• highlight shadow tool not working in photoshop 2018 cc

    when i activate the tool and try to lighten the shadows, it lightens the highlights.  when i click on highlights, it lightens the highlights  as well.  it seems to me that the tool is not working at all...
    saw mill photographer
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  • Random image brush

    Is there a way to paint with a brush, that randomly shuffles through a set of images?   I'm looking for a way to paint or paste several different random houses without a) having to arrange them in layers and b) ...
    created by mad667nus
  • Having a hard time selecting and isolating in photoshop

    Took some product photos and having a hard time using quick selction tool to isolate item and change background color to white.  Any ideas how to make this easier. Hard part is I want to keep the base of the styr...
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  • Photoshop gets stuck in Type Tool

    This is the second time this has happened to me this week. Both time I had clicked on a text box with the type tool to edit the text, did Cmd A and Cmd C to copy the text, then hit Esc (I have it set to cancel the cha...
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  • Nikon D5 DNG converter

    I plan to purchase a Nikon D5 and am still running Photoshop CS6 so I will need to use a DNG converter.  Which version of the DNG converter first supported the Nikon D5 and how do I download previous versions?...
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  • Not enough memory Ram

    I keep getting messages saying I don't have enough Ram, and when I try to change it in preferences I get the message "An integer between 96 and 8 is required. Closest value inserted" and can't access the performance p...
    gareth anthonyc52108585
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  • Tif has no thumbnail preview and can't be processed in image processor script

    Hi guys,   I have about 20 or so tifs in a folder and one of them doesn't have a thumbnail preview which is frustrating, but also when I run the image processor script I get an error message saying "I cannot pro...
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  • Design the Photoshop Forums Banner Challenge - Phase 3

    Hi all,   Round one and two of the Forums Banner Challenge were awesome! Congratulations to the previous winners, we've really enjoyed having a nice looking banner here for the Photoshop community!   Incase ...
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  • unknown or invalid jpeg marker, yet every other program opens the file

    The subject says it all.  I have several files that I sent to myself from a photo archive site and none of them will open in PS CC, always giving this reason.  But like I said, they all open in every other p...
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  • Save layer groups as images cropped to different sizes

    My goal is to create an action that saves each "Product" group as 3 different images:   - The"Background" Group saves by itself, at full size (that's easy...) -- Saves a JPG file   - The Desktop Group gets...
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  • Tool changes to previous automatically

    Dear all. I have this annoying issue  with photoshop since cs6. I alway work using keyboard shortcuts and when I select a tool, for example the selection tool "M", and I cancel a portion of layer with canc/del...
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  • Changing text size does not update on image

    I think what they call live preview of text size changes is not working with PS CC 2018.   I type some text on an image Use CTRL+A to select all the text Click in the text size box at top of screen (or in char...
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  • Startup screen disappeared

    My startup screen disappeared and now I can see only a black screen with a gray rectangle at the bottom right corner when I start Ps. I don't know the reason, but my guess is that it happened after the last Windows 1...
    Alp Arslan
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  • Photoshop CC 2018- How to turn off the recentering in full screen mode ?

    Hello When I work in full-screen mode (F), I want to move my workspace with the hand (space). Since the update is impossible to move easily. The workspace is recenter automatically. For example if I want to work deta...
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  • Pictures will not clone

    Can you tell me why some images will not work with the cloning stamp? Some of my pictures work and others do not and there seems to be no difference between them. When I click on the images that won't clone, I hear a ...
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  • Error 16 - Have tried everything 10 times

    Okay, I'm on Windows 7 and the only product I'm currently interested in is Photoshop CC.2018. I am on a 64 bit machine, AMD processor.  Tons of memory and GPU power.   First move as a total N00b...follow i...
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  • Photoshop cs7 no se inicia correctamente-bloquea la mesa de trabajo

    obtuve el photoshop hace poco, lo use por meses y no habia surgido ningun problema, ningun cambio significativo de la computadora ni nada, un dia simplemente abri photoshop, todo normal, hasta que se inicia, y en ese ...
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  • Windows 10, Photoshop, Wacom tablet not playing nice together.

    So recently I built a new computer and installed Windows 10. I let it do all it's updates on installation and yeah, it runs just fine. My issue is that I can't seem to find a good balance with Photoshop and my tablet...
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  • Correct file settings for printing

    Hi, I'm starting to play around with different effects on my pictures. I currently use 8x10, 300dpi because I can't print any bigger but if I wanted to print a poster size like 20x30 should I stop using the 8x10 and s...
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  • 150% UI Scaling Option for Photoshop

    I'd been trying to get some feedback from the guys at Adobe regarding this, but seems like no one has seen or heard this pleas. I'm currently using a Surface Pro 3 to work on Photoshop, and while I really appreciate t...
    Alexander Wong
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