• Import pgotos from DVD, New Catalog?

    Hello,   I have a few thousand images that were scanned and delivered to me on DVD.   I have about 70,000 images in my one and only catalog.   The was thinking of making a new catalog for the images ...
    Hank uses DW
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  • Lightroom Main Display is frozen on the first pic in the folder

    This problem started when I made an attempt to start a client shoot tethered to my laptop. I might have inadvertently done this incorrectly or pressed an incorrect button. Now, photos can be loaded into a folder, but ...
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  • I'm having trouble after editing in PS where my photo are not added back to the current catalog

    I like to use the "Edit in" Photoshop feature of Lightroom, but after moving to CC...My photos after saving them after correcting in PS are not returned into the catatlog. I've been having to importment the edited pho...
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  • Lightroom Classic

    Just updated.  No longer have "X", "_" or "square" in upper right hand corner of top toolbar.  Can only close by bottom toolbar "close window" option.  Any ideas how to correct?
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  • Lightroom Classic constantly taxing GPU

    I hope a fix is in the works for this. My GPU's fans don't stop running until I close Lightroom Classic, even when the program is idle. This didn't occur with the 2017 version. It's loud and it's a waste of energy.
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  • lightroom classic crash

    Hi since upgrading to lightroom classic i can't import photos from sd card or hard drive, lightroom crashes when i try to import, can anyone help? or is this a common problem thanks Dave   Message was edited b...
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  • lightroom classic 7.0.1 video

    I am using Lightroom Classic 7.0.1 under Windows 10. I cannot play video (mp4) -- just hangs. I cannot export video (mp4) -- nothing happens.
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  • Lightroom Classic CC won't start in windows 10

    This started a few days ago, LR crashes right after I click on its icon. I've reinstalled it several times, and even tried to start it as admin. Nothing happens, and I upgraded to the latest version of windows yester...
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  • Music file is not well formed (1) error since upgrading to LR Classic

    I have read everything on this and nothing is working.  I have Windows 7 with the latest version of LR Classic (just upgraded to 7.0.1 this evening).  I renamed my preferences file - didn't work.  I shu...
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  • Support for A7rIII

    Hello everyone, My question is , how soon new Sony camera, A7R mark III will be supported by Lightroom Classic? I want to order that camera next week but it will be bad if I will not be able to open my photos( Than...
    Arthur von Lupu
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  • removing catalog entries

    I installed Lightroom Classic on a new computer, and then loaded 50.000 photos from different sources - unfortunately with quite a few duplicates. Although I checked the box "do not load duplicates" it still took near...
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  • I import photos to a folder in my Lightroom Library, and the folder is in wrong place in the program window

    I am running Lightroom Classic CC.  I just upgraded a few days ago from the prior subscription based Lightroom.  My catalog is ten years old, and I consider myself well versed in the program.  Something...
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  • Photoshop camera raw plugin dialog box after updating to Classic CC

    Hi guys,   I have attached a screen shot of a new dialog box I am receiving after I updated to the new Classic CC. It is basically saying I have not updated my camera raw plugin, when I have already updated to 1...
    Goldshield Man
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  • sfntread library error

    I keep getting this error when switching to book module I am running Lr classic version 7.0.1 on windows 10 I have tried resetting preferences, reloading the software and rebooting the computer - all with no success...
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  • Lightroom export file size: why so small? How can I maximize image quality?

    My image file sizes are much smaller after editing and exporting through Lightroom. Is it impossible to maintain original file size to preserve image quality? Will this smaller file size have negative impact on prints...
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  • Adjustment Brush is not editable after closing it out after updating to Classic CC

    Hi guys,   After I updated to Classic CC I cannot go back to an adjustment brush and re-edit after I close it. When I go back in to re-edit the adjustment brush circles are not visible to hit and then edit again...
    Goldshield Man
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  • Graphics Card Recommendations MAC PRO Mid 2012

    I need your help please,  what graphics card would you recommend for a 2012 Mid Mac Pro Below are system details.       Operating system: Mac OS 10 Version: 10.11 [6] Application architecture...
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  • color balance in Lightroom v4.4.1

    I am possibly having a senior moment.  I used to be able to balance color in lightroom by adjusting the actual temperature number.  I can't seem to do that now.  Any help out there?  I am trying to...
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  • Lightroom CC freezing when using Adjustment Brush

    I recently discovered the power of the Adjustment Brush to dodge & burn my RAW photos. As I progress through a photo edit though, my Mac becomes slower and hangs with the beach ball. I upgraded my RAM from 8 to 16...
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  • Lost

    Altho my photos are not showing the   "Question mark" on the files, there is no preview that I can view. The preview boxes are all empty! Have I lost all my pictures?!   On on the left hand side in th...
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