• Merged Projects in RH 2019

    Has anyone tried to work with merged projects in RH 2019? I am running into some weird issues and I can't get merged help to work regardless of the way I try it.   I tested the following. Creating merged projec...
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  • Inserting a UDV once results in it being inserting Twice

    Has anyone seen it when you insert a UDV, the UDV is inserted twice? Pre-insertion: After I click Insert:
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  • RoboHelp 2019 and SharePoint Online connection profile

    Has anybody successfully create a connection profile to SharePoint Online in RoboHelp 2019? I tried creating a new one but even after successfully logging in, the Save button is still disabled.
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  • RH2019 - Multi-level list missed in the css-editor

    Hello, in RH2017 I used multi-level list to structure the instructions with intermediate steps and interim result (1. Level: Instruction, 2. Level: intermediate step, 3. Level: interim result). In the css it was the ...
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  • Missing variables in RH 2019

    I've just updated to the latest version of RoboHelp 2019, and managed to import projects by deleting the XPJ and CPD (or they won't import...).   But now my project has lost all it's variables. this isn't an iss...
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  • Mac OSX Version?

    Searched for RoboHelp (.dmg) to download Only I found (.zip).   Manu
    Manu WorldPeace
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  • Can I include different dynamic content filters in different outputs?

    I am using conditional build tags to create US and UK versions of my help. So I will have two outputs, one for each, and we will deliver the relevant one depending on the location of the user. I want our support team ...
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  • RH2017 Roll back to Update 1?

    Hi guys,   I recently updated to RH2017 and started using the Indigo layout.  I found some really good ideas around it and pitched them to colleagues.  One of the main "pro" points for the change to th...
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  • RoboHelp 2019 is missing a Framemaker import option

    I recently upgraded from having separate RoboHelp and FrameMaker products (2017 version) to the TCS suite (2019 version). I've been able to use FrameMaker 2019 no problem, but when I attempted to import my document fr...
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  • Connecting Pages to Bookmarks in RH2019

    Does anyone know how to connect Pages to Bookmarks in Robohelp 2019?   Whenever I create a bookmark, I can't see the bookmark icon like I used to in RH17.   On top of that, if I go into my TOC and create...
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  • Adding a Feedback option

    I would like to add an option to a page in Robohelp that the users can give their thumbs up or down if the topic was helpful.  Is there a way to do that?
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  • Robohelp Tour - Many thanks, Peter

    Thank you so much for your tour, Peter. It provides a really useful overview of the changes in RH2019. (One could wish the official content was as thorough. )   RoboHelp Tour   I do have one question. Is ...
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  • Help On Top Pop Up

    Is there a way to create a help on top option that when a user clicks on the help item it pops up and floats over the screen of the system so that they could see the help steps and also be able to enter the items in a...
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  • Cannot generate output after upgrade to RH2019

    Hi all,   I suppose that the vast majority of the users haven't yet tried RH 2019, but maybe some of the beta testers can shed some light or guide my troubleshooting.   I have installed a trial of RH 2019 ...
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  • Responsive HTML5 Slow Generation

    My team and I are running into a situation where Responsive HTML5 outputs take anywhere from 5 to 45 minutes to generate. Publishing the output takes less than a minute, but the generation times are killing us.  ...
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  • When I am trying to open some of my books in Google Chrome some topics are not opening, how to I resolve this?

    When I am trying to open some of my books in Google Chrome some topics are not opening, how to I resolve this?
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  • I need to delete all unused images from RH window explorer. I got the list from Unused files. But, how can I delete this in One go. Do we have any script for this?

    I need to delete all unused images from RH window explorer. I got the list from Unused files. But, how can I delete this in One go. Do we have any script for this?
    Captivate 8, Hindi font
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  • Robosource Control Issues

    We have 2 users that update 2 major projects in Robohelp. They are both using Robohelp 2015 (latest update) and running it through robosource 3.1 on Windows 7 64 bit laptops. The version control server is Windows Serv...
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  • Pasting From Word into RoboHelp - Bad Formatting

    Hi, Currently have a process whereby our webhelp authors create content in MS Word 2016. This is then pasted into RoboHelp 2017. This results in formatting problems within RoboHelp which take a lot of time to fix. Is...
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  • Topic Links in AdobeRobo Help 11

    I've inherited a document from a former employee. I need to make some version updates but every time I change the content of a Topic Link, it duplicates into all the Topic Links.   I have a graphic which is the ...
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