• Change Default Brush in preset

    Could any one tell me what is the command set to choose a brush other than the brush that is defined in a brush preset? Most of the Photoshop brushes have a defined brush but I forgot the commands to release the defin...
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  • Photoshop CS6 crash

    Program will not open. gives "unexpected end-of file" followed by "preference file was invalid (it has been deleted)" have reinstalled from disc, but still get the same error. any help wiil be appreiciated Thanks &...
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  • Come creare ticket in modo automatizzato?

    Sono in possesso di una determinata quantità di QR Code ai quali sono collegati delle Vcard. Avrei intenzione di creare dei biglietti per un evento sui quali venga posizionato un QR Code sempre diverso. C'&eg...
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  • Photoshop issues with layer styles

    Hello everyone, I have this issue when applying layer styles, my photoshop lags as hell.Please check out this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J6S3xy6eMkg&feature=youtu.be   my pc specs : http://prnts...
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  • Canvas Editing ?

    Made one pattern in the canvas size 18 * 48 inch width and height respectively. Now wanted pattern in the canvas size of 18*40 inches. Wanted to cut or delete pattern, 4 inches in the upper and lower side of the canva...
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  • Panasonic Lumix DC-TZ200 RW2 Files

    I have a Panasonic Lumix DC-TZ200 and the RAW RW2 files do not open in the latest CC Photoshop. (19.1.2 release) Are there any plans to update the latest CC to be able to view them? Downloaded a program on Win 10 ca...
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  • Photoshop c.c version 19.1.2

    " area di lavoro inizio" negli ultimi aggiornamenti non si apre questa area e se cerco di aprire un nuovo file compare una finestra vuota  con il seguente titolo % CCX__FNFT__DIALOG_ NAME sono costretto ad usa...
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  • I accidentally deleted some of my PSD files!  :(  HELP!!!

    Hello - I inadvertently deleted some of my PhotoShop (CC-2017) PSD files.  I have tried the "Recuva" program, and it finds them, and recovers them and they SHOW as PSD file.  However, when I try to open them...
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  • Not able to replace missing fonts in Photoshop CC

    I have missing fonts when I open the Photoshop document. I choose "type > resolve missing fonts", where the only fonts listed to choose from are fonts that are already in the document.   To try to solve this...
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  • One of my actions finishes with Close, but the Close doesn't execute

    Hello,   The final step of one of my actions is to Close the file, when I automate this action (File, Automate, Batch), the close action doesn't run. Resulting in each of my files remaining open throughout the ...
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  • Photoshop cc 2018 screen tearing when zooming out

    Hi,   I have recently downloaded Photoshop CC 2018, and whenever I zoom out from the section I have been working on (length of time varies) the screen will tear leaving behind a section of my image down the righ...
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  • Sharpen Text Image

    I am new to photoshop.  I have an image I am trying to sharpen.  The image is just our logo.  It is very pixelated and the letters are flat on some sides.  I can not figure out how to clear it up.&...
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  • Why won't my video animation render or save? Help Please

    Hello   I created a video timeline which I am trying to save but no matter how many times I try or how long I leave it for it always stops on the progress bar "Initialising video export" just over half way. ...
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  • Photoshop history question

    Hi there, I was wondering if it's possible to go back in history and delete an individual history panel without erasing all the other history panels in front?   I have added some noise destructively to a portrai...
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  • Wacom Intuous eraser issue

    Whenever I turn my pen over in Photoshop to erase, even if I'm not actually touching the tablet surface, it is actively "clicking" or recording pressure, as soon as I get close enough to control the mouse. This isn't ...
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  • Why can't I open files in new update?

    up till now I've had no problem opening large files tried to open one I opened yesterday and I get Couldn't complete request. Not enough room to display this document. Even trying a simple jpeg I get that.
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  • Unabled to install DNG on two Windows 7 installations

    I tryed to install DNG Converter on 2 machines, and here are the two unsuccesful results.   It seams to relate to the KERNEL or VCRUNTIME.   Problème d’exécution sur Port3 MAP du journ...
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  • Photoshop scalling/resolution issues

    Hi, I have an issue with Photoshop cc 2017. I have installed the aplication and everything works well except of the resolution of fitting the photoshop windows on the screen. The system works in 1920p but the Photosho...
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  • The plugins in my Photoshop not working well

    I used my Photoshop for a while , it runs well   I don't know when my plugin doesn't work, they seems like they cannot load their UI layout, all black, as follow     My system is Windows 10 (64 bit...
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  • open multiple photos from acr into layers

    I know it's possible as i did it with previous version, guess I forgot how   I took about 20 picture today and opened them all in ACR and applied the same setting to each.  I'd like to load them into PS as ...
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