• Updating Camera Raw for Bridge and Photoshop

    I have just purchased Canon 5D Mark IV but am unable to open CR2 files in Photoshop and Bridge CS5. I knew this would be a problem and realize that I need to upgrade one or both of those programs to download the appro...
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  • DJI lens correction for Camera raw

    Hi! Min name is Michel I have a CS6 Version 13.0.6 * 64 Recently I bought a DJI Inspire 1 Drone, know I am looking for a lens correction in Camera Raw for it, Is that anything I can download?  Brg Michael Forssberg
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  • Uploading images stripping the DPI

    I have a very weird one here..   So I have my own photo hosting system that has been developed, and Im having an issue with the uploader holding onto the DPI attributes I it uses Image Magic for anyone that deal...
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  • Brush Pixelation Issue

    I noticed my brushes became pixelated after my computer updated windows 10 without me noticing. I'm using an 8''x 8'' canvas at 300 pdi with a size 45 brush. When I have pressure for size in use with a solid standard ...
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  • How do you sharpen edges when using stroke tool

    In the image below I created a second layer of the original "T" and put a stoke effect on that layer to give it a outline. However the corners are rounded and I wanted to know how to match the "T"
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  • Creating a virtual mask of a face

    I am a photographer and use LR a great deal, Photoshop hardly at all. So if you are able to offer a suggestion for this request please assume I don't know how to do things in Photoshop!   I want to create an ima...
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  • Bought the paid version . I can not download the program . Did not send the code .

    Bought the paid version . I can not download the program . Did not send the code .
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  • Something for the weekend - Part 29 - Castle

    Hi There was a great response to last week's basement challenge. This week I have another scene for you, and this time it's a real place rather than a 3D model.   Eilian Donan castle is on the west coast of Sco...
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  • Photoshop CS6 brush only drawing when I double click or right click with pen

    Recently, my copy of cs6 has been acting up. Upon start-up, it draws fine. However, as soon as I tap on something outside of the screen, such as interacting with the color-selector (even if I use my mouse instead of m...
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  • Photoshop 2018 Memory Issue

    when i try to go to preferences > performance i get this error   An integer between 96 ans 8 is required: Closest value is inserted.   i can open files but i can´t work with the file ... memory er...
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  • Typing not working

    Dear team,   I have a problem using typing T during working Text show( program error) how can I solve this issue?
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  • How to Crop Correctly Image Text??

    Hello guys,   I have a new question. I'm trying to cut an part from image, which is a text, but I can not do it right.   Is there any tip or plugin for this? What is the best tool? After cutting, how do tr...
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  • [Locked] Please, Can't We Just Continue To Purchase Photoshop, not CC, Adobe?

    Please, could we just continue to purchase our programs, Adobe? I cannot go along with the Creative Cloud only option.  Although Adobe is offering great "discounts" on the Creative Cloud versions, they will abso...
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  • Photoshop keeps crashing

    Every time I try to load Photoshop CC 2018 it crashes, and I receive a crash report with the code below.   Any suggestions for how to overcome this? I've sent the crash report to Adobe but haven't been contacted...
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  • Cancellation

    I would like to cancel my photoshop plan but can't find the cancel button anywhere. It would be appreciated if you guys could do for me.
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  • 'PHOTOSHOP CS6/INSTALLING PLUG-INS/FILMCONVERT/installation issues w/filmconvert' in Photoshop

    is it normal to have  library/application support/adobe/plug-ins and then cc+cs6 ? This is fresh install of CS6 PS updated to 13.0.6 NOT CC  cause for some reason the filmconvert plug-in is installing to lib...
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  • CC 2018 immediate crash on opening apps

    I just installed PS and AE. Both apps won't open. They both freeze and crash my MacPro. (Mac restarts by itself) What can I do?   Mac Pro (End 2013) 3,5 GHz 6-Core Intel Xeon E5 32 GB 1866 MHz DDR3   OS 10...
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  • Photoshop saves as a '3 File' format .3

    This is a strange occurrence that does not happen often. I have also had this issue with InDesign when saving an .indd file and when I save as .pdf.   My issues is that after I save the file as .psd or .tiff and...
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  • Activate Action through keystroke shortcut without having to use the "FN" key in PS CS6 on Mac

    I am on a iMac 10.13.5 using a wireless keyboard in PS CS6. I have recorded a few actions that I like to run using a keyboard combination, CMD+F1, e.g. However, it also requires the FN button which is not the case in ...
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  • Bitmap/grayscale bugs

    I am finding all sorts of problems working in Grayscale with the current version (2017.1.1). After converting to bitmap, if I copy and paste that image into a new grayscale image, Photoshop won't allow me to do anythi...
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