Problems with Flash Player 11 and Flash Access 2.0

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    Q. Hi, we've seen some problem with the latest Flash Player 11 RC (September 6, 2011) and Flash Access 2.0. During the contact with the license server Flash Player 11 does a request to the url /getServerVersion/v3, since this endpoint is not implemented the request and license acquisition fails. The getServerVersion endpoint seems to be introduced with Flash Access 3.0 and not something we can implement in our current setup with Flash Access 2.0. Will Flash Player 11 be compatable with Flash Access 2.0? If so what do we need to do to solve this problem?


    A. Flash Player 11 sends the getServerVersion request in order to determine the capabilities of the Flash Access license server. If you are running a 2.0 server, it should return an HTTP 404 error, since it does not support this endpoint. The client understands that to mean it is communicating with a Flash Access 2.0 server, and will send the license request accordingly. In other words, the fact that your 2.0 server does not support getServerVersion should not cause the license acquisition to fail.


    After the getServerVersion request arrives at your server, you should see another request asking for a license. In your server logs, do you see any errors in the license request processing?


    You'll need to ensure that your server application only exposes the URLs listed in the Secure Deployment Guidelines (, and that the corresponding handler classes in the SDK are only used to process requests for those URLs.


    You can take a look at the web.xml included in the Reference Implementation to see how incoming URLs are mapped to servlets in that implementation.


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