• Unable to Create Preview Window Error when Clicking View Item Robohelp 2015

    When I click the View Item button in RoboHelp to generate a preview of a topic, the following error message appears:   It persists through all topics, projects, and even after restarting the program and the co...
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  • RH2017 Roll back to Update 1?

    Hi guys,   I recently updated to RH2017 and started using the Indigo layout.  I found some really good ideas around it and pitched them to colleagues.  One of the main "pro" points for the change to th...
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  • I have the output files (images, .html pages), but no .xpj file. How do I restore it?

    Hi community, I'm relatively new to using Adobe RoboHelp, so any help would be really appreciated.   I'm a technical writer, and we use Adobe RoboHelp 2017 for one of our desktop applications. The technical wri...
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  • Pasting From Word into RoboHelp - Bad Formatting

    Hi, Currently have a process whereby our webhelp authors create content in MS Word 2016. This is then pasted into RoboHelp 2017. This results in formatting problems within RoboHelp which take a lot of time to fix. Is...
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  • I lost my project but the files are there

    Somehow my .xpj file is gone so I cannot edit my project.  Can I recover this
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  • Has Robohelp been discontinued or not?

    I've heard some comments about RoboHelp 2017 was the last version of RoboHelp and from now on it is discontinued. I would like to know if it is true or not, because I was asked to search for alternative softwares for ...
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  • Upgrade or Convert RoboHelp 10 to RoboHelp 2017

    Has anyone upgraded from RoboHelp 10 to RoboHelp 2017?  What was your experience pros/cons?  Did you run into problems? What kind?  I know I asked a lot of questions, basically I would like a summary of...
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  • Indigo - Index to Topic transition

    Hello...   When I navigate from the Home page to the Topics page, it displays the individual topics in tiles (like the front page) and then after load it goes to the topic view with table of contents. The transi...
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  • Indigo - Topic Content Height

    Is there a way to auto expand the Topic-Content pane based on content? Instead of having to use the scroll bar inside the pane to navigate the topic content, the pane would extend based on its content. Also, would the...
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  • Context-sensitive help in Robohelp v8 and v12 not displaying properly

    Hello, I had started authoring a Webhelp project using Robohelp 8, and have recently upgraded to Robohelp v12 (2015). The project contains roughly 500 topics, and is supposed to provide context-sensitive help for our ...
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  • How to Map a multilevel List in Word with a multilevel List in RoboHelp

    1. First of all make a clean simple Word template. To do that, Modify the default paragraph styles that you cannot delete them, like Headings, Create new paragraph styles for each line of your multilevel list/s and ...
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  • Context Sensitive Help Infinite Loop

    Hello,   Our company has been experiencing issues with the context sensitive help loading over and over again when opened. We are using RoboHelp 2017. We are hosting our help online on our password protected web...
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  • Publishing has been cancelled. Failed to create file: file.png

    We recently updated to Robohelp 2017 and the first time we tried publishing to our server, we got this popup error for a picture in a topic "Publishing has been cancelled. Failed to create file: file.png". We moved th...
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  • Drag folder from Project Manager to TOC changes topic sequence

    I have RoboHelp 2015 V12.0.4.460   I'm creating a TOC. When I drag the folder from Project Manager to the TOC window, the order of the topics is changed. I want them to stay in alphabetical order as they are lis...
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  • Translation Recommendations (English to Spanish)

    Does anyone have recommendations for folks that translate RoboHelp projects into Spanish (Mexico-based clients)?  Other than a couple companies that turned up in a general search, I'm not sure how/where to get st...
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  • Printed Documentation not working in Adobe RoboHelp 11 HTML "Microsoft® Word has not been started

    Hello,   I am using RoboHelp 11 HTML version, my operating system is Windows 7 Professional. I am trying to generate either a Word or a PDF file but I am getting the following error: "Microsoft® ...
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  • Can Voice Over be Integrated in Any Version of Robohelp?

    Hi,   There is a requirement that we received asking us to integrate voice over with Webhelp. So, I was wondering is it a possibility with any of the versions of Robohelp? If yes, which version allows us to do s...
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  • RH2017 - Times New Roman

    Does anyone know exactly how to change the font from the default Times New Roman to a different font on the output Topic section? I have put custom CSS and that wont change it. I have tried tweaking the output and tha...
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  • OT -  Friday Funny - when translators go rogue

    When translators go rogue.   Love maintaining my TOC and project counties.       "When I use a word," Humpty Dumpty said, in rather a scornful tone, "it means just what I choose it to mea...
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  • Applying Watermark in RoboHelp 2017

    How to apply watermark in RoboHelp 2017 projects.
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