Where do I find the help docs?

Version 4

    There's a lot of resources available for learning scripting in InDesign:

    Adobe Docs

    1. Local Docs installed with InDesign:
      • ESTK OMV: The Extendscript Toolkit includes a searchable Object Model Viewer.
      • Scripting Guides There's a number of guides installed as well. Some of them are available from the help menu in the ESTK. Others are installed in various scripting related folders. These documents can be downloaded from the scripting resource page as well.
    2. Web Docs
      • The InDesign Automation web page contains very useful documents on IDML, XML, scripting, and XMP.
      • This forum has a lot of very useful information. Make sure to search the forum before asking questions. A lot of questions have been answered many times over the years.

    Third Party Docs

    1. Jongware's HTML & CMH files are the best way to find things in the DOM. They are great for learning object relationships as well!
    2. Jongware's html files are available on-line as well courtesy of John Hawkinson here.
    3. Peter Kahrel's PDF lists of scripting properties
    4. Marc Autret created documents of properties as well. Here's a CS5 list of changes and here's a CS5.5 one.
    5. The late Teus de Jong OBM created a Windows-only Object Model Browser. It's still available here.
    6. Peter Kahrel's excellent books are available here.

    General Scripting Language Docs

    1. JavaScript: The Definitive Guide http://oreilly.com/catalog/9780596000486
    2. Hunlock's website: http://www.hunlock.com/
    3. VB anyone?
    4. AppleScript Documents:

    Regular Expression Docs/Tools

    1. http://www.regular-expressions.info/
    2. GREPGrokker: http://www.rorohiko.com/greptutor/GrepTutor.html#




    1. My own blog at In-Tools
    2. Dave Saunder's blog. It hasn't been updated in a long time, but there's a lot of goodies there.
    3. Marc Autret's old blog
    4. Marc Autret's new blog
    5. Gerald Singelmann's blog
    6. Stefan Rakete's blog
    7. HDS scripting blog
    8. Kris Coppieter's blog


    A special thanks to: Peter Kahrel, Marc Autret, Theunis de Jong (AKA Jongware), Kris Coppieters and "Muppet" Mark for their contributions to this document.