• Images different sizes in printed documentation in different PC

    I am working on a project with a collegue, when he generates teh printed documention the images are correctly sized at 100%. When I do the same they are sized at 156%. We are using the same version of RH2017 and Word.
    created by TimEm
  • RH2019 - Multi-level list missed in the css-editor

    Hello, in RH2017 I used multi-level list to structure the instructions with intermediate steps and interim result (1. Level: Instruction, 2. Level: intermediate step, 3. Level: interim result). In the css it was the ...
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  • TOC not showing after doing WebHelp to CHM Converter

    I first compile my Help layout in WebHelp. Our software product only supports .CHM, so I then convert my WebHelp to .CHM. My TOC is not displaying in the .CHM file. I think I have to link to something, but for the lif...
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  • Images Not Showing in Project Folder in RoboHelp

    I am working in RoboHelp 2017 on Windows 10. The project I am working on is stored on a local drive (D:).   When I add images to a topic, I go to Insert > Image on the Ribbon then navigate to the project fold...
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  • Create custom layout through RoboHelp Classic 2019 for linked Framemaker book

    Hi to all,   I would like to ask if there is a way to create a custom layout for a linked FrameMaker book from scratch, without customizing one of the ready layouts from gallery.   Kind Regards, Sergiu
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  • JavaScript Error

    Hello Everyone,   Every time I launch Adobe Robohelp 2019, I get this error. Kindly let me know what is the impact.  
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  • XSLFO support in Robohelp Classic 2019

    Hi all,   We are trying to find a way to integrate xsl-fo support in robohelp classic 2019. Is there a procedure to follow thus we can support xslfo in robohelp for publishing and html production. What we are th...
    created by sergiuu42617981
  • RoboHelp search results missing highlighting of search word/phrase

    We have noticed that in both Rh2015 and Rh2019 Classic that search result highlighting is no longer present (and our user help consumers are complaining).  I have done exhaustive research and nothing appears to b...
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  • How do I import a .pdf file into a topic

    I have imported a pdf file to adobe robohelp folder. However, when I drag the pdf to a topic, a link is created to the pdf. in the earlier releases the opdf file would imported and converted to html. How can I achieve...
    last modified by artificiali9997377
  • Robohelp 2019 - text enclosed in id is green

    After the latest update at the end of November any text that is preceded with "id=" is green in the editor. The output is fine when previewing and compiled. I assume the software is "trying" to be helpful and tell me ...
    last modified by maryannh1366
  • How to Create the Search Feature manually in Robohelp 2017 to Avoid IFrames

    Hi,   I am currently working in a project where IFrame is blocked. Hence, the top navigation and left navigation panes of the webhelp output were not loading. Now, we have manually created a TOC and the Index pa...
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  • RH 2019: Lots of crashes, styling issues

    I have to say, I'm pretty frustrated. In the past I've had issues with RH (it's not my strongest app), but I was excited to have a new version to start with. However, I can't seem to get styles to work properly (new p...
    last modified by crystals53867309
  • Robohelp 2019 not importing Conditional tags correctly

    Annnnd yet another problem with 2019 (the new version, not the classic).   I've just tried importing a project to see if variables are correctly imported (they are on the two projects I tried), and discovered th...
    last modified by HelpDragoncity
  • RoboHelp Credentials

    When I try to open .XPJ file from RoboHelp (version 8), it asks for user credentials to be entered. What exactly are these credentials and where to get one.
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  • RoboHelp 2019 Context Sensitive Help

    Hello, all, I'm hoping those of you with some experience using RoboHelp 2019 can answer a quick question for me.   Does RoboHelp 2019 support Context Sensitive Help (CSH)? I cannot find anything close to the Ou...
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  • Search field in function bar

    How do you remove the search field from the function bar? I don’t want it in both the navigation pane and the function bar. Output settings for WebHelp include Navigation, where you can select whether to includ...
    last modified by tim.slager
  • Is Robohelp 2019 a finished product?

    I just installed it and upgraded one of our Online Help projects. It crashes when I try to do pretty much anything. Often when I click on something or select something from a menu, nothing happens. I rename things and...
    last modified by CN13579
  • Unable to Generate Webhelp

    Recently I have installed Robohelp 2019, but I am not able to generate Webhelp or any output. I am using IE 11.   When I was using 2017 version, I was able to generate instantly.
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  • How to edit source

    Hi Everyone,   I'm just new to Adobe Robohelp 2019 and was given a source zipped file and have no idea how to start to open to edit documents. I'm just new in the company and the person i replaced resigned with...
    last modified by cmisidro
  • RoboHelp don't compile a specific Project

    Hi guys , i have a problem with a project that RoboHelp doesn't compile. This Project is the biggest we have , and when i compile the CHM file RH don't compile and don't create the file CHM. In particular RH compile...
    Manara Seac
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