• Hide crosshairs cursor

    Hi,   In CS5, is there a way to hide the cursor/ crosshairs while drawing? Since I'm working on a Cintiq I don't need visual reference of where my cursor is - it's where my pen is - and it actually annoys me to ...
    Mr. druitre
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  • Getting new computer and need help to transfer Adobe programs

    I have spent at least 2 hours on the Adobe website (and signed in to my account) looking for instructions on how to transfer Acrobat and Photoshop to a new computer.   Can anyone help me.  I'm 67 and fairly...
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  • Payment update issues with Paypal

    Hi, I'm sorry if this I frequently asked question.   I had a new debit card issued, which meant the card linked to my Paypal needed to be changed. Creative Cloud wont let me save the updated details, it prompts...
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  • Photoshop could not be established because of an error in the program preview.

    Can you tell me what the reason is?
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  • upgrade from 2015.5 lost plugins, preferences, actions, etc

    I did the upgrade but the CC 2018 is "blank" upon launch. No preferences, plugins, actions, shortcuts etc are there. What a pain.   I have deleted everything from my disk containing "cc 2018" and I want to start...
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  • Photoshop 2018 Placing Problem

    With the last version, when I move the images for placing, they are coming up one by one BUT not from the center, instead they are coming to screen where I place the first image. But I want them to come to my screen c...
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  • Photoshop 2018 (OCT 2017 UPDATE) not opening files (psd, png, etc)

    I updated to Photoshop 2018 upon release and have not been able to open ANYTHING. I still have cc 2017 and it operates as normal as well.   I can open photoshop 2018 but I can't open any files. It just doesn't d...
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  • Fonts stopped working in Photoshop but are installed

    I have a major problem, have been looking for an answer for the last 2 hrs.  My fonts are showing in Photoshop CC and when I try to type something nothing happens except I get this message:  Selected font fa...
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  • Cómo realizo un efecto bísel en una capa sin afectar las otras capas?

    Mi duda es simple, pero por más que busqué, no logro resolverla. Cuando realizo un ajuste de estilo en una capa (efecto bísel), automáticamente todas las demás capas cambian. Como logr...
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  • Can't Make Adobe Photoshop CC 2018 Default Application in macOS Sierra

    Just updated from CC 2017 to CC 2018 today. Prior to the update, CC 2017 was my default application for all PSD, JPEG, GIF, PNG, etc. files. I still have CS6 installed on my Mac and it's now the default application fo...
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  • Project will not respond

    I have the latest version of photoshop and a windows 10 computer. Everything in the photoshop program is working, but when I try to apply it to the project it will not do anything to it. I can select layers, switch to...
    Trent Mapping
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  • PC crashed and cannot get PS CS4 re activated

    Can anyone offer assistance with re-activating a PS CS4 short of telling me to go buy a newer version?   My PC crashed and no way to deactivate the prior code.  I have my serial number, product code and...
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  • suddenly get write protection-error message - starting batch processing

    Have done all updates - still get an error message starting my before always working batch processing routines. Controlles in info - yes always read + write enabled, tried to program new batch processing with new fold...
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  • OpenCL and Oil Paint options grayed out

    Hi Everyone,   I'm using Photoshop CC 2018 (latest update two days ago). I would like enable access to Oil Paint - the option is grayed out. Preferences -> Performance -> Advanced Settings -> Use OpenC...
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  • Thumbnail Cache Problem of PS CC 19

    Our company use Photoshop CC to retouch the customers photo and some sensitive information such as id card copy, bank and credit card information.     Due to the privacy policy of our company, we don't want...
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  • Photoshop CC 2018 - line spacing tool failoure

    Since the Update of Photoshop CC 2017 to Photoshop CC 2018, the line spacing tool is not working anymore.   When I try to enter a number, it randomly changes it to another one. Also if I try to change the number...
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  • iMac 10.13.1 無法下載CS6

    在安裝Ai或Ps等軟體時 ! 顯示安裝程式無法初始化請下載Adobe Support Advisor檢測該問題 請問這個要怎麼解決?? Photoshop CS6
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  • lens correction filter is missing

    Purchased a download of PS Elements 18. Trying to correct gopro fisheye. The lens correction filter is missing. Only reasonable option is a "correct camera distortion" filter. How do i get the lens correction filter.
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  • error 146 - AGAIN ! - this time for file   node.exe

    I'm getting this error when trying to update Photoshop. why is it never easy? I had a similar problem a few months back and it took Adobe Support on my machine about 1 hour to fix!!!   Exit Code: 146 --------...
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  • Photoshop merged my layers for me, can I recover

    I exported a project as a pdf by clicking Save As under the file menu, then I saved the original psd by choosing Save As again and selecting PSD this time.  When I came back to the project today all the layers ha...
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