• Unable to create contact sheet

    I am using photoshop CS6 on windows 10. Am not able to create a contact sheet in it. Everytime I try to create one an error pops up. Please help
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  • Contact Sheet Blank

    I need help with something that I have not found in the forum. The instructions for making a contact sheet are quite clear, but I end up with nothing but a blank frame on screen, no matter which options I choose. I ha...
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  • Lizenz

    Halli Hallo ihr Lieben. Ich habe leider ein kleines Problem mit meinem Photoshop CC Programm. Ich habe die Classic Version vor zwei Monaten abonniert und bisher hat alles wunderbar geklappt. Nun allerdings steht d...
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  • Wacom Intuos pro wireless issues

    Hi - I'm having a problem whereby my Intuos pro keeps intermittently dropping the wireless connection.   This happens at least once every minute or two and usually lasts for a couple of seconds only.  D...
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  • Actions not working

    Hiya, hoping you can help. I've set up an action for watermarking, and it's been working brilliantly for week. Now all of a sudden, it's stopped working. Not done anything differently, but it's coming up "the command ...
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  • Tool icons and UI text size will not change

    I cannot get the tool icons and text size in the UI to increase. I have tried bumping the text up to Large in the preference, and I have cycled through Auto, 100%, and 200% in UI scaling (restarting every time I made ...
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  • sRGB color shift in Firefox - (possibly) SOLVED! - Please help me find holes in this.

    So this has been making me crazy for years and for some reason I cant find much online about it.   I photograph in RAW and export files to Photoshop in 16bit sRGB or Adobe RGB (1998).   I am also a...
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  • Turning off Pixel aspect ratio correction on a MAC

    how do you Turning off Pixel aspect ratio correction on a MAC? I am having problems opening a file.   thanks
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  • How to download the traditional chinese version for photoshop PS

    Hi , i want to install the photoshop PS, also i prefer the chinese version (traditional), but i cant find any path to select the chinese version (traditional).   Thanks
    ka faic48113228
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  • Instalation of Photoshop CS3 on Macbook Pro

    Hi, I have few problems:   1)I would like to install P CS3 on macook pro, but there is no CD in laptop, but I have CS3 original on CD. How can I do this? Is there any chance to find original CS3 in Internet and ...
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  • Brushes are lagging in PS CC 2018 !

    Hello,   I have a Mac Pro and 64 Go DDR3, and I am really surprising that when I resize brushes, this is really lagging...   I see that there have been some changes at this level in CC 2018, maybe is ther...
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  • How to achive this old look from Wonder Woman

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  • Luminance Equalisation Batch Processing

    Hello guys. I have over 5000 images in different colors (below 200x200px) which have different luminosity. I want the perceived brightness for all the images to be same. I tried playing around with the LAB color mode ...
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  • Help sharpening license plate

    Hi there, A family member had a trailer stolen from her yard in broad daylight. Luckily a neighbor was able to snap the below photo with a Google Pixel 12MP camera however, the plate is blurry.   Can anyone hel...
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  • Corrupted Photoshop File

    Hello,   I was just working on a large multi layer file (over 1 GB in size), and decided to save it down to a smaller size to continue working.   The image fragmented. Please see attached..All broken apart...
    Daphne Mae
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  • My color lookup doesn't work properly

    Hello everyone,   Today i tried to use my color lookup table for the first time on my photoshop cs6 but it doesn't show me any option i can pick. how can i fix this problem?   P.S I use windows 10
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  • ctrl+n isn't working please help

    Hello   ctrl+n isn't working for some reason . Any ideas please. When I opened the Photoshop 2018 before I had a lot's of previous work on the black background so I could choose any of them to start my work , ...
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  • Informe de bloqueo en Photoshop y Lightroom

    Tengo instalados en mi PC tanto Lightroom como Photoshop y Premiere CC. Hasta hace unos días los tres funcionaban sin problemas, pero actualicé  los drivers de la tarjeta gráfica y, aunque Prem...
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  • CS2 problem: windows disappear or are always on top / overlap other programs

    This mistake happens totally randomly and usually after using the program after several minutes. When I save or use any option, the toolbar or the (floating) window disappears and then re-appears when I click around ...
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  • Can't export transparent PNG from art boards

    Hi, I have been using photoshop art-board for a year, and last month I suddenly couldn't export transparent PNG. I can't seam to get the background "off" . as apposed to a file with no art-boards - where the backgrou...
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