• Photoshop hangs up every time when switch programs

    Photoshop hangs up most of the time when I switch programs. I try reinstalling it but still facing the same issue. Thanks sumit(www.stechguide.com)
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  • Scripts listed twice in "File>Scripts" menu

    I have Photoshop 2015.5 running on a Mac (10.9.5).   In the main menu under "File > Scripts",  the names of all of my scripts appear twice.  have confirmed by clicking on each item they are duplicat...
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  • Photoshop CC crashes at first launch (EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION error)

    Hello,   I just installed Photoshop CC on my new PC and the application immediately crashes at launch. It get to the "Initializing menus..." step and then crashes. Below are my PC specs and the Crash Report deta...
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  • Lost PSCC 2018 PSB file on OSX

    Hi, hoping for some help w/ a first time I've seen this problem. Using PSCC 2018 release 19 on iMac w/ TM drive w/ OS X 10.12.   Have a large document format (5.4GB) PSB - a large panorama w/ layers. It was orig...
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  • Splash Screen: CC 19.00 Release

    Is there a way to disable the horribly unsettling splash screen of an over processed woman in the October 2017 iteration of Photoshop.   It's an unpleasant image.  It looks like all those over cooked images...
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  • Problems activating photoshop CS3

    Hi, I used photoshop 10 several years ago then upgraded to CS2 and CS3 paying for the upgrades etc. Now every time I launch photoshop I get a message saying I have to reactivate photoshop and get a new serial number....
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  • I've tried everything to have the brush circle cursor...

    Hi, Any of the brush tools shows just a cross, not the circle with the selected size. I can see the circle just when I turn on/off the caps-lock but when I move the mouse, the circle becomes the bloody cross again. ...
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  • Not able to replace missing fonts in Photoshop CC

    I have missing fonts when I open the Photoshop document. I choose "type > resolve missing fonts", where the only fonts listed to choose from are fonts that are already in the document.   To try to solve this...
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  • Bug or something with auto centering view while zooming

    Hello. I've just updated Photoshop to CC18 and figured out that it is completely impossible to work now.   If I use zoom tool or just zooming via Alt+click+mouse moving – the image I am working with goes ...
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  • Photoshop CC 2017 keeps crashing on monitor switch

    Recently I was still working with PS CC 2015.5 and never had this issue. Now I delayed update for several months (if not years) to avoid crashes, yet here I am stumbling on one.   I use a Cintiq Pro 16 + Dual M...
    Paula Shin
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  • аварийное закрытие программы photoshop

    При сохранение фото для web происходит аварийное закрытие Photoshop
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  • 16 bit file doesn't center when printed

    I'm printing an image that is 13 x 19 inches and is 16 bit using an Epson Surecolor P800. When I print a sample at letter size the image prints correctly and is centered. When I print full size the image won't center....
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  • Add digit to batch rename files

    Have couple thousand jpg files that I need go from 4 digits (ex. IMG_1158.jpg) to 5 digits (IMG_01158.jpg). Basically, I want to keep the current name and add a zero (a digit) at the beginning. Also, there are gaps in...
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  • Photoshop CC 2018 installs but then crashes...

    Hi, all.   Installed Photoshop CC 2018 and kept old prefs. It opened and worked for the rest of the day. Restarted the next day and crashed upon launch I've tried every iteration of re-install uninstall with ...
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  • Script to Make Brush Preset from PNG File

    Is there a script or action to make abr brush presets from single or layered png files?
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  • Photoshop mouse cursor flickering — OSX

    as you can see the cursor starts flickering when photoshop is running. when I quit then everything will fine.     made a fresh install. not from backup. still everything the same. this flickering effect ...
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  • Photoshop CC 2018 - line spacing tool failoure

    Since the Update of Photoshop CC 2017 to Photoshop CC 2018, the line spacing tool is not working anymore.   When I try to enter a number, it randomly changes it to another one. Also if I try to change the number...
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  • Liquify causes error: AIF internal exception

    help please
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  • Problem with opening raw files

    Hello, I have some troubles with opening raw files. I have latest version of Photoshop CC 2018 and Camera Raw 10.1. My camera is Canon 5D Mark III. The problem is the following: First I open raw file in Camera Raw...
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  • Scripting/Automating

    I'm not sure if the thing I'm trying to achieve is possible, but I hope someone could enlighten me. So I have a bunch of 1920x1080 pngs with one silhouette somewhere in the photo, and I want to automate an outer glow...
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