• Color Chart

    I'm looking for a low cost X-Rite MSCCC ColorChecker Classic or a way I can create my own which is just as accurate as the X-Rite version, if possible ? If anyone can help me in any way, I would appreciate it.  ...
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  • Photoshop 20 can't be set as Default app to open JPG or PNG

    I see this problem has existed before, but the thread with the most recent post was for version 18. This issue is affecting me in version 20.   I cannot set Photoshop as the default application for JPG or PNG. R...
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  • enlarge photoshop thumbnails, not image.

    When I call up file thumbnails are too small to make a judgement about which to open as image in photoshop. There must be a way to make them larger. Please help.
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  • business card height promlem

    business card :   height: 2in   width:3.5 in  ... but when i place jpg file in mockup...i found 2 gap ..top and bottom in the mockup.....any solution
    Md. Nur Islam
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  • Looking for 3D Portrait option, as demonstrated at ADOBE MAX 2015?

    Does anyone know what happened to this cool software?
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  • Something for the weekend - Part42 - Below Decks.

    Hi It's Friday again which means our weekly challenge is here.   This week I bring you a 3D render, modelled on the gun deck of an old ship. The modelling and texturing kept me occupied for much longer than I p...
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  • Scaling proportionally with shift doesn't work in CC

    Normally holding the shift key down to resize an image or object constrains its proportions. But in my recently installed Photoshop CC on my brand new iMac , the shift key doesn't work to resize proportionally.  ...
    aleksandra krawczycka
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  • How can I paste copy pasta art into Photoshop?

    Hello!   Simple question: Is there any way I can paste copypasta like this into photoshop? When I try, photoshop doesn't recognize the characters.   Anything helps! Thanks!
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    The SCALE feature does NOT work!  It is locked in proportion and does not allow flexibility.  HELP!
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  • Flick panning not working in PS CC 2019

    I just updated from CC 2017, and have noticed flick panning no longer works, even when turned on in preferences.  Am I missing something here or is this a bug?   I'm working on an iMac (Retina 5K, 27-inch, ...
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  • A billboard in PS CC

    Ok, I am doing a billboard that is 48ftx14ft. I understand how to get the logo clean using a PDF or eps from IL. However, my design includes a lot of blend modes using images like constellations or planets and the BG ...
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  • Photoshop 2018 can't be set as default "open with" for any file type

    I installed CC 2018 yesterday. When I try to set Photoshop as default program to open JPG, PNG, etc., the program is not listed under Recommended Programs. When I choose Other Programs > Browse and navigate to PS 2...
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  • TIFF files suddenly opaque and open as bitmaps

    Hi there, So, I have been saving 2D line drawings out of my CAD package as TIFFs. I have been (unitl this afternoon) opening them as transparent background TIFF's in Photoshop and editing them. JUST this afternoon, I...
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  • Straight lines using brush tool / shift

    This morning, I was making straight lines using the brush tool / shift key.  Then, suddenly now, that function does not work.  All I get is a dot, then a dot.  Someone help me please !   I N...
    Gregory Crawford
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  • Bridge previews

    After updating the CC suite, Bridge only shows previews of indesign files. Jpegs, RAWS and Pdf's show as a corrupted file even though the files aren't corrupt?
    mark unsworth
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  • Share feature not working.

    Upgraded to Photoshop 20.0.0 yesterday and was checking out the new features. Opened an image to try the share feature and nothing happens. I understand a drop down window should open with some choices of image size. ...
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  • Best way to change black to colour with adobe software

    Hey guys,   what is the best way to change black to a colour in Photoshop without losing quality?   Is it better to do it in illustrator instead?
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  • I have to save as CMYK for print, but the colours are out of whack..

    hey all, I am designing something for a CD cover that is going to be printed at a print shop, They say they want their images in CMYK and prefer it in a PDF or highest quality JPEG.... So I have been working in CMYK, ...
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  • PS 2019 – Color Blend Mode Buggy

    I just installed the new CC versions and opened the file I last worked on in Photoshop 2019. I was surprised to see a severe color shift on the paper in the center:   This is how the file looks when opened in...
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  • CC 2019: Transform Proportionally by Default

    While I applaud several of the updates to CC 2019, this one is a total head-scratcher. Why would I want one application to suddenly start behaving completely contrary to every other design application? What's more, wh...
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