• PS Touch not compatible to iOS 11.1.2

    My iOS is the latest version and PS Touch cannot be used, showing that the app need to be used together with iOS 11...anybody know how to resolve this issue?
    Hedy Wong
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  • the preview of the photos does not appear in the gallery (1.7.7)

    When I open a photo layer, I select my folder and show the photos, others are just a black image instead of showing what they are.
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  • How to Clean up a Background

    How to Clean up a Background in Photoshop Touch Remove unwanted background clutter while protecting parts of your image that you want to keep.   1. After selecting the "Clean up a Background" tutorial, press "...
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  • my brushes are bigger than the cursor size area in photoshop cs6 on win 8

    Good morning everybody. I have a big problem with photoshop cs6. i have a cintiq companion 2 running windows 8, and when i paint in photoshop cs6 my brushes are bigger than the cursor size. this bug on a mac can fixe...
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  • Apple says future iOS (11?) will not support Ps Touch!

    I now have an iPad Pro 2 running iOS 10. I get a warning that this app (Ps Touch) will not be supported by the next iOS (11). Is there another Adobe app that will replace the Touch? They say to contact Adobe, so that ...
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  • Drawing a solid line with brush tool (no antialiasing)

    I draw a picture in Photoshop Touch with the brush tool. No soft edge on the lines.   Once I loaded the finished pic into Photoshop (without resizing it), I zoomed in on the lines, and they aren't solid black. H...
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  • PS Touch for Android phone refine edge problems

    Hi All   Please help. Just bought PS Touch app for an android phone and I cant get the refine edge tool to work. I draw around the object I wany to keep then draw around the around the inner edge and press remov...
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  • cant sign in to creative cloud with ps touch says check internet connection.

    i am having problems signing in to the cloud with ps touch says no internet connection, it was fine before. Could it be because i upgraded to ICS android 4.03. Help i can log in outside of my touch apps but not in t...
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  • whats the last update of photoshop touch for android?

    i want to know because a dont remember, i use them a few years ago
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  • Touch Screen Issue

    I was using Photoshop Elements 12 for a long time on my Surface Book, and I used the pen to draw, select, etc. and my hand for panning and zooming.  I started using Elements 15 and I can still zoom with my hand, ...
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  • Need new fonts

    I need new fonts, is there anyway to add more fonts for my PS touch app? If yes, how can I do that?
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  • Can't install on my Samsung Galaxy Tab 3GS model SGH-T849, firmware 2.2, Froyo.UVJJB.

    It will not let chose my Samsung Galaxy Tab 3GS model SGH-T849, firmware 2.2, Froyo.UVJJB.
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  • What is replacing Photoshop Touch

    I noticed that Photoshop Touch is being discontinued. This will take what amounts to taking a couple of years of learning, and tossing it out the window. I have tried the new apps. They do not have nearly the breadth ...
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  • Use Touch-Screen Laptop to draw on Photoshop?

    I have an HP ENVY x360 laptop, which has a fully compatible touchscreen. It can be considered a 2-in-1 laptop/tablet hybrid. I installed Photoshop, and other tablet applications that I've used in the past seem to work...
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  • can do an update (iOS 11 iPad Pro ) for people who previously had the app

    can do an update (iOS 1 iPad Pro ) for people who previously had the app
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  • Smudge tool darken colors

    This issue have been reported since mid-2012. An Adobe staff in this forum wrote in October 2012 : "this is a known issue, we're working on it". Well 2 years later it is still the same. Digital painters use smudge as...
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  • photoshop touch字体显示异常(Font display exception)

    When you enter text, there are some boxes that do not display text 输入文字的时候会显示一些方框□不显示文字
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  • PS Touch was better than the current mix of apps, please upgrade them.

    I like many was PS Touch user until I updated to OS11. I used it not only to edit images but to create abstract art images.  With these current apps we can not select a narrow band/swatch of an image, stretch it,...
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  • Is there a tabletfriendly version of complete photoshop (not app)?

    Hi I would like to use photoshop on my Microsoft Surface Pro1 Tablet for drawing and painting. (   I do have also sketchbook installed which is very drawingfriendly . You easily change brushes, colors, shapes e...
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  • Is there any way to convert psd files to psdx?

    hi.. is there any way to convert psd files to psdx? i wanna open my psd files on my desktop with ipad and work on it i know there is such limitations for psdx files , but it should be a way to convert psd to psdx
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