• Create adjustment layer without mask while having selection

    Hi everyone,   Maybe someone already had this problem, when you have a selection and you need to create an adjustments layer applying on whole images (without any mask) and keep current selection. The thing is ...
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  • Photoshop won't recognize tablet pen pressure. Have tried everything. Help?

    Photoshop suddenly stopped recognizing pen pressure from my tablet yetsterday. I'm using a Wacom Bamboo Connect tablet on a Windows 8 computer with Photoshop CS6   I've tried: 1. uninstalling the drivers 2. c...
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  • Freezing in PS CC 2018 after using Camera RAW

    Photoshop CC 2018 is working fine when loading JPEG files or previous PSD fiiles. BUT while opening RAW files in Camera RAW and opening a Smart Object in the Camera RAW filter and allowing them to be worked on, in bot...
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    When I zoom In all my tools act as the zoom tool, I cant use the brush, lasso, crop, nothing as it should. EVERYTHING is working as the move tool and I have a deadline on Monday. This just happened, I've reset all too...
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  • cursor has changed to 3 +++ using move tool

    any idea how to change this?  I am using PS CS3 Gail
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  • Lack of camera raw support for Canon 80D

    I am very disappointed in Adobe for not providing camera raw support in Photoshop CS6 for the Canon EOS 80D.  I paid for the software and expected it to work regardless of the camera I purchased.  So now you...
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  • Moving open pictures

    When I open a picture, it locks it's self in the upper left corner. If I try to move it, it just snaps  right back. If i am working with two pictures, I am not able to get to the picture under the top one. How do...
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  • Printed Photoshop User Guide?

    When I started using Photoshop it came with a book.  It was great I could cruse through that index and become aware how to find answers quickly.   Then if I had a pdf version of the book even greater...
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  • How do I batch watermark a logo onto varying heights?

    I would like to watermark a logo on a batch folder of photos, but the photos are different heights (but same width). If I use text in Photoshop it's not a problem, but if I use my logo the Action places it in differen...
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  • PS not listed in the open with option

    I cannot open an image directly into photoshop CC 2018 by right clicking. PS CC 2018 does not show as a default program in the list. I've gone into browse and tried to add it by going to Adobe, Adobe photoshop 2018, c...
  • How to delete old PS, CS, CC, BR versions in Win10>AppData>Roaming?

    Hi,   I am using Creative Cloud--Photoshop CC, Lightroom Classic CC, Bridge CC.  I also have Dreamweaver CS6 and Muse CC installed on my system (but Muse is no longer activated).  I am using Windows 10...
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  • Photoshop stopped opening Olympus & Panasonic raw files

    Suddenly PS has stopped opening Olympus and Panasonic raw files. This happens with my GH5 and my Oly Tough. I am getting the error message:   Photoshop cannot open this file. If you are attempting to open a raw...
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  • Photoshop 7.0

    I have this old legacy copy of Photoshop.  It's a legal copy with serial # and all.  I have it installed on a Windows 10 machine, but it sometimes wants (and fails) to install updates when firing up.  I...
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  • Scratch Disks Full?

    I'm working on a mac.   I'm working on a custom 1500x1500 canvas which is the size I usually open up photoshop to but when I try to change the canvas size (smaller) I continue to get the error message 'scratch d...
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  • Validating Software License

    Each time I try and boot up Photoshop, I am left looking at a small window that has a small loading circle with the words "Validating Software License". This is a never ending loop of the window closing, and appearing...
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  • Cutting a hole in an image layer

    Hi everyone,   I feel like I must be missing something really obvious here. I have an image layer which is essentially a teardrop shape but I would like to cut a hole in it that is the same shape, just smaller. ...
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  • Macbook Pro(early 2015) catastrophic failure (un-recoverable) .psd files in the cloud somewhere?

    I did not work in the CC much if at all.  If my previous MacBook Pro 13" with Retina display catastrophically failed and is not unrecoverable, would ANY of the .psd files that I created/modified be available for ...
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  • Can't save psd file (freezes)

    Hi everyone,   So I have been trying to figure out what is going on but im getting nowhere. Whenever I go to save a psd file everything freezes. I will insert some screenshots of a test file so you can better u...
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  • Error 16

    I attempted to start up photoshop today and was unable to. I received a "Configuration error" message error 16. I have tried restarting my computer, but was unsuccessful. Please help, I do not know how to fix this.
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  • Camera Raw Missing Camera Profiles when imported from Lightroom

    When I attempt to edit a photo within Lightroom and want to edit within Photoshop I'll right click and select edit in Photoshop.  If I decide later on to further adjust the overall look I'll go into the Camera Ra...
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