• Is This Image Photoshopped?

    Figured there might a photoshop expert out there that may be able to spot some tell-tale signs that this image has been photoshopped (or if it is legit).   Namely, I'm trying to determine whether or not the refl...
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  • PS Color Management for print with calibrated display

    Hello dear community,   I was hoping you can enlighten me regarding one issue with the complex color management topic. Now that I finally thought I understand it all there is something that boggles my mind. I wi...
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  • CC installed but won't open...help appreciated.

    Hello,   Previously using PS & Bridge CS6 for years. Thought I'd try CC.   Trial downloaded. Installed okay (I thought).   Opening PS CC I get 'error 16' - 'Please uninstall and reinstall'.  ...
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  • Film messed up photos-- fix?

    I just went on a vacation with the family, we bought 2 underwater film disposable cameras. 1 roll turned out perfectly, the other turned out wonky. Almost looks 3Dish. I am a professional photographer so I know it was...
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  • Photoshop CC 2018 Color Settings/Assign Profile Problems

    Hi there! I'm running the latest update for Photoshop CC 2018 on OS High Sierra on my 2015 Macbook Pro. I am having troubles with the color management tools (specifically Color Settings and Assign Profile). The proble...
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  • Files Created on My Mac Show Up Blurry/Pixelated When Opened on my PC

    I have several photoshop files that I have created on my mac (a macbook pro I purchased in August of last year) because that is where I usually work. However, recently I started streaming my art on twitch and the mac'...
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  • Toms Hardware CPU Passmark Thread

    If you are looking to upgrade your hardware, or have recently done so, and want to see how it stacks up, one of the Toms Hardware forum mods has started a thread where you can list your results, compare with others.&#...
    created by Trevor.Dennis
  • Shortcuts not working, at least not A-Z keys.

    Yesterday Photoshop worked fine, all my Ctrl-X and shortcuts worked perfectly. Today when i opened up photoshop nothing worked, shortcuts only worked if they required pressing buttons that arent normal letters. For ex...
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  • New Subscription, cannot open any apps

    I have purchased the photography plan today and I am unable to open Phototshop or Lightroom or anything like that. I go to open it, and I get the terms and conditions page popping where I have to hit accept. When I hi...
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  • can i creare a subfolder in the Acr preset and have them organized?

    Hi i'm runnin the last version of photoshop cc cc 19.1.5  , windows 10 pro 64bit and under imac high sierra i use moslty windows   can i create subfolder and organize my acr preset in camera raw?   ...
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  • Camera Raw zu blas

    Hallo,   ich habe seit ein paar Wochen das Problem wenn ich Raw Dateien bearbeite. Diese werden mir in Photoshop viel zu blas angezeigt, sobald ich diese normal bearbeite und abspeichere sind diese dann viel zu ...
    created by kseniad26081387
  • Transparent GIF Issue

    Hi Adobe Community,   I have a problem saving my short gif file so it stays with a gradient but without background. I can only save it with gradient when I add a background to each layer of the gif and when I tr...
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  • Layer Alignment help

    Hi everyone,   I have this issue am trying to solve -   I have 2 images almost with identical angel (Not taken with tripod...), When I Stack the two images, Each image to a layer, and select them both, th...
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  • Photoshop isn't showing changes made....still.

    I posted this question a while ago and thought I'd answered it, but the problem came back. So, I'm still trying to figure out what's going on. Here's what happened last time:   " Photoshop isn't showing changes ...
    created by sarahpeller
  • Gif overlay on photos

    I don't know if anyone can help me but I have tried every other avenue and can't get a resolution. I need an app for my android that I can use my own photo and overlay my own gif or mp4 not the gif and video that come...
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  • 2 photoshop brush problems

    Hi, i have 2 problems with photoshop brush: 1. Lag 2. Onion effect, i don't know how to explain it...  when the brush is set to opacity 10-20%, i don't see a homogeneus reduction of "color" from the center to ...
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  • Photoshop says it doesn't have enough RAM

    I recently bought a new computer so that I could run Photoshop editing very large files which was proving impossible on my 7-year old PC.  I got a Dell quad-core gaming laptop with a hard drive of 1TB for my data...
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  • Hand tool stuck on Photoshop - tried everything

    I am desperate for help.   I can't get the hand tool to come off on photoshop, no matter what tool I select.   I have tried the spacebar, resetting settings, updating software - all suggestions I can fin...
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  • How Do I Manage The Paste Point In Photoshop?

    Hi Guys, i'm in the middle of creating a wallpaper of myself for my self.   Obviously I have copied the image that I want to paste numerous times. However the wallpaper is now covering where the image is pasted....
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  • Crashing

    Okay, my photo shop CC keeps crashing when i go from filters to NVIDIA filter that makes normal maps, after i select normal maps my Photoshop cc 2018 crashes. Please, any information will help.
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