But in FM12 there are no notifications called.   Has somebody any idea how to handle this?
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