• No segregation by folder date in Library module

    Once the calendar changed over 2018 LR started lumping all images under 2018 and not by folder date. I have never had this problem on the year change.   How do I fix?
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  • Already in catalog

    Hi there, so I put 3500 images on my Synology NAS (copied from laptop to NAS), then created a new catalog in LR6 and then imported the files onto the new catalog.   Worked on the files, no problems, no exclamati...
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  • Catalogue backup runs on import

    Running Lightroom CC Classic on Windows 7. Frequently when I import images, a catalogue backup is initiated (Why?) and the import fails. If I exit lightroom, lightroom will not restart with the original catalogue, and...
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  • Download pdf Help File for Lightroom Classic CC

    Where can I Download the pdf Help File for Lightroom Classic CC
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  • LR Creative Cloud slides and bars disappearing since updating to Classic CC

    Hi ever since I updates to Classic CC LR anytime I am using LR and click over to Photo Shot or Safari when I come back and click on a picture to edit all my side bars and sliders and top and bottom bars disappear if I...
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  • Lightroom 6 failing to import selected images

    I have Lightroom version 6.14 running on macOS High Sierra, version 10.13.1 and when I select specific images to import from SD cards, Lightroom fails to import them consistently; sometimes it imports a few from my se...
    fool tech
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  • Latest Nvidia Driver broke GPU Acceleration?

    So i've been using Lightroom Classic CC for a while, here is my current set up   Intel Core i5-3230M 8GB of DDR3 RAM Nvidia GT635M Windows 10 Falls Creator Update (latest)   as you can see above, im usi...
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  • Finding duplicates after HDD failure w/ Lightroom, using Metadata + Histogram

    Hello,   I had a mechanical HDD failure, but was able to recover my files.  Good news is that all files are here and Metadata (capture date/time) is still available.  Problem is that most pictures appe...
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  • Why Lightroom always re-imports all the photos from iPhone

    Hi,   Evertime I import from my iPhone,  Lightroom  identifies all my photos as new even though the photos have been imported already.   A work around is to unselect all the photos and then selec...
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  • Importing from iPhone

    Hi,   Importing around 100 photos from my iPhone 7 plus to Lightroom Classic can take alomost 30 minuntes.   What can I tweek to make imports faster?   -BrianP
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  • Two Issues with Files Becoming Out of Sync in LR Library

    Issue #1: When auto-importing files from a monitored folder, the the library in LR will sometimes display the newly imported photos with the same file name and preview image as previously imported photos, rather than ...
    created by alnisd933091
  • Lightroom 5.7 Crashes Trying to Import

    Hi   I have Lightroom 5.7 on a Mac OS High Sierra 10.13.1.   When I Import and toggle between Add or Move Lightroom crashes. I can't use Lightroom at all.   Please, can someone help or Adobe suggest...
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  • problemi di colore su adobe lightroom

    Buongiorno ho un problema con lightroom. Quando esporto una foto in jpg (sRGB) quando la apro con l'anteprima immagini di windows rimane diversa da quella in lightroom. Mi spiego meglio i colori non combaciano perfett...
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  • LR6 without subscription?

    I purchased Lightroom 6 for 140 dollars, now Adobe shut down my program and want me tp pay monthly to have it back. Is Adobe crooks?
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  • Module is disabled

    Dear Sir I'm a member Lr that pay member fee every month but I can't use. Please help me to solve this problem. Thank you Thanaphon RUAYAREE Thailand
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  • dynamiclinkmanager wurde unerwartet beendet.

    Hallo, beim starten von lightroom15.12 erscheint ein Pop Up Fenster mit der Meldung: "dynamiclinkmanager wurde unerwartet beendet. Das Fenster erscheint nach klicken auf Ignorieren für eine gewisse Zeit immer w...
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  • Lens Profile Creator (Win10) runtime error

    I have unzipped the download file for this application and tried to run it by double-clicking the .exe file but all I get is an error message, as can be seen from the attached screen grab.   What have I done wro...
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  • how do i install lightroom 5 on my macbook pro?

    ho do i install lightroom 5 on my macbookpro student version?
    Solid rock
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  • Lightroom 'Export as sRGB' not as good as 'Photoshop Export as' feature?

    Hi there,   Can anybody shed some light on this Exporting issue please...   I've been Exporting my photography for the Web in Lightroom for a long time now, whilst my workflow was constantly in sRGB. Rece...
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  • bridge into Lightroom

    Is het mogelijk om foto's die in Bridge zijn bewerkt, met Lightroom open te maken?
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