How to get your Amazon AWS credentials?

    To get your Amazon AWS credentials, please follow these steps:

    1. Login to Amazon AWS console:
    2. Select the option 'Security Credentials' from the dropdown menu under your login name
    3. Click the link 'Access Credentials'
    4. Select the tab 'Access Keys'
    5. Click the link 'Create a new Access Key' (if you don't already have one)
    6. Click 'Yes' to confirm
    7. Retrieve your Access Key
    8. Click the button 'Show' to retrieve your Secret Access Key
    9. Select the tab 'Key Pairs'
    10. Scroll down to the section 'Amazon EC2 Key Pairs' (WARNING: this is NOT the Amazon CloudFront Key Pairs)
    11. Click the link 'Access your Amazon EC2 Key Pairs...'
    12. Make sure the Region selected is US-East (Virginia) at the top of the left nav bar
    13. Click the link 'Key Pairs' on the left nav bar
    14. Click the button 'Create Key Pair' (if you want to create a new one)
    15. Enter a Name and click 'Create'
    16. Click 'Save' to download your key pair file .pem to your local computer
    17. (next 3 steps are optional)
    18. Click the link 'Security Group' on the left nav bar
    19. Click the button "'Create Security Group' (if you want to creatre a new one)
    20. Enter a Name, Description and click 'Yes, Create'


    Use your Access Key, Secret Access Key, Security Group and Key Pair file .pem to create an Amazon AWS service account in Cloud Manager.