• RH 2017 - Multi-tenancy in product and using tags effectively

    Finally, there is some clarity on the approach that the product team is going to be taking.   The product will be multi-tenant. So one instance of the product will cater to multiple users. Based on the username ...
    Tejas Dandekar
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  • Can we reduce the font size for the index, glossary, filter, favorites?

    Am trying to find out if we can reduce the font size of Index, Glossary, Filter, and Favorites for Responsive HTML output in Robohelp 2017 version?
    created by eshnab5182301
  • RH 2017 - Do we need to compile Responsive Help on the server that hosts the output?

    If we have a scenario where the Responsive help output is hosted on a Web server and accessed like this via a URL:   https://<helpserverIP/domain>/product/online_help/index.htm   when we have new con...
    Tejas Dandekar
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  • RH 2017 - Single output with content serving multiple versions and multiple users

    Hello,   We have a scenario where we have 2 versions of a ProductX that are being used by 2 different customers.   ProductX v1.0 - Customer A with a license for v1.0 only. ProductX v1.5 - Customer B with a...
    Tejas Dandekar
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  • Mapping IDs (Context Sensitive)

    I made mapping IDs for the pages, using the IDs in the software provided by the developers? However, after implementation on the software the Ids appears different when open the help and does not open the intended pa...
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  • robohelp can't upload

    Need heeeeelp!   I'll been trying to upload a project in robohelp and after downloading it to the platform when i try to publish it. What I do is:   I go to generate i select the folrder were i'm going to...
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  • RH 2017 - Can we have table header repeat on all pages in printed documentation?

    Hi, We have a table that overflows to multiple pages when we generate a printed documentation (Doc/PDF). The customer wants the table header to be repeated at the top, similar to the setting that we have in MS Word. ...
    Tejas Dandekar
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  • Need help creating context sensitive online documentation with RoboHelp2015

    Please assist me on how to create dynamic context sensitive help using RoboHelp 2015.
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  • Renaming all incorrect filenames

    hello,   we have hundreds filenames with not compliant url characters such as spaces, quotes, comma and french accents. As we decided to generate our KB on web server (Webhelp on a linux server), we search a wa...
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  • RH 2017 - Can we add an About Help box in Web Help output?

    We are using RH 2017 and we generate a Web Help output that subsequently gets integrated with the product build.   We want to be able to identify each Web Help output that is integrated with the product, with a ...
    Tejas Dandekar
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  • How to Retain the Back Button icon | Robohelp 2017 Responsive HTML Indigo Layout

    I was exploring the Responsive HTML Indigo layout in Robohelp 2017. I customized the back button and it worked fine, but the icon I uploaded for the back button doesn't stay when I click inside a book. For Example, th...
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  • RoboHelp 2015 Creates Multiple Files Ending with #bookmark_name When Using SharePoint for Version Control

    We are using RoboHelp 2015, and SharePoint for Version Control, so that 4 of us can access the same project. Sometimes (not every time) when we create bookmarks, RoboHelp creates these files that just add the #bookmar...
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  • RH 2017 - Is Access Control Possible?

    This is a strange request/scenario but more of a question from the PM community. If we have a scenario where RoboHelp output is hosted on a cloud server and integrated with the product UI. Because it is accessible o...
    Tejas Dandekar
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  • Robohelp 2017 Books in TOC Not Expanding to Show Topics

    I looked at older threads (12/2016) on this issue and it seems that there hasn't been a fix for this. I have a RH 2017 project with books in the table of contents. There are topics within each book. When the project i...
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  • How to reduce captured image size without losing resolution?

    Hi all,   I've used RoboScreenCapture extensively in caputring web application screen shots for my webhelp pages. However, I'll be creating another manual soon that will require smaller sized versions of screen ...
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  • Cannot use Word 2016 with RoboHelp 2017

    Hi everyone,      I am looking for some help with a new install of TechComm Suite 2017 please, in particular RoboHelp 2017. My full install does not recognize Word 2013 or a more recent new instal...
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  • Embed Articulate Storyline Videos in RoboHTML

    I have some Storyline videos that I need to embed in a RoboHTML project. When I embed it using an iframe, it plays in preview, but not when published and uploaded to my  website. My output in Storyline is HTML5 b...
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  • Modification in a topic effective for a future date

    Hi everybody,   I just want to know if there is a way to do a modification in a topic but don't want to apply it right now and make this modification active for a future date. We have a lot of content and update...
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  • Can I overwrite RoboHelp 2015 automatic script edit in HTML?

    I have a script for webtrends tracking that I need to add to my master page header in RoboHelp 2015. The script does not have "https:" or "http:". It simply has "//www.abc.ca..." and it is supposed to automatically pi...
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  • Font issue with HTML5 output in FireFox

    Hi all,   Using RoboHelp 2015, HTML5 output.  TOC font renders very tiny. Appears normal in Chrome and even Explorer (gasp).  Any idea why this is happening or how to resolve?  
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