• Import into "Own Catalogue" not possible (Option "Own Catalogue" does not exist)

    Dear all,   I have a problem with Lightroom Classic CC:   I wanted to import files from an external hard drive into a catalogue which already existed and already contained several folders. But strangely th...
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  • All custom develop presets were successfully converted to xmp

    I use LR Classic CC on a Mac.  Every time I open LR I get the message "All custom develop presets were successfully converted to xmp" and it will not go away unless I click "ok".   Does anyone know how I ca...
    Breeze 3
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  • Looking for some help with a very old Mac/old Lightroom

    Hi,   We have an issue with a Mac here and I am wondering if anyone can help!   1) We have an old Mac running OS X v10.5.8 so it can't be updated at all (from what I can find). 2) On that Mac we have Lig...
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  • HDR merge all of a sudden high contrast, high saturation, hot WB

    I use HDR to merge all of my real estate photography and all of sudden today when I merge the same (low exposure, correct exposer, and high exposer) images together, Lightroom is giving me an orange, highly contrasted...
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  • HDR pano concern:

    What are we supposed to do when these things occur? 5 shot bracket, 2 shot pano,  element      
    Steve Zeeeee
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  • Image Artifacts in Lr Library Module

    After the Oct. Lightroom Update I noticed that one of my pictures (a .dng) has a series of artifacts at the left-hand edge in the library module (see arrow on picture). Noticed that this occurs also when opening this ...
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  • Profiles and vignette

    Sorry Adobe, but until the release of the new profiles function you have got not solved the problem, that for some profile patterns it’s not possible to add a vignette. It's also still the same in the new major...
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  • Import Photos from other google account?

    I use Light room the first time. Now after one day editing photos I see, that I was logged in to the google account from my son. I Logged out and logged in with my google account, but "my" edited photos are "lost". ...
    created by horstk90735384
  • When I sync with L CC, I get collections=albums and lose the folder information

    I have grouped items within folders so as to prevent the titles from getting too long. But, now I have endless collections which make no sense because the folder information is missing. Any fixes?
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  • Lightroom Classic 8.0

    Since updating Lightroom to 8.0 (Windows 10) I have been getting numerous crashes render me near zero productivity. The app is unable to move photos within Lightroom. I have  to resort to using the explorer to ...
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  • Presets not showing in Lightroom CC

    I just updated my lightroom and I'm still having this issue!   I recently purchased the Phil Chester presets which I have been waiting FOREVER to buy... the download includes a preset installation program. Once ...
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  • LR limit export file size problem

    Ever since the previous update (the one before yesterday's), Lightroom has been giving me a problem when exporting files and trying to limit the file size to a desired Kb. It says it can't create JPEGs that meet the r...
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  • Why doesn't Lightroom Classic read .mov files from an iphone properly?

    I get "There was an error working with the Video" . Is there a missing overlay? A set up I need to do? The same happens in Lightroom CC (just checked). I have an NVIDIA GEForce GTX 1060 3GB video card.
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  • When I click "Send Book to Blurb" nothing happens

    I can and have output a PDF of my book from Lightroom, submitted this PDF to Blurb's website, and it has worked. Twice now! But neither time could I send the book directly to Blurb from Lightroom. The so-called "hel...
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  • Lightroom uses all memory during sync

    Hi When syncing Lightroom CC it ends up stalling with around 430 images to go and - after a period - my Mac warns me that I have insufficient memory, Lightroom stalls and I have to force shut down. Checking the activ...
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  • Exclamation mark on imported pictures in Lightroom cc

    Why can't I find originally files on Lightroom That I recently imported? They have an exclamation mark next to them and I'm unable to edit them in "develop".
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  • Book Module Errors after Update

    entity:doneConstructing(): Field "image" does not have a value.   While adding images in book module I am getting this error   Just updated to 8.0 release on Mac High Sierra
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  • Lightroom Sync Loop + thousands of errors with 7.5

    Sync has generally worked well for me in the past but now it has gone completely mad.   Every time I open Lightroom it says "syncing 15,000 photo" and basically it tries to sync everything again. Then when it ge...
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  • Lightroom Classic stuck syncing 6 photos

    First, I have had this problem for quite some time.   Windows 10, latest updates of both lightroom and windows installed (7.3.1). My header says "syncing 6 photos" My sync Activity in preferences shows nothing...
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  • Temporarily suspend copyright text when exporting folder?

    On export to SmugMug of a folder, i am set up to watermark all the images in the folder. I have been unable to determine how to set up an option to not watermark a folder of images when needed. Can anyone suggest how ...
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