• RoboHelp 2015 MS Edge Error

    Hello,   it looks like RoboHelp 2015 exported Help File doesn't work with MS Edge if we use the Responsive HTML5 Layout. Same for the WebHelp export option. Even with the latest update. Can that be fixed?  ...
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  • RH 2017 - Hosting WebHelp/Online Help in the cloud/Internet

    I have a question. Currently we have an application/software hosted on a server. Users access it via a browser. The help is integrated with the application/software as part of the build. This has been very crazy becau...
    Tejas Dandekar
    created by Tejas Dandekar
  • Adding custom font for PDF or Word output

    Hi,   I am starting a trial of Robohelp. We need to generate PDF and Word output using a custom Google font, EXO.   The font is installed in the machine and available to all apps but Robohelp.   Ho...
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  • HTML5 Social buttons don't display

    Hi, RoboHelp experts, I am new to RoboHelp. I changed the Screen Layout, enable social button, but after generate with the customized layout, I cannot see the social buttons. And, how to change the url for the soci...
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  • Folder and files missing from project

    When I am in RoboHelp and open my project the folder and files do not appear in HTML Files (Topics) folder.   However, if I open the project in Windows Explorer, I can see the folder and the htm files.   H...
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  • How can I remove the Location column from the search results in a .chm file?

    How can I remove the Location column from the search results in a .chm file?   I generated the file in Robohelp HTML 9.   As far as I know it's used when you've combined more than one source into the fina...
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  • Can't turn off bughunter tool

    Hi all,   I was playing around with the tools in RH11 and turned on Bug Hunter just to have a look. Now I can't turn it off.   When I start RH and open a project I get the message "HTML Help Bughunter cann...
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  • RH 2015 cmd line: Error: Failed to scan all the project files. Unexpected Error: Failed to prepare single source data for RHCL.

    I ran into an issue that folks had previously reported already for RH11 (see RH 11 cmd line: Error: Failed to scan all the project files. Unexpected Error: Failed to prepare single source)   My project generates...
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  • RH 2017 update 2 - Search does not work in IE

    Hello,   I use RoboHelp 2017 with update 2 installed. I generate and integrate Web Help with the application I recently noticed that on Google Chrome browser (latest version) the context sensitive help works se...
    Tejas Dandekar
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  • How to single-source RoboHelp source files to create videos?

    Hi, I have Adobe Communication Suite 2017 installed on my machine. We have a project in Robohelp and now are required to create videos for the same project. Can the RoboHelp files be single-sourced to create the video...
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  • Cannot use Word 2016 with RoboHelp 2017

    Hi everyone,      I am looking for some help with a new install of TechComm Suite 2017 please, in particular RoboHelp 2017. My full install does not recognize Word 2013 or a more recent new instal...
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  • Blank topics in the Compiled Help

    Hello,   While compiling Help in ReboHelp 8, I've encountered the following problem: after each compilation there is one or several blank topics in my Help - each time different. For example, after one compilatio...
    Kate Sasnyk
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  • Importing an old .CHM file into a RoboHelp 2017 project

    How can I import an old .chm file built using RoboHelp X3 into a RoboHelp 2017 Project?
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  • User Defined Variable in Title field

    Recently, I created a RoboHelp project for a new system. When I did, I defined a user defined variable for the name of the system. Earlier today, I was informed the name of the system was being changed. I opened my Ro...
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  • RoboHelp 2017 Compatibility with Older Versions

    Hi All,   I have recently joined a company as Technical Writer and I have RoboHelp 2017 installed in my system.   Now, when I open older projects (.xpj file) of User Guides to add new topics that I am work...
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  • RH 2017 - Context sensitive help works with Chrome doesn't work with IE

    Hello, I am facing the following issue.   We have a software, which has Web Help generated by using RH 2017 integrated. The help launches and works perfectly in both IE and Chrome. However, context sensitive h...
    Tejas Dandekar
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  • Changing skin's layout

    When trying to generate a project to online web form in Arabic. I changed the skin into TRL acquarim  when I try to move the highlighted line to view the content, I cannot transfer it. as shown in the photo: Wh...
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  • Filter Search Results?

    I have an RH 2015 Responsive HTML 5 Release Notes project that lists changes from one product update to the next.  Each topic is a cumulative list of changes within a functional area. A parenthetical notation of ...
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  • RH 2017 Trial. IS there an .exe file included to test context-sensitive help (CSH)?

    In the Adobe RH 2017 sample Travel the Whirls project, there's a topic named, Context Senstive Help - How it's done. The Automated CSH Authoring section says the following:   "In Adobe RoboHelp (2015 release), C...
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  • RoboHelp 2017 - Help in a sidebar

    Hi there,   For our project, we need to create a context help, not in the separate window but in the sidebar of the web app itself. The output generated by RoboHelp (Responsive HTML5) consists of HTML pages wit...
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