• Crop tool

    So since the update when I use the crop tool it changes the file so it saves as a psd where I only need a jpg. How do I fix it?
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  • Resize causing bizarre image dups?

    Suddenly when I resize an image (visually, using the trackpad or dragging the corner of a frame) PS creates these bizarre and confusing duplicate images. Does anyone know hot to fix this? I'm on an iMac. Everything is...
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  • I KNOW HOW TO MAKE Photoshop better.

    Im wondering... WHY people from Adobe, doesn't care about designers needs. I have problems using photoshop the way it works today, but i have many improvements. little things that are crucial!     I do not ...
    created by InyXPRe
  • Stopping Actions Photoshop to allow user input

    Is it possible to stop an action part way through and wait for the user to input a variiable.   For example, could the action call up the image size dialogue box and pause with a message requesting the user to i...
    David 101
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  • 2019 update lost my pruchased filters.  How can I revert to 2018 or make these filters active again?

    I did the 2019 CC updates.  So far when I go into PS 2019 2 of my highly used filter sets (Imagernomic and Nik) are no longer available.  Is there a way to revert back to 2018 ps or to make these filter set ...
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  • Photoshop CC 2019, transform handles not showing

    Normaly in photoshop, when hit Comand+T the handles appear to do any transformations, however now in CC 2019 handles not appearing at all, only the reference point is visible, I saw preferences and dont see any to act...
    Mario Arizmendi
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  • Photoshop CC 2019 Pixel Glitch

    I'm having an issue where if I move things in my photoshop file they seem to get cut off by an imaginary line. It's almost as if the copy were in a clipping mask and it's cutting it off but it's not in a clipping mask...
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  • Pen pressure

    Hi everyone. I have a big problem which I was not able to fix for a full week now, making me unable to paint digitally. So the thing is Photoshop doesnt react to pen pressure, while it does work on other programs lik...
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  • Photoshop CC 2018/2019 [Unexpected clone stamp behavior]

    I'm having an issue where my clone stamp won't replace the area I am cloning but will just put the area on top of the area I am trying to place. I've always just used it on current layer but I am getting the following...
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  • Can't save changes to preferences in new PS CC 2019

    Just upgraded to the newest version of PS CC 2019. Working on Mac Sierra desktop I tried to make one small change in preferences and when I closed out of PS it says it is locked and I do not have permission to make c...
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  • Pen pressure issue on Photoshop

    I have this strange trouble for a month with Photoshop CC 2018 (after the latest updates), when I use a Wacom Intuos Pro Medium (I tried two PTH-651/K models and a CTH-690AK-S model, same problem). I tried my own tab...
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  • New content aware fill crashes Photoshop

    The new CA fill, after using the mark removal brush a couple of times, forces Photoshop to hang anf I need to kill it.   OS: Win10 PC: MS Surface Book 2 15 (tried also on max performance with nvidia card)  ...
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  • Discontinuing El Cap Support???

    Seriously?  Adobe is discontinuing a  subscription product for El Capitan when Apple hasn’t updated their pro machines in 5 years and is about to update them in the next few months?  This seems pr...
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  • PS CC 2019 didn't download? [on Mac OSX El Capitan]

    Hello! I thought it installed, but now I only see S CC 2018.   I'm running on El Cap on a Mac Pro Mid-2012. If I upgrade to the latest OS, some pieces of software that I use, will no longer work.   Mac ha...
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  • Photoshop CC 2018/2019 hanging when copying file to the device it's using

    Hey guys,   I have a file opened in Photoshop CC 2018/2019 from an external hard drive and when I copy a file to the external hard drive Photoshop is using, Photoshop shows me the spinning wheel (like if it was ...
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  • Color Overlay Issues CC 2019

    Did Photoshop CC 2019 change the way color overlay works?   CC 2019: CC2018:
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  • PSD thumbnails not showing after upgrading to Photoshop 2019

    I have installed Photoshop CC 2019 this morning and now when I go into Windows 10 explorer I no longer see the thumbnails of my PSD files.    I have installed or upgraded several Codec software versions in...
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  • PS CC 2019 Crashes on Launch

    Just download The PS CC 2019 update and it won't launch. Splash screen shows for a brief moment then get an error. "Photoshop CC Quit unexpectedly". Can't find anything on the net or forms. Just spent 20min trying to ...
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  • The problem of displaying Arabic fonts upside down

    created by Tawfikd2020
  • Photoshop 2019 [Color issues using Color Fill Layer]

    Can anyone explain to me why you are giving this error when I use color fill in this nine version of PS 2019?  
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