• sRGB color shift in Firefox - (possibly) SOLVED! - Please help me find holes in this.

    So this has been making me crazy for years and for some reason I cant find much online about it.   I photograph in RAW and export files to Photoshop in 16bit sRGB or Adobe RGB (1998).   I am also a...
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  • How was this ring reotuched?

    Dropbox - test.jpg   Has this item being 3d rendered....or just photoshop? How to get those soft gradients....I cant do it.....is is just brush with 10% opacity....how they do it?
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  • Does Anyone Relate ?

    When I started using Photoshop it came with a book.  It was great I could cruse through that index and become aware how to find answers quickly.   Then if I had a pdf version of the book even greater...
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  • Layer and layer mask selection using cmd shortcut

    I can select the layer by using the cmd shortcut. All good, but what if I have a mask on the layer being selected. Is there a way or a short cut to select the layer then the mask layer thumbnail to make it active see ...
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  • Bad Incremental Zoom How To Get Rid Of It? Photoshop Cs6

    Hello, Everyone   I have spent the better part of 5 hours trying to get rid of this absolutely awful incremental zoom in Photoshop. What I mean by this is when I use pretty much every zoom option in Photoshop in...
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  • How to clean this piece

    Can somebody try and retouch this piece....I have problem on top small circular part, that is covered by black reflection And also bottom part is pretty dirty.... any good tips? You can use the picture Dropbox - ...
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  • Path colour and thickness options greyed out.

    Using Photoshop 19.1.1 on a Mac.   The Path thickness and colour settings exist, both in the gear icon in the tool options bar as well as the Guides/Grid Preferences, but are greyed out.  I am unable to act...
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  • How do you type modifier key symbols in Photoshop?

    I'm interested in being able to type the modifier key symbols in Photoshop, such as: ⌘ ⇧ ⌥ ⌃   How to do?   Thanks
    way phat
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  • Cancelling a save deletes the file on a Mac?

    I've recently branched off on my own again after 8 years at a retouching studio.   My workflow has always been to save a new version of a Photoshop file for every round of client markups.   Often times I f...
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  • ¿Ver la imagen original sin efectos tras aplicar efectos de fusión?

    ¡Hola!, tengo una duda respecto a las opciones de fusión de las capas. Antes, cuando aplicaba efectos o estilos a una capa y le daba al "ojo" para ocultar los efectos aplicados podía ver la imagen or...
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  • Geöffnete Bilddatei "maximieren" Werkzeugleisten dann nicht sichtbar

    Hallo, folgendes Problem beeinträchtigt mein jetziges Arbeiten mit Photoshop CS6.   Ich öffne Photoshop (egal ob auf meinem Asus-Screen PB 278 oder Wacom Cintiq 27 HD). Öffne ich nun eine Bildda...
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  • upgrade to Photoshop CC 2018 problems

    I recently upgraded to CC 2018.  Now the new upgrade crashes.  When I go from Camera Raw to PS, the program freezes and I have go into task master to close the program.  I have uninstalled and re-instal...
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  • Lost and clueless at the moment

    I have an image that I thought I could manipulate in Photoshop Express for cell phones.. I have an old version of PS on an old laptop that's currently caput.   The image is centered within the photo and I don't ...
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  • Bug outil Déplacement Photoshop CC 2018

    Bonjour   Depuis quelques jours, au bout de quelques minutes d'utilisation, je ne peu plus utilisé l'outil déplacement Il ne se passe rien quand je déplace un calque. D'un document à...
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  • Can anyone recognise this font (CS6)?

    Hello, I've gotten myself in a bit of a ****** situation, about a year ago while designing my band's logo I used a font in Adobe Photoshop, I believe the version was CS6. Because I was a foolish idiot, I lost the ...
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  • files are now opening with the .jpg suffix instead of just the file number

    Hello. Recently, my files began opening with the file number followed by the .jpg suffix (687A6372.jpg). Previously, they opened with just the file # (687A6372) and I saved them with a letter to designate that they ...
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  • Using rotate and zoom together

    Hi guys. I’m fairly new to photoshop and have been searching all over for a solution to an issue that I can’t seem to solve.   I use photoshop cc 2018 with an intuos pro (most recent release). Any m...
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  • Can't log in to Photoshop

    I confirmed my ID and can log into my account information, however I can't log in to Photoshop when launch from Bridge or Light room. I have changed pass words several times.
    Jim Whiteley
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  • Color picker problem - I cant pick black or white color anymore

    With new 2018 version of Photoshop I cant pick #FFF or #000 colors anymore......it is i very weird...... Here is screenshot....   Snaggy - easy screenshots
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  • NIKON D750 raw

    beidge wont open my raw files from my Nikon d750
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