• Is there a way to apply LUT's to a photo in Lightroom?  Such as .cube, Vision Color, etc.

    Is there a way to apply LUT's to a photo in Lightroom?  Such as .cube, Vision Color, etc.  I have some film stock and Osiris LUTs I like to use for video that I'd love to apply to RAW still photos in Lightro...
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  • downloading lightroom in another computer

    Hi, I have already bought and registered Adobe Lightroom on my laptop, however I would like to now register it with the same license number on my iMac but I am unable to do that as the software says that "we couldn't ...
  • export as a catalog

    I use as SSD drive as my main location for the LR catalog, all pics, etc.  ( I have over 90k pics)  That way when I switch from location to location (different desktops---Windows) I can just plug in the SSD ...
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  • Color profile problem.

    As you can see in the video, I import a .raw photo taken with a C-LOG (flat profile) in my camera and LR do something automatically and change the color profile to, I guess Adobe Profile, and pop up the colors.  ...
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  • Lightroom Classic CC won't respond on import

    I just bought and installed Lightroom Classic CC and Lightroom CC and Both of them stop responding when I click any import button. I am running windows 10 with a i5-7600K with 32 gigs of ram and a gtx 1060 graphics c...
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  • Help with mixed up folders

    I am not solving this on my own. I load images in LR by doing Library (top tab) > Import > Source > drive... All the pictures i have imported this way end up in folders with the correct date and name but no...
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  • Deleted Presets Still Available in List

    Hey all,   I recently had some extraneous presets that I decided I didn't want cluttering up my LR presets list, and went in to delete them. When you go to the LR Preset folder, it's entirely empty. No develop ...
    D. M. Frazier
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  • Lightroom 7.3.1 & 7.4 get increasingly SLOW...

    I wasn't going to post this 'cause it usually gets blamed on any OTHER than Lightroom, but it's bad enough I figure I may as well throw it out there...   Windows 10 Pro 5820, nVidia 970 GTX, 32 GB DDR4 memory, O...
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  • Exporting Problems

    Hi,   I am using Lightroom and when I am ready to export a photo to my desktop, I am encountering some issues.  When I right click on the image and select export, I am then brought to another screen but I ...
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  • Soft proofing master/copy

    Hi - various questions to do with soft proofing on LR 6.14. What happens is this - I go to develop mode and turn on soft proofing. I click on 'create proof copy' followed by 'Y' to compare images. This gives me, on th...
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  • Lock "Survey" on secondary display

    Any way to force SURVEY on the secondary Display and avoid Loupe ?   What are the most practical solutions? I do not see any tool or options in Preferences   Thanks anyone !
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  • Making changes on one computer and copying over to another?

    I want to use LR on a Surface Pro tablet to tether to my camera. I'd like to be able to make some quick changes on the tablet before copying everythng over to my main iMac with my main LR catalog.   1. I see th...
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  • Missing Folders and Photos

    The last two imports I have done have resulted in missing photos.  I have tried the instructions to locate them and it seems to be a dead end.  I have tried "Library" and "Find all missing photos" and I have...
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  • Lightroom 4 Time Machine backup restoration

    Hello,   My MacBook Pro has died. I have a complete TimeMachine backup of the harddrive but as an interim measure I will be using a Macbook Air, which cannot accomodate the entire Time Machine backup.   I ...
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  • Hochformate werden verzerrt angezeigt

    Hallo liebes Forum,   Bei meiner Bearbeitung von einigen Bildern bin ich auf ein sehr großes Problem gestoßen: Wenn ich ein Hochformat in der Bibliothek anklicke wird es zwar noch korrekt angezeigt, w...
    Marius K.
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  • Photos turn blue when editing.

    Has anyone ever had this issue? I tried disabling the graphics processor as recommended on other posts but it didnt work. any tips?      
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  • I can't get my slideshow to export to video

      I really hope someone here can help me. I have been trying to export my slideshow to video in LR for 3 days now. It starts the process, but just stays at 2%. I have plenty of space, I have made sure there was e...
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  • Video export doesn't work

    I try to export video (only landscape foto) but after 10% completion it stops and does not end the process, without any warning (I tried to wait for two hours).Also 480*270 doesn't work!.  I am using last version...
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  • Lightroom classic extreme slow after update to High sierra 10.13.6

    I constantly got a spinning wheel when i do anything like a simple brush stroke or open another map. Very frustrating. I got a 32Gb core 3,5 ghz i5 with a AMD radeon video card 2048 MB. And have GPU turned on. Anybo...
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  • Pink tint or pink hue when I import photos in Lightroom?

    Basically I'm pretty sure its not a monitor deficit, because when I open it with window's preview, the color were fine, and origianlly I encounter the same problem in photoshop CC, but after changing the color setting...
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