• Photoshop lagging on a new laptop with i7

    Hi everyone, I have just bought a new laptop, a Lenovo Yoga 920, i7-8550U, intel UHD 620, 4k screen, 16gb of Ram and 1Tb SSD. Installed a trial version of Photoshop CC 2018 and the lag is just terrible, mostly visibl...
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  • Editing and Viewing Stereo images in Photoshop?

    I'm able to import and edit mono 360 photos from my Insta360Pro.   When I do the same with stereo images the option to view and edit in stereo is grayed out.  I've searched the forums, google, etc and haven...
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  • Photoshop 2019, Transform>Distort Tool Issue

    I often use the Transform>Distort tool on a rectangular selection (or an entire rectangular image in a separate layer of a many layered file). When using Photoshop 2019, the I am not able to pull a corner of the se...
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  • Shortcuts in Photoshop do not work when Lightroom CC is open

    Since I updated to CC2019 I can't use most shortcuts when Lightroom CC is opened at the same time. Seems to mainly affect the shortcuts that involve "Strg"/"Ctrl, which makes me think that Lr might read everything us...
    Roman Holtwick
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  • Photoshop keeps freezing when saving

    Whenever I try to save something in photoshop as a jpeg, photoshop will freeze on me. The save menu will close and when I try to click on any of the options on the photoshop screen afterwards, it makes that "dinging" ...
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  • Pixel Shrinks !

    There are two images above. 1) One pattern drawn over 14 * 14 inches. 2) Zoomed image where we can all colors clearly with 3 pixels of black outline.   Now suppose we want to resize the image and convert it to...
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  • I need help with taking out the red on a eye (on the white part )

    I need help with taking out the red on a eye (on the white part )
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  • Why do my pen lines keep disappearing when I select a shape on a separate layer afterwards?

    I am trying to get pen lines to stay after drawing them.  I have closed off the pen lines as indicated here Draw with Pen tools in Photoshop .  Then I select a new layer and select a circle shape and all of ...
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  • Text from Acrobat

    Hi,   I'm trying to copy text from PDF to PS, but the text appears to be all in uppercase. It's a standard font (Times, although changing the font didn't matter) and I'm copying the text from Acrobat Reader DC...
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  • AnimDessin Extension - My Exchange says its installed, doesn't show

    Hi, My Exchange (adobeexchange.com/my-exchange.html) says that a free plug-in I downloaded (AnimDessin2 by Stephane Baril v2.1.0) is installed. But when I go to Photoshop > windows > Extensions it doesn't show....
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  • With Capture one 12 release are you planning to release a PS plugin for it ?

    Hi Devs, Capture one 12 just be released, and one of the big update is plugins. C1 is a great tools but it as some lacks as "open as layer". Are you planning to launch a C1 plugin for PS to add that kind of options ?
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  • Photoshop user interface - too big or too small

    I am new to photoshop. When I first started using the program and trying to follow along with my instructor in an online course, I noticed that everything on my screen was larger - the tool icons, the panels on the ri...
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  • GTX 1050

    Boa tarde,   Estou com o Photoshop super atualizado, windows atualizado, computador novo com menos de 1 mês de uso e desde que peguei o computador venho enfrentando cintilações ao usar com o p...
    augusto cesarc32397122
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  • Creative Cloud Photoshop

    Hi   Our students have been getting a not enough RAM error message when using Photoshop 2017. To fix this we have tried changing the Registry editor but the message still randomly appears. Here is the Registry c...
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  • Transformationsrahmen im neuen PS

    Hi allerseits, nach dem neuesten PS-Update ist beim Transformieren der Rahmen nicht mehr sichtbar. Das stört doch sehr. Ist das bei euch auch so? Habt ihr eine Lösung, wie man den wieder sichtbar bekommt...
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  • Blend RGB colors using gamma 1.0 issue with outer glow

    I'm using photoshop cc 2017.I've got my color settings set to "Blend RGB colors using gamma 1.0". I've added the outer glow effect to some layer. Like this: But when I rasterize layer style, it becomes to: ...
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  • Text tool wont work:something prevented the text engine from being initialized

    My text tool won't work at all,there's an error that says something prevented the text engine from being initialized.   Troubleshoot fonts | Photoshop CC 2014, CC, CS6, CS5   I have already tried using the...
    Boo Seungkwan
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  • Transform Selection - Aspect Ratio Lock/Unlock

    Well, something's different now. I used to be able to apply an elliptical marquee selection, then right click, select "transform selection", and pull on the left/right/top/bottom center handles independently to move e...
    Gregory Burns
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  • Photoshop CC fikters menu greyed out after last update

    As per the title my filter menu is greyed out since the latest update. I`ve tried resetting prefrences which did not work.  Working on an image from lighroom 8bit  depth so that is not the issue. Image opene...
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  • "Place embedded" option grayed out in menu

    Updated to PS2019 recently and now my "place embedded" option is grayed out. Also - don't know if this is related or not - my "Control J" shortcut isn't working. Any advice? I really need both of those to work!
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