• Creating Fog/Smoke on the image using Photoshop.

    Hi All,   We can create fog/Smoke using Photoshop easily on the images.
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  • A Sailor and His Girl 2.pdf

    Friday Challenge 4 (I think)
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  • European Keyboard Move/Select Layer Up/Down Workaround

    For any European keyboard users who can't use the Alt/Opt + [ / ] (or the other variations), I've made an Action Set which includes the following:   Select Forward Layer (Alt + ]) Select Backward Layer (Alt + [...
    Benjamin Root
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  • How do I select and move a part of one image to another?

    HOW DO I SELECT AND MOVE A PART OF ONE IMAGE TO ANOTHER? -----------------------------   In this short tutorial, we'll go over how to select a part of one image and move it to another image. To do so, we'll be...
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  • Adobe Bridge CC 2015 Crashing on Mac OSX 10.11.6 with dual monitors setup

    Hello Forum members,   Since many members have been posting issues regarding Adobe Bridge CC 2015 crashing on Mac OSX 10.11.6, we are creating this document providing a workaround and the reason why this issue s...
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  • Bridge Purge Cache and other General Error with using Photoshop

    Hi,   Please perform the following steps. Close Bridge MAC ------- Go to this location : Users/[User name]/Library/Caches/Adobe/Bridge CS[version number]/Cache/ and move all the contents of that folde...
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  • Photoshop CC 2015 crashing while closing on Windows. ( Faulting module Photoshop.exe)

    There has been a lot of issues reported for Photshop CC 2015 crashing while closing. So if you are encountering the same issue please try the below steps.   1. Launch Photoshop and click on   ...
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  • Why won't Photoshop/Lightroom open my RAW images?

    When opening RAW photos from a new camera in an old copy of Lightroom or Photoshop, Adobe Camera RAW will give you an error message. It is usually because Camera RAW is too old to understand your images, and needs to ...
    Alec Molloy
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