• Loading "user presets" into lightroom

    I have just loaded the CC on my new system and have loaded a batch of presets in successfully.  I sent to load an additional folder with some that I have made myself as well as some others that sat in the 'user p...
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  • Lightroom won't export.

    Due to problems with updating my CC Apps I had to remove them all and reinstall them.   Since then, when using Lightroom CC it seems to lock up somehow and after awhile it won't export my photos.   I can g...
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  • lightroom freezing after update april 2018 update

    anyone else having this issue after latest update?
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  • Corrupted Lightroom catalog

    My catalog doesn't open (a message states that it is corrupted). Repair didn't work. Tried to use the backup but same thing occurred (corrupted). What should I do now?
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  • Lightroom isn't letting me import my photos

    Lightroom isn't letting me import my photos. I have Lightroom 6 and I think it's ever since I upgraded my Mac operating system to High Sierra. Anything I can do?
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  • Lightroom Classic CC 7.3 is not correctly converting presets to .xmp

    Upon updating this morning to the new Lightroom Classic CC v 7.3 I found I was missing a large majority of my user presets.  In this new version of LR presets are converted from .lrtemplate to .xmp presumably to ...
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  • Lightroom importing video upside-down

    Lightroom release 2015.12. Build 1125239. iMac mid-2011 27-inch running Sierra (10.12.6.) 4 GB RAM. The video clip is a 640x480 3GP video shot on a Moto G.   The video displays and plays correctly in the Finde...
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  • HDR artifacts

    Lightroom Classic CC version 7.3 2017 15" MacBook Pro 14,3 macOS 10.13.4   I have been using Lightroom Classic CC to process HDR images and have run into some issues which I think may be due to dynamic range be...
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  • Excruciatingly slow import of images in Lightroom Classic CC for Mac 2018

    Importing images into Lightroom Classic CC 2018 has become excruciatingly slow. What used to take 10 minutes is now taking close to four times as much! I've updated to most recent April 19/2018. I'm importing RAW imag...
    Rolando Gutierrez
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  • LR6 will not recognize a folder

    I have been processing a number of photographs from South Padre Island on four successive days, April 3-6. I have created a folder named South Padre and have been placing all TIFF files in a folder  and all JPEGs...
    joseph motto
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  • Copy and Paste Settings - "bad argument"

    My luck. Never happened before. I hesitated to upgrade but figured I would go for it. First time I used it I scanned some documents with my Kodak high-speed scanner and wanted to clean them up. Copied settings from re...
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  • Lightroom Presets werden nicht mehr angewendet

    Hallo, seid dem Update auf die Version 7.3 Classic CC, werden alle meine Presets nicht mehr angewendet. Im Protokoll wird ebenfalls nichts angezeigt. Ich kann die Änderung der Presets im Vorschaubild sehen, abe...
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  • LR Classic 7.3 super slow

    After update Lightroom is incredible slowly during sinc with other photos. When you try crop, LR open the last image you cropped and then the one you trying to edit. Right now I am trying to export a slideshow, the ba...
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  • Upgrading for LR 5.7 to 6.x

    I'm using LR 5.7 (standalone) with Camera Raw 8.7 at the moment and am thinking of upgrading to LR6 standalone - if it supports Fujifilm RAW without converting to DNG.. My question is - Will this upgrade download be ...
    Will D810 & X-T2
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  • LR 7.3 Crop tool bug-previous photo remains on screen for a second before new photo

    Hi Has anyone else noticed with the new version, when you select the crop tool (or the shortcut, "R"), you get the last photo you cropped on the screen for a moment before the current photo you want to crop is displa...
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  • Is Lightroom 5 capable of macOS Sierra

    Hey guys, has anybody tested Lightroom 5 with macOS Sierra? Is it supported? Would be great if anyone could answer that to me , as I am currently using Lightroom 5 and don't want to go the CC-way, because I am a ...
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  • Face recognition not work on some image files

    I have an up to date version of LR CC. I run it on a Mac Pro. Years ago, when facial recognition came out on LR, I ran it on three folders that had about 3,000 RAW and TIFF files. It worked....and then it didn't. Sinc...
    Tony Reynes
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  • Folders are "greyed" out after moving files and folders

    I am using adobe Lightroom to file my photos.  I have over 56000 photos and well over 6000 folders.  I am using a MacBook Pro with High Sierra OS 10.13.4 and Lightroom Classic CC version 7.3.  Every tim...
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  • Having lightroom on 2 computers

    I have read that I can have my subscription on 2 separate computers.  Do I have to log in and out each time on the separate computers?  Also, I am logged in on my laptop and went to my desktop and the preset...
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  • Duplicate collections and syncing issues

    OK, I will try to keep this simple...   I used to run Lightroom CC on my MacBook I now run it on a new PC I copied the catalogues etc over to the PC trying to preserve as much as possible I also use Lightroo...
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