• Digital Signature for PDF documents

    We are taking the user cert from the user's CAC (Smart Card) to grab their digital signature by using iText, which in iText code examples they use Keystore to grab the user certificate. Then place the user's digital s...
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  • RTE in multifield using acs-common is not storing text

    tested Experiencing Adobe Experience Manager - Day CQ: AEM 62 - Touch UI Composite Multifield with Rich Text Editor (RTE) Requi…   Adobe Experience Manager Help | Creating an AEM 6.2 HTML Template Lang...
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  • Adobe Muse and online ordering

    Is Adobe Muse a good product to use in designing a website for my restaurant that my customers can use to order food and pay online vs Dreamweaver or Spark? 
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  • Is anyone aware of a turnkey website builder for uploading searchable pdfs?

    Is anyone aware of a turnkey (WYSIWYG) website builder for uploading searchable pdfs?  I just need a simple website with a search function that will pull up select pdfs from metadata.  I have hundreds of old...
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  • Custom Software Development

    Viewport Tech also excels in the development of custom desktop software, accounting for both the latest in OS design strategy and backwards compatibility, making it perfect for resource-heavy or exclusive applications...
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  • How can I download a website in Catalog form?

    Hi ,   I want to let users of my website be able to download the copy of any web page content or the whole website in catalog form. Please suggest which Adobe tool I should buy that can make this functionality p...
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  • Calendar and scheduling for website

    I would appreciate any pointers to a professional looking calendar and scheduling setup for my website that plugs well into dreamweaver.  I need to have users sign in and schedule vacations etc. and then print ou...
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  • Javascript code for Unicode string splitting

    Hi everybody! I am working with emoJ in javascript. I want to do something look like on the site http://www.fancymessage.com For example, I have a message in unicode emoj:       &#...
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  • Cannot perform web service invocation getHeader

    Hi Everyone,   My windows server has been upgraded from windows 2008 R2 to Windows 2012 recently.   We have 3 coldfusion applications hosted on IIS in same server.   When we try to browse the applica...
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  • Adobe Creative Suite 6 Design & Web Premium

    Hi,   I just change a new laptop and uninstalled the software from my old laptop but I am trying to install to the new laptop, it prompt me to the following message "The serial number 154311866943872707943051 is...
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  • Downloading every PDF

    I use Adobe Acrobat to view & print html documents as PDF's. It has worked well, but recently has started downloading every PDF that is generated. I would like to disable automatic downloads.   Any help?
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  • How to create a pdf of a webpage that is then emailed direct to a user

    I am trying to work out how I can create a button that will automatically create a pdf of a webpage, host it and then send the link via email.   Each time the pdf would be unique with the users information inclu...
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  • What do you use for website look and feel, prototypes, and wireframes

    I'm a web designer/developer making the move to HTML5, bootstrap3 and responsive web design. I'm planning on using Dreamweaver CC for the website coding. But what is the best Adobe product to create website look and f...
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  • adobe 是否提供Windows CMD命令行激活方式?

    @ 已从正规渠道购买的adobe激活序列号,是否可以通过Windows的CMD命令方式激活adobe的产品?例如:cmd adobe.exe XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX 因为我们的资产管理需要,不能让使用者看到激活序列号,我们想制作一个客户端,秘钥是封在激活客户端里,用户完全看不到,激活方式还是通过adobe官方方式进行激活。
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  • cannot invite users

    Hi, there is no email being sent when I invite a user. I tested with several different email addresses but no one ever got the invitation...? Why? thanx, sebus
    i, sebus
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    Thanks to the Forum member that advised me to SELECT AND THEN DRAG and the image stays in the new placed position. I also agree that it probably started with the upgrade to Yosemite.
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  • recently got msg from Adobe, critical update required in Flash Player.

    I have downloaded Adobe installer pkg. 6 times, and have gotten to download and install Flash player twice on my Mac. When I click on "Finished" installing, I do a restart as required. Safari comes up, and I search ...
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  • how do i convert my whole flash website into a html5 site?

    Ok, I'm just a poor photographer trying to do stuff my way as cheaply as possible. I have CS6 flash/dreamweaver/ etc...I have a flash website I built from a template four years ago which I really like and updated myse...
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  • Renew Subscription

    Hello I bought the student version of creative cloud for a year, about 4 months ago. Now its telling me to renew my subscription. HELP PLEASE
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  • Web css not loading on a website.

    Please I seriously need a solution to this problem...   My web page http://www.tulzmasterz.com is not loading CSS if a trailing slash is been place in front of the URL in the browser. I have tried to google it o...
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