Adobe Reader Tutorials

Version 2

    Quick Tip: How to type into a form in Adobe Reader - A short tips that explains how you can enter text into a form that does not have fillable form fields.


    Quick Tip: How to save form data in Adobe Reader - A quick tip that explains how to go about saving data that you enter into your form in Adobe Reader X.


    Quick Tip: How to enter form data using Adobe Reader - This short tip provides an overview of the different types of form messages you might encounter when attempting to fill out a PDF form in Adobe Reader 10.1 or later.


    Getting Started: Customizing your Workspace - This video tutorial discusses how to maximize the use of Acrobat X and Adobe Reader X by reviewing what pieces of the workspace are configurable.


    Getting Started: Navigating PDF Documents - This video tutorial reviews various ways to easily navigate your PDF documents using Adobe Reader X and Acrobat X.


    How to Digitally Sign a Document with Adobe Reader - This video explains how to digitally sign a PDF file with the free Adobe Reader.