Billing questions after purchasing an Adobe app (Android Market only)

Version 3

    If you have questions for Adobe regarding your app purchase please contact us through Google Wallet (now part of Google Checkout). Do so by signing into Google Wallet, going to the transaction history, viewing order detail for the transaction, and clicking the Contact Adobe Systems link.


    Here are step-by-step instructions of the process:


    Note: Clicking on the images here opens them larger

    1) Go to,



    2) Sign in with the same credentials used to purchase the Adobe app on Android Marketplace. After signing in you will be redirected to Google Wallet






    3) Open the Transactions section with the link on the left-hand side of the page


    4) Find the Adobe transaction in question and click the View Order link




    5) At the top of the order detail, click the Contact Adobe Systems link




    6) Complete the form with your question, and click the Send email button


    For any pre-sales questions please just post the question here on the forums.