• Typing not working

    Dear team,   I have a problem using typing T during working Text show( program error) how can I solve this issue?
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  • Photoshop CS6 brush only drawing when I double click or right click with pen

    Recently, my copy of cs6 has been acting up. Upon start-up, it draws fine. However, as soon as I tap on something outside of the screen, such as interacting with the color-selector (even if I use my mouse instead of m...
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  • Single Click issue

    I don't know whats happened after windows did updates nothing is working right every time i use the pen to click there its like it sticks or clicks and holds. for example im painting and hold alt to change color and...
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  • [Locked] Please, Can't We Just Continue To Purchase Photoshop, not CC, Adobe?

    Please, could we just continue to purchase our programs, Adobe? I cannot go along with the Creative Cloud only option.  Although Adobe is offering great "discounts" on the Creative Cloud versions, they will abso...
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  • Photoshop keeps crashing

    Every time I try to load Photoshop CC 2018 it crashes, and I receive a crash report with the code below.   Any suggestions for how to overcome this? I've sent the crash report to Adobe but haven't been contacted...
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  • Cancellation

    I would like to cancel my photoshop plan but can't find the cancel button anywhere. It would be appreciated if you guys could do for me.
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  • 'PHOTOSHOP CS6/INSTALLING PLUG-INS/FILMCONVERT/installation issues w/filmconvert' in Photoshop

    is it normal to have  library/application support/adobe/plug-ins and then cc+cs6 ? This is fresh install of CS6 PS updated to 13.0.6 NOT CC  cause for some reason the filmconvert plug-in is installing to lib...
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  • Adjustment layers applied to smart objects

    Say I bring a file into PS from ACR as a smart object.  I make edits to the file exclusively using the Camera Raw filter.  At that point, I have all the raw data plus a set of instructions governing how thos...
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  • Photoshop 2018 Memory Issue

    when i try to go to preferences > performance i get this error   An integer between 96 ans 8 is required: Closest value is inserted.   i can open files but i can´t work with the file ... memory er...
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  • CC 2018 immediate crash on opening apps

    I just installed PS and AE. Both apps won't open. They both freeze and crash my MacPro. (Mac restarts by itself) What can I do?   Mac Pro (End 2013) 3,5 GHz 6-Core Intel Xeon E5 32 GB 1866 MHz DDR3   OS 10...
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  • Photoshop not painting with Huion Kamvas gt 156HD v2, please help

    Hi all, I'm having some issues with Photoshop in that I cannot paint using my graphics diaplay tablet. The tablet works perfectly with other programs, photoshop just doesn't seem to want to work, rhe canvas won't disp...
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  • How do I prevent the "Create Ellipse" popup from appearing?

    Hi,   Whenever I'm trying to create an ellipse in Photoshop CC I get a popup window titled "Create Ellipse" that asks for the Width and Height of the ellipse and has a From Center checkbox.  This is new be...
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  • Photoshop saves as a '3 File' format .3

    This is a strange occurrence that does not happen often. I have also had this issue with InDesign when saving an .indd file and when I save as .pdf.   My issues is that after I save the file as .psd or .tiff and...
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  • Brush Pixelation Issue

    I noticed my brushes became pixelated after my computer updated windows 10 without me noticing. I'm using an 8''x 8'' canvas at 300 pdi with a size 45 brush. When I have pressure for size in use with a solid standard ...
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  • How to Crop Correctly Image Text??

    Hello guys,   I have a new question. I'm trying to cut an part from image, which is a text, but I can not do it right.   Is there any tip or plugin for this? What is the best tool? After cutting, how do tr...
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  • Activate Action through keystroke shortcut without having to use the "FN" key in PS CS6 on Mac

    I am on a iMac 10.13.5 using a wireless keyboard in PS CS6. I have recorded a few actions that I like to run using a keyboard combination, CMD+F1, e.g. However, it also requires the FN button which is not the case in ...
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  • Something for the weekend - Part 29 - Castle

    Hi There was a great response to last week's basement challenge. This week I have another scene for you, and this time it's a real place rather than a 3D model.   Eilian Donan castle is on the west coast of Sco...
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  • Bitmap/grayscale bugs

    I am finding all sorts of problems working in Grayscale with the current version (2017.1.1). After converting to bitmap, if I copy and paste that image into a new grayscale image, Photoshop won't allow me to do anythi...
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  • Filter Gallery not working

    Hi all, I am trying to apply the Cutout filter to an image. The preview and actual image show no change. In fact, after playing around with it, none of the Filter Gallery filters work. I am in 8-bit using Photoshop C...
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  • i'm using pscs6 when i save as psd the file doesnt open and there is an error 16 , what is that??

    i'm using pscs6 when i save as psd the file doesnt open and there is an error 16 ,what is thatt??
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