Can others view the responses and summary report without logging in?

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    In some cases, when you are doing a survey or collecting data from respondents you want the respondents to be able to see what everyone else submitted - either the raw data or summary charts. But of course you don't want to force them to log into FormsCentral to see it.


    If you publish the summary report and/or responses, that content becomes accessible to anyone with a link to it. You can simply provide the link to the published document in the body of the form, in the confirmation page or via an email sent later. Here's how you would publish the summary report and/or responses:


    Open the form and click the "Share" button in the bottom left of the window.

    Share Menu.PNG


    Click "Publish Responses" and choose to publish the summary report and/or the responses.

    Publish Dialog Options.PNG


    When the document is published you can access the "Published" icon at the bottom of the window to access the link.

    Publish Collab Tile.png


    Click "Copy link" to have the link copied to the clipboard. The link will look something like*hT715Ew.

    You can also choose to copy the embed code and embed the results directly into your website.


    Try navigating to the URL after logging out of FormsCentral (make sure you logout otherwise you'll see the entire form file) to get an idea of how the document will look to your respondents.