• Photoshop CC 2018 - some shortcuts do not work

    In Photoshop Cc 2018, installed yesterday: 1. Ctrl-Shift-Alt-S works just from time to time, I can't find a rule, but almost never. It works always with right keys Ctrl-Shift-Alt and some other combinations with righ...
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  • Licensing and activation

    Serial number does not work on photoshop CS4 Extended
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  • Color shifting in sRGB when Preview checked?

    When I make new RGB files, they default to sRGB (the default one in PS).   To test something, I tried Convert to Profile. The Destination space is the SAME as the Source (sRGB).   I notice something strang...
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  • Photoshop script

    Hi, I am wondering if anyone can help. We have a t shirt printing company, and we have over 1000 different designs that we would like to advertise on t shirts. I have heard there is a way that I can run a script on...
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  • How can I download the full version of Photoshop

    I work for a company where we can't download from the web onto PC's and install.  We download software onto a separate PC, scan it before allowing it onto the network.  Therefore, I need to find out where I ...
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  • why is there so little cloud in creative cloud?

    I think even Microsoft do a better job of using the cloud to keep things synced and to make new installs easy.  And if you're behind microsoft - geez, you've got problems.   If I want to keep my actions syn...
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  • Why does select and mask not work in CC 19.1.5?

    After making a selection I chose Select and Mask from the Select menu and started painting where the edges needed fixing since it is supposed to automatically recalculate the edges, but it does not. It merely increase...
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  • Recurring problem - Open windows disappear on layer clicks

    Ok, this is a problem that some people been having and still I haven't seen a real solution. Before I start, a few things:   I'm on a Mac (Sierra), using a Mac Pro (New version) with an AMD Fire GPU. This is s...
    Erik Lingerfelt
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  • A Tool PS has needed for YEARS! Please add.

    This tool has been something that has been needed for years. Correl painter had a similar tool to this. On the technical end. I'm not sure how PS would do it. But I'm not here to discuss the technical. I'm here as a 1...
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  • "You need to install a printer" error messages?

    Vista 64bit / CS4 / LR2 / Epson 2200 & HP 970Cse Printers Every other week or so, I get the error message "Before you can perform printer-related . . . . you need to install a printer". In this case, I made a g...
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  • 3D render options panel not avalable

    I'm trying to get to the rendering options panel and everything I'm finding tells me I need be in the Scene layer in the 3D panel. However when I'm in the 3D panel the  top 3 layers; Environment, Scene, and Curre...
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  • PS doesn't recognise keyboard input

    Hey there, I'm new to PS so please be considerate.. So I started using PS and one day I started it and none of my tablet buttons worked anymore. Zooming in e.g. has the same key combination in PS as in Google Chrome...
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  • Need advice on use of smart objects

    I'm trying to develop a competence for compositing.  Often, if I bring a new element into a composition, I will convert it to a smart object before resizing it.  Then I will rasterize the layer to reduce the...
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  • Photoshop CC Work space too big

    For some reason, my Photoshop work space is huge. All the buttons are way out of proportion, to the point where I cannot see the bottom of the screen. I have tried General Preferences, looking in Work Space, and just ...
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  • Shift Edge not showing in Properties Panel

    I am working within a layer mask on a tif and my Properties panel now only shows Density and Feather options (those sometimes not being adjustable at all) and the Shift Edge option completely gone. Is there some reaso...
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  • Rasterize shape fills my page black. Help!

    I just upgraded Photoshop CC today (I installed the latest update I mean) Typically when I make shapes and choose to rasterize them, it's to either erase or add to the shape. But today I went to rasterize the shape to...
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  • Photoshop is on the fritz

      I have a major issue with Photoshop as you can see with the video.   Also whenever I open a photo from a file the tool bar for photoshop never pops up automically. Illustrator or InDesign tool bar is al...
    Wake Creative
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  • How can I get the usual start screen back?

    Hi!   I use PS CC 2018 with Win7. When I usually started PS I saw the workspace with tool box, layer box etc., opened a file and started working.   When I started PS recently (via icon on task bar) I was ...
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  • CS6 program glitches

    I recently installed CS6 suite on Mac (OS High Sierra 10.13.1), and when saving for web the titles that appear when hovering over options will not disappear until you quit the program completely. There are also some e...
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  • my brush size icon won't change

    hi, I have photoshop CS6, on a  iMac OS x version 10.9.4 .  I am having trouble with my brush sizes,  when I enlarge my brushes they only get so big before the icon stops growing,  the brush funct...
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